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Must-See Goal: Jermaine Jones

U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder Jermaine Jones became just the second American to score a goal in the knockout rounds of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday when he finished off a beautiful sequence with a perfect strike just before halftime of Schalke’s 1-1 draw at Galatasaray.

Jones joined DaMarcus Beasley, who scored for PSV Eindhoven in the UEFA Champions League knockout rounds.

Here is Jones’ goal:


  1. Hilarious the post above from the troll trying to downplay JJ’s goal. This was a great goal from start to finish, the kind that a great counter-attacking team like Real Madrid would be proud of–Jones the Beast quickly snagging a weak pass from Galatasaray and a quick one-touch (forward) pass to Huntelaar who feeds the ball (forward) to the speedster Jefferson Farfan who smokes to the box to make a perfect pass to Jones who running at full speed was able to slow down, set, and slam a rocket with one touch into the back of the net.

    Folks, we have seen good to world-class players many times over the years flub shots like this and Jones executed it perfectly in an away match in the Sweet Sixteen of the Champions League where an away goal is soooo important.

    • Just want to add that Jones yesterday was excellent both offensively (with a good touch and generally good passing) and was a defensive beast and constantly a thorn in Galatasaray’s side. IMO he is the best most important midfielder on the USMNT and every time he puts on the US shirt he gives 100% and is willing to bleed for the team and always makes the long flight over when others sometimes bow out and Jones has earned and deserves our respect and our gratitude. I think as a starter or super sub he most likely will play a key role in WCQ this year and in Brazil in the summer of 2014.

  2. It might not be amazing to most people and I guess they have a point. From an athletic point of view I’ve seen better but from a technical point that goal is excellent. He shot it from the left side to the right side with his right foot and twisted his body and first touch. It’s good technique honestly

    • Many strikers overrun that pass, are forced to turn and pass it back to another runner, and the chance is gone.

      Everything about the goal deserves praise in my opinion. He cut out the pass and made a quick layoff to start the movement. Then he continued the run at a sprint, keeping his distance from the two defenders who left their zonal responsibility to chase down Farfan. And then the awareness to slow his run, open his body, and fire an accurate shot past the keeper.

      Excellent counter-attack goal.

  3. ** Correction ** — second Champions League goal by an American national team player. Not sure that I’d call Jones an American, even if he did spend a few years here.

    If we’re talking Champions League goals by ACTUAL Americans…

    Guiseppe Rossi has scored several.

    • Go ahead and find me the Champions League knockout round goal Rossi scored. I’ll wait. And BTW, saying Jones isn’t an American is a disrespect to his father, who is American and served this country as a soldier. Have a little more respect for that service rather than carrying on arrogant attitude about Jones not being American enough for you.

      • +1000 Jermaine Jones has always shown nothing but respect and pride for the red, white, and blue. Going a step further, I believe it was Danny Williams who during an interview explained the whole German-American mindset. He would go on to explain his love for the USA because of how welcome he always felt in America. This welcomeness (if that is word) of great country provides to these young men, is not what was found growing up in Germany. He would also go on to explain how this group of young men all dealt with this feeling of not fitting growning up as a half white half black , half German half American in Germany, along with racist attacks on their persons, both physical and verbal. To question how American they are, belittles everything these young men went through to get where they are today and belittles everything our country stands for.

  4. Nice goal but not “must see”. Come on, if he doesnt bury that all the Eurosnobs are talking about how the “American” missed an open goal

    • I think I’m just going to start banning people who can’t grasp the fact that “Must-See Goal” is just our label for goals we think OUR READERS will enjoy. Doesn’t mean it’s the most brilliant goal ever. Has never meant that, but some folks can’t help themselves and need to complain about the silliest things.

      Must-See Goal sounds bette than “Hey, watch this goal” Really isn’t that serious.

      And no, I’m not really going to ban anybody, but it really does seem just pointless for people to complain about whether or not a goal is worthy of being called “Must-See”. In this case, I happen to think that a U.S. national team player becoming just the second American to ever score a UEFA Champions League knockout round goal is something American fans should see. So there you go. Really doesn’t go much further than that.

      • Your meaning of “must see” is noted for the future. However, it wasnt a complaint. I was merely pointing out that it was also a “must not miss” goal in that Jones becomes a Champions League failure on the day if he doesnt score on that opportunity. I was merely partaking in discussion and debate which you have always seemed to welcome.

        However, if you want a complaint, that picture of Jones is hideous.

      • I’m all for discussion and debate, but this whole Must-See Goal whine-fest thing has been a pain in the ass for some time now. There’s really no point to it.

      • Annoying nitpicking aside, it was a pretty damn nice goal anyhow. In what world is a goal all about the finish? Most often and what the game is all about are the build up, passing and runs that make the finish possible. Both were quality in this instance.

  5. That was sweet…well done JJ! Shame he won’t be able to play in 2nd leg, but will hopefully see action in the next round! Jermaine Jones scoring an equalizer in the knockout round of CL is certainly in the “must see” category for me.

  6. While some think that was a pretty routine finish, Jones had to run box-to-box, and one-time a ball on a bumpy field with the inside of his right foot from a ball coming from the right. Not easy at all. He made it look easy.

  7. Actually, I do think its a must-see goal because of the rarity of an American scoring in a Champions League Knockout stage game. Its the 2nd time its ever been done, so pretty historic moment… least I think so.

  8. 2 wingers + Creative midfielder + jones = Success for the USMNT

    Sorry bradley on the bench. No more Jones and bradley on at the same time

    • Think outside the box; a 4-2-3-1 with a mid of Dempsey, Bradley, Jones would be excellent if they had some pace on the wings to open the game up. Dempsey plays his best stuff for Spurs in that role and if we provide some space for Jones and Bradley to run into and play the ball, watch out… Personally, I’d love too see Corona and Shea operating on the wings with Altidore up top. I imagine Jürgen will go the opposite route though and play Beckerman, Jones, Bradley, Edu and Torres at the same time and look confused when it fails.

    • The fact that there are no names attached to the positions should tell you this formula does not compute. Everyone is clamoring for the same thing; players that we do not have. Of course, USMNT has this type players in the pool, but besides LD, none are quite ready for the international level.

      • The US team lacks width. No question about it. Do we provide width with unproven and inexperienced wingers or fullbacks who laid an egg in their first hex match. Chandler and Johnson will almost certainly improve on their performances (they really can’t get much worse) and our strength is in our central midfielders. Klinsmann has shown that he wants to get the most talented 11 on the field, and without any standout wingers at the moment, I could see him going for something like this.







        I think we had a similar lineup against Slovenia?

    • ‘Must-See’ is just a label for the series (as has been stated on this site a million times). It’s not THAT serious for you to have to whine about. Ultimately, it was a good goal and a historic goal for reasons stated in the post.

      • Ives, agreed, Jones struck it sweetly one-time, on the run from midfield.

        7 out of 10 times middies flub that, while even quality strikers would miss as often as they scored, imho.

      • The finish was well taken but you would expect any professional, especially one in the champions league knockout stage, to score in that position. The impressive part was the interception, pass and 50-60 yard run to complete the move. Glad to see an American making an impact.

      • Plus, giving the goal any praise takes away from the argument that Jones can only play as straight up defensive midfielder.

  9. That was a striker’s goal. A beautiful one touch rocket. The best part? He starts it at half way and ends up in the 18 to finish it.


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