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Landon Donovan on playing for the USMNT again



  1. The Brett Favre of US soccer is at it again. Does he want Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard, Michael Bradley and Steve Cherundulo to fly to his house and bring him back?

    No one is indispensable. So long Landon. Thanks for the memories. Don’t forget to take your meds.

  2. I’m obviously very glad that he’s coming back but what a baby. He’s never been the most likelable guy and yeah, I’m sure he could use a rest, but if any other pro athlete in the US was pulling this kind of thing and showing up to camp weeks late, he would be getting killed by the media. And rightfully so. You’re under contract and you make a ton of money playing a game. It would be nice if I could decide not to show up to for a few weeks because I didnt feel like it.

    • Other US sports have much longer, uninterrupted, offseasons. Basketball players who are called to US national team duty often opt out (particularly in non-Olympic years), citing the same need for rest and healing, and the media really does not kill them. Brett favre did this a few years in a row, and media did get pissy, but only after about the third go round. Landon has gone years and years without any meaningful off-season, with loans and national team duty and he’s getting on in years, so I think it’s entirely credible that this break is something that he really really needs. Of course galaxy, klinsman and fans will be unhappy — and there are other players who just slog through and suck it up — but I totally admire his willingness to ask for something important to him, to hell with what everyone thinks. The alternative may very well have been burn out, injuries, etc., and I prefer a fresh and rested donovan.

    • Well, non-soccer pro athletes in the US get much more rest between the seasons (football, baseball, basketball, hockey) and are hardly ever asked to play for the US national team. And when they do, outside the Olympics which are once every four years and require no qualification, they often refuse. (Baseball and football, of course, there is really no international competitions to speak of and the players get months of rest between the seasons.) For example, almost all the top US basketball players refused to take part in the FIBA World Championship in 2010, even though they didn’t need to go through any grueling qualifiers. So, don’t compare Donovan to any other pro athlete in the US. He’s done a lot more for the club and country.

    • get to work Omar! or get yourself a job in which, after 15 years, you have accomplished so much that you were afforded a leave of absence, a sabbatical. It is NOT weird at all that this has happened with Landon.

      I dare you to accomplish anything in your professional life that affords you the same opportunities and respect from your peers which gains you a leave after servcies rendered.

      Not weird at all, IF you are good enough to earn it.

  3. Biggest thing he said for me is: for those that don’t know “WE” are starting our world cup qualifying this year…

    He’ll be back…it’s just up to JK.

  4. This is great news that Donovan has publicly proclaimed that he wants to come back home and Klinsmann darn well better open the door wide and invite him to rejoin the team. Klinsmann, in my opinion, made a major mistake not naming Donovan captain for the Mexico friendly last August, instead choosing Howard in Bocanegra’s absence. Klinsmann needs to rectify the mistake by naming Donovan captain, an honor he has earned many times over and that Klinsmann should not deny him.

    Let’s not forget the Bob Bradley named Donovan captain in the group stage of the 2009 Confed Cup when Boca was absent with injury. Donovan is long-time captain of his club team and is a without a doubt the de facto leader on the field for the USMNT. The other veterans of the USMNT will embrace him as captain and Donovan’s experience, skills, fearless fighting spirit and huge heart can be in inspiration for the younger guys on the team.

    The goal is to go as deep as possible in WC 2014 in Brazil and Donovan’s leadership presence more than any other player in the pool (at this time) can help make that happen. Can you imagine making it to the World Cup semi-final? Or to the final or even being the WC 2014 Cham—–

    You gotta dream.

    • I would wonder if we would then have a problem with Deuce if Donovan is given the armband, especially now that Dempsey has carried on, all the way from Europe I might add, in Lando’s absense. I’m not one to ever defend Klinsmann, but this might be an issue.

    • Don’t think it would be a popular move in the locker room to give Donovan the armband after him willingly sitting out so long. Personally I think M Bradley is ready for the armband after Boca, and that the older guys would respect that.

      No doubt a motivated Donovan will make a difference on the field. No doubt it’s great news he wants to play. No doubt we need him.

      • I agree that Bradley should be the captain (and have been saying so since 2011), but the bottom line is it shouldn’t be Howard. Goalkeepers are already like captains, organizing the defense. The one with the captain’s arm band needs to be a FIELD PLAYER.

        But of course Klinsmann makes stupid decisions 9 times out of 10, so…

      • I’m all for Michael Bradley next in line for the armband.

        Donovan is a bit of a hot-head for captain…

        and Deuce too for that matter.

        Bradley is a great example and a consummate teammate.

        He would wear it well!

    • “Can you imagine making it to the World Cup semi-final? Or to the final or even being the WC 2014 Cham—–”

      NO, NOT REALLY! CAN YOU? IN 2014???

      We did come out of nowhere to the Quarterfinals in 2002.

      Perhaps I can faintly, faintly see that in a dream…

      (For those of you perturbed with my use of “We” … I was on that team.)

      No, not really. But shut up already! Take your English lesson back to England.

  5. At least the suspense is over….Donovan just showed his hand, let’s hope Klinsmann has the foresight to let it ride. And seriously, for those who believe Zusi is an appropriate answer to the vacuum Donovan left on the wing, I……….I have no words for you people, just wished you had eyes. Wishes are words strung together to demand what you want in a passive/passive way. Zusi is mediocre, to put it nicely (that was aggressive/passive). GO USA!

  6. Do me a favor donovan, go get some or have a crazy night out n have fun like never before- I think donovan lost some pounds n he needs some protein shakes and muscle mass. I have a crazy thought, would donovan retire with san jose earthquakes, galaxy or cosmos if they join the league or even a miami, if miami gets a team. Because if donovan goes to europe in 2014 and obviously plays his last word cup in brazil and a year in europe like in everton, then he might come back for 2016 and retire in MLS but which team. I say miami if they have a team or cosmos, but I’m going for earthquakes in their new stadium. By the way will san jose ever get a web cam construction and when is MLS2 new york stadium design coming out and what happen to baltimores stadium study and vegas as well.

    • I don’t think at this point Donovan will want to play for a club in Europe unless its on loan. I don’t think he’d want to do that with their long season’s demands, but I do think he really has enjoyed the times with Everton.

      I’d be really surprised if he’s not back in LA. It’s his favorite town; it’s where he’s always wanted to be… where he loves to call home. It makes sense, especially with Beckham out of the picture. I’d be surprised if he’s anywhere else but with the Galaxy.

  7. a healthy and “motivated” (hopefully the time away will bring back the desire) Donovan can help our National team out tremendously. He brings so much to the team in experience, leadership and talent. After watching our first Hex game we could use him!

  8. Great to hear him say it! Great that he got his rest! Anyone who believes he should no longer be called in, has clearly not followed this team or LD long enough. Rock and Roll Lando let’s do this one more time!


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