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Cherundolo has minor knee surgery, timetable for return unclear


Anyone hoping that Steve Cherundolo would hurry back from injury to reclaim his spot as the U.S. Men’s National Team starting right back is going to probably have to wait a while longer.

Cherundolo underwent minor arthroscopic knee surgery on his left knee on Thursday. The timetable on his return to action for Hannover 96 remains uncertain.

Cherundolo’s surgery puts his participation in the U.S. national team’s next World Cup qualifiers in doubt. The team’s March qualifiers are six weeks away, not much time for Cherundolo to both recover from the surgery and get enough action on the field to be ready to face Costa Rica and Mexico. The surgery was identified as minor though, so there still might be an outside chance the 33-year-old defender can work his way back in time to be considered for qualifiers in March.

What do you think of this development? Who would you start at right back in the March qualifiers if Cherundolo can’t make it back in time?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. In a side note:

    “Holden completed the full 90 in a game at Euxton on Tuesday afternoon and speaking to after the game was in good spirits.” – Boltonfc official website.

    Probably the best news of the week.

    • Wynne playing with the USNT is GARBAGE period.
      Speed is the only desirable trait that he has. He has poor marking skills, does not read the game well, slow reaction time, and cannot pass/cross to save his soul. He has had multiple opportunities with the NT, and has never performed. His only chance to play NT games again would be at a Camp Cup-Cake….and even there he was passed over by others.

  2. I am still for Chandler getting second start, not easy getting your first Qualifiers in those conditions, and playing that for first time. I still don’t see any friendlies for coming months, any players (especially MLS ones) aren’t fit yet, and somewhat custome playing high elevation.

  3. If Eric Lichaj or Michael Parkhurst or Brad Evans would have played the exact same p*ss poor game that Chandler played against Honduras, you can be sure they would not be called up again anytime soon for the USMTN. After Chandler’s disaster, why is he still being hailed by some as the starting USMNT RB for the next decade? Aren’t players supposed to earn a spot on the team by playing well. This guy had been awol for a year while other’s were sweating for for the shirt to get us through some very gritty WCQ games.

    I could understand this blind love for Chandler if he had been starting regularly and playing well for the USMNT and then simply had a bad day in Honduras. In that case, sure, we write it off and pencil him in to start against Costa Rica. But Chandler didn’t play for the USMNT between autumn 2011 and the Russia friendly in November 2012, and in the Russia game he was average at best, plus his club form this season is, on the whole, below average. Yet the second he decides he wants to fulfill his childhood dream of playing in a World Cup and therefore decides to lower himself to play for the USMNT, he is handed a starting spot by Jurgen Klinsmann on a golden platter. I thought players had to earn a spot on the team, not be gifted a spot because of where they grew up.

    Will one of you Chandler lovers please explain to me rationally the basis for anointing Chandler as the starting right back or the designated back-up to Dolo?

    Quite frankly, I do not see how anyone can seriously feel that Chandler earned the right to start against Costa Rica/Mexico after his lousy performance against Honduras where he played like he had lead in his butt and didn’t really give a darn, but instead played like a guy who just wanted the game to end. And, actually, a very strong case could be made that he does not even deserve to be called up for Costa Rica/Mexico, along the lines of–ah, well Timmy, maybe you need to go back and improve your club form and show me you deserve the spot. You know, like Klinsmann tells other players all the time.

    • I’m not a Chandler lover but you are an unequivocal Chandler hater. Is it because he waffled so much? Is it because he’s German-American and you only want full-blooded, born-here Americans?

      Who should start instead? Lichaj, the guy playing for the worst defense in the Prem and who hasn’t played for the national team in almost 2 years? Parkhurst, the guy who hasn’t played since he switched teams (you said Williams shouldn’t be playing because of a lack of PT at club level)? Tony Beltran, who couldnt get forward against Canada? Marvell Wynne?

      Klinsmann gave him the start because he is currently the best right back available in the USMNT player pool.

    • Re: Chandler’s performance on Wednesday. Relax. I haven’t written since the game, hoping to see someone chime in with reason. But c’mon, it was one game in the USMNT shirt. And I can assure you that he was not prepared for what came along with traveling to Honduras for a Hexagonal game. Flight to Miami, flight to Honduras, short-turnaround, heat and humidity that I doubt he is accustomed to. His legs were heavy, but a LOT of legs were heavy, especially with that pitch. In about the 30th or 31st minute, the camera caught 4 U.S. players bent over, with their hands on their knees. That’s not a fitness issue, just a really tough run-up to a single-fixture-date Hex game.

      In other words, give Chandler a break. Heck, give them ALL a break. I would have liked to have at least seen a point out of the game, but it didn’t happen. No one had a particularly good game. Oh, and Fabian Johnson was gassed, too. I counted at least two times where Kljestan had to cover on D on the left for Johnson, not necessarily because Johnson had made a run up, but because Johnson had moved up the field AND was barely jogging back. That’s not normal for professionals, but I honestly don’t blame Johnson. Conditions matter. Just ask the South Americans how they like playing in La Paz.

      Here’s the deal. We have seen Chandler change the course of a game against Argentina a couple years ago. We have seen him play well for the USMNT, and I have watched a fair number of FCN games. He’s good. Very good. Now, does his youth and speed mean that he should take Cherundolo’s place? I don’t think so, but in large part because Cherundolo is a leader on the squad, experienced, savvy, and still a superb defender. Is there a change of the guard coming up? Sure, but we don’t know when that will be.

      I won’t delve into how ridiculous the formation was, but the formation put a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the wingbacks, in circumstances where that should not have happened. I think Cherundolo would have showed better, but mainly because he would have known what to expect.

      In sum, can we please stop calling for the axe (or, alternatively, advocating for sainthood) for our boys based on a single performance? The reactionary thing is tiring, and exhibits a clear ignorance about the game.

      • ignorance about the game is pretending all is well when it hasn’t been for some time, and then apologizing for the problems

        on Chandler, he made his bed, no one else did. yes, he now has to sleep in it. I hope it works out becasue he’s going to get opportunities, We’re all pulling for him, but when he lays an egg, it’s going to be harsh on him because of the way he played his hand. He did this to himself

      • I’m sure that’s the way you would want to be judged in your job. On one transaction or sales call. As a whole Chandler has been solid to real good for the USMNT so far. He stunk Wed. No doubt, but the deck was stacked against him in his first qualifier. I fully expect him to play better in the games to come.

      • hardly the case byrdman. More importantly, I didn’t use loyalties at my current job to try and gain a position at another job, only to get bonged by that other job and thus forced to return tail between my legs to my current job. If I had done that, I’d expect my colleagues to treat me differently too

    • he’s being hailed (by some) as the RB of the future because he’s played very well for the usmnt in previous games.

      i also think he played horribly in honduras (and for the past 6 months), and probably shouldn’t have started (bump cameron to rb, start boca and gonzo in center?), but that doesn’t mean he’s never going to improve. as i said, we’ve already seen him play much better.

      as to why he’ll get more chances than lichaj (who we’ve also seen play very well for the usmnt), i have no answer for that, except that maybe klinsmann just wanted to captie chandler and get it over with.

      • Why hasn’t anyone argued the backline of Besler-Gonzalez?

        At SKC, Besler is constantly cleaning up after Aurelien Collin and is always in the right position. He could do the same for an Omar Gonzalez on the USMNT.

        Move Cameron to his more comfortable RB position or throw a Chance Myers out there and move Geoffy to CDM.

      • i think we might see that in the future, but i included boca because i think we were missing experience on the backline, not speed/athleticism.

    • I recall what was, I think, Chandler’s first game for the USA. Bradley used him in the second half of the 2011 friendly with Argentina. He did very well. I would argue the talent is there. But 1/2 a game is not enough to judge a defender. In subsequent games, he also played very well and now has 9 or 10 appearances.

      Only the last game was poor. Why? Travel? Heat? Intimidation by the crowd? No support from an experienced CB? Not much help from the (missing) wide midfielder?

      Time will tell if this was a one-time thing or not. We just learned he is not Maldini, but he is a very effective player most of the time.

      If National team coaches threw every player who had a bad game under the bus, those coaches would soon find themselves without a team. I fully expect Chandler to be there in March and if Dolo is not ready, expect Chandler will have much better games than he did Tuesday.

  4. Until it’s known how long he’s going to be out it’s hard to determine who will start. If it was a very minor job….there’s the possiblity he could be back in time to Start one or both of the next qualifiers. However, if it was more significant…IMO you start Chandler (give him reps) and have Parkhurst/Lichaj as the backup.

  5. I think Dolo is still the starter, but Chandler has potential regardless. It takes time to really be good in any defensive position. Chandler is almost 23 which means this guy has a lot of time still. But this the way of any fanbase. They will sing a players praises until he has one bad game, and then the fanbase will turn on players like rabid dogs. Chandler is still Dolo’s successor.

    Just like Williams he has a lot of time in his career. Just like Shea, just like Altidore, Just like Agudelo, just like many young players.

    But hey why think rationally when it’s more fun to flip out about every little misshap.

    • This is the majority of the American fan I have come across:

      Majority American fan: Man it’s time to fire Bob Bradley, and hire Klinsmann. So it happened and everyone rejoiced. Klinsmann has the team playing flowing attacking soccer in his first few games in charge. Majority American fan; See Klinsmann is the truth.
      Klinsmann has a few bumps in the Semifinal round of qualifying. Majority American fan: man do you guys think Klinsmann is the right coach.
      Klinsmann takes a young team to Azteca and wins, and shows good tactical acumen as well. Majority American fan: See Klinsmann is the truth; hells yeah Bob Bradley could never do that( eventhough Bob Bradley and his teams beat Mexico a few times during his tenure). Klinsmann shows bad tactical acumen against first Jamaica then against Honduras in WC qualifying. Majority American fan: Screw klinsmann he needs to be fired; he has no idea what he is doing.

      It’s time to move on from Boca, yeah Gonzo should be his replacement. So Klinsmann replaces him. Gonzo has a few bad mistakes. Majority American fan that wanted Boca benched: Why did JK bench Boca in favor of Gonzo thats ridiculous. Gonzo sucks he should never be on the team again.

      Majority American fan: Dolo is getting to old it’s time to replace him with Chandler. Chandler has a bad game: Chandler sucks he should never be on the team again.

      Majority American fan: Man Shea was really good tonight he is the future and present.
      Shea has a not so good game: Man Shea sucks he should never wear the USMNT jersey again. So Klinsmann now has no width: Majority American fan: man I can’t wait tell Brek Shea is healthy.

      Majority American fan: Man have you seen this Josh Gatt kid. Man he has pace and can dribble and takes players on. Gatt doesn’t destroy Russia nor Canada. Majority American fan; man that Gatt kid is just an athlete; he shouldn’t wear the jeresy again.

      Majority American fan said the same things about Dempsey, Donovan, Reyna, Beasley, Ching, and many other players of the years.

      The Majority American fan is irrational like a rabid dog. Sometimes it’s best to critically think before going nuts.

      • some fans have been pointing out the inconsitencies all along, and when they are now seen again in a WC quali and still clearly not sorted out it’s disappointing to say the least

      • yeah you also forgot

        Altidore laying an egg last year for the NATS. He is no good.
        Wow! Antidote scores like 20 goals for his club. I can’t wait to see him tear it up with Deus up front!
        Oh man Altidore didn’t do anything. He is lazy, can’t score, he should never start for the NATS again!

  6. He definitely is underrated. I re-watched the USA/Guatemala game and u watched him very carefully and I didn’t see one bad pass the entire game! Also, a heck of a nice guy as well.

  7. People need to cut Chandler a little slack. Yeah, he’s still a work in progress and didn’t have a good game yesterday, but in time I guarantee you we’re gonna be glad he chose to play for us. No one else exactly covered themselves in glory while trying to deal with playing in 200-degree temps with 1000% humidity in that fetid third-world sewer, so give Timmy C. and the gang a chance to redeem themselves next month in a climate that doesn’t closely resemble Venus!

    • You do realise it is February, right? That heat was warm at best. When we have our June games, then they complain about the heat.

      • Apparently it s was around 85 with high humidity on the field with the long grass ect ect (thats much different than playing in Germany) and it was the guys’ first taste at a Central American qualifier. Chandler had a really poor game, but he is the RB of the future (and maybe the present). He has put in many more good performances for us than bad. Expect him to step it up from here on out.

  8. I’ll never forget Cherundolo working James Milner like a ragdoll in the first 30 minutes of the England-USA game. That type of confidence to go at these ‘world-class players’ is majorly lacking in many of our current players.

    • Haha I was precisely thinking about this moment right now. If we remembersthe details of the world cup opener against England, we’ll remember how Dolo made Milner look so bad in 30 minutes that Capello had to pull him. That was an incredible whooping that Dolo gave ’em. Man we sorely under appreciate what Dolo has meant to our team and continues to mean. Here’s to Dolo getting healthy and back on the field.

      • 28 million pound (40 million+ dollars) transfer would be evidence that someone thought highly of him… addeing together all the transfer fees for USMNT players ever may not add up to that figure…

  9. Still unquestionably the best right back in the USMNT player pool. A lot can change between now and 16 months, but I expect Dolo to be on the plane to Brazil still as a starter.

    Chandler p*ssed away his time to shine but I still believe he’s the RB of the future. If Parkhurst finds some minutes with Augsburg in the next few weeks he should get a shot. I won’t even bring up Lichaj since he doesn’t seem to be in Klinsmann’s plans right now, but if not Parkhurst then put Cameron out wide.

  10. with how Chandler played yesterday Cherundolo is the starter, but if Chandler plays like he has any energy he is every bit as good

  11. 3months ago he was a legit starter for the 2014 WC. But now with Johnson, Chandler,Lichaj and Parkhurst im not so sure. 15months from now is hard to say but i think his contract with Hannover runs out next May

    • I say he’s a starter until proven otherwise. I always felt he was the most under rated Nat. The intellgience of his defense and the understanding exhibitied in his attacking and crossing will be as difficult to replace as Donovan’s engine and Dempsey’s creativity. The guys you mention have potential to be very, very good, but ‘Dolo was a great player already by their age.

      If he’s still breathing, I give him the chance to retain the job.

      • Yep. He’s stlll the best RB in the pool. When looking for players from the Bundesliga, JK need look no further than the Mayor.

      • Absolutely agree. Dolo has been a rock for the Nats team for years now and it’s to his credit that no one has questioned it. We forget he’s there because he does such a good job.

        Chandler proved he’s not ready. Parkhurst will always be reliable without being “good enough” in my opinion. And at the moment Cameron is needed as a CB.

        Without context, I think the order is: Dolo>Cameron>Parkhurst>Chandler.

      • Without getting all warrior-poet, I would describe his crossing as sublime. Not the fastest guy, but who is when you are marking Neymar? His positioning and decision making are fantastic though. I would definitely start him if he’s available. Omega-3 by the bucket Stevie, until that knee is back to form.

    • I’m not sold on Lichaji, he’s going to be a sometimes starter on a 2nd division side when the World Cup rolls around. Plus the guy has his moments then he gets made to look completely amateurish.


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