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A look at the proposed New York Cosmos stadium



    • It’s a concept-they don’t have funding. If by “pouring” you mean “wasting”, then yes the cosmos have done a great job of it. Just Wikipedia “cosmos 2010” my friend. Enlightening stuff.

      • Well, it is far away from me, and I live in Brooklyn.

        But I’ll agree that saying its “far away” is meaningless since everything is far away from lots of things.

        Hell, Times Square is “far away” from all sorts of places.

  1. NY Cosmos are a virtual team that exists nowhere except in ancient memories, grainy film clips and present day slick marketing campaigns. The good news is they have now added a virtual stadium!!!! Soon they will unfold the final phase of their devious plan all along: to animate a full roster of players, turn away from NASL just as they did MLS and fight for complete domination of…… X-BOX’s FIFA 2114

  2. And while I’m at it let’s talk about what really happened:

    Cosmos beat MLS to the punch by acquiring ownership of the brand. Instant value. It’s been a huge headache for MLS because Cosmos is putting forward a competing proposal for NYC2. But let’s be honest – Cosmos would be thrilled if some sheik bought the rights for a bazillion dollars at the time they buy into a franchise. (That video looks made to appeal to a Shiek)

    This history also explains MLSs sneaky quest to trademark the Cascadia Cup – because they learned a lesson about not having control of a valuable concept with history. (course that didn’t turn out so good either)

    • I feel like everyone here has a misguided and far too nostalgic idea as to what this brand is actually worth. It’s not worth much. I think a USL D3 team was using it in like 1996. MLS might l”like” to have (still debatable as every article written about the “new cosmos” will likely say something about A.) how much bigger the old cosmos crowds were than even the Sounders and B) how even with attendance like that the league folded. If the reader chooses to continue reading the single-entity structure and steady growth of mls might be mentioned, but with the caveat that only x number of teams were profitable this past season).

      MLS doesn’t really care about that brand name all that much. And certainly not enough to be held hostage in its stadium/expansion plans just to use that name. If they wanted that name in the league so badly the red bulls would have been formerly known as the cosmos.

      Also this idea that its been a “huge headache”-this second proposal for nyc2- is true (these people are super annoying) but also total hogwash with the implication it’s going to have an impact on the decision. MLS decides who is in its league. This isn’t a Presidential election. And the fact the Cosmos are on second ownership and blew so much money without ever playing a game doesn’t really inspire the confidence of financial matters MLS needs in order to continue to grow the league appropriately.

      Cosmos won’t be in MLS, therefore they will fold, therefore if someone wants the Cosmos brand they will wait to buy at that point. They won’t “buyout” an entire soccer club, at least not without a huge markdown.

      If you own equity in the Cosmos I have some land I would like to sell you too.

  3. Will Garber and these Cosmos people kiss and make up already so we can actually make some progress on finally getting NYC 2?

    This competing press event stuff is so childish and counterproductive. Get your shit together and get it done:

    – Cosmos’ awesome brand has to be NYC2

    – Stadium in the city is essential (not in the boonies)

    Figure it out

    • Some really good banter in the comments but this was the main thing I was thinking. To build any soccer specific stadium without having the seats right on the field of play is a mistake.

  4. Top SSS in MLS by 2016:

    1. Livestrong park due to its design and technology

    2. Orlando city, which will be the sister of livestrong park

    3. NY2 since the stadium regulations will hold back the stadium design and cosmos and NY2 should have very similar stadium designs. I also read before that NY2 hired the group that designed the downtown disney hall.

    4. Red bull arena

    5. Houston stadium

    6. Rio tinto

    7. Home depot center

  5. This looks amazing….shame they are planning so far away from the Manhattan 5 boroughs area….even if this is meant to be used as a negotiation ploy with MLS for the NYC2 franchise?

    I think the design allows to take off some of the roof/swirl facade and expand the sideline opposite of the media/luxury boxes and upper-tear seating and also on the goal end closest to the mall and bridge… even on the other goal end it could be expanded where that 2nd level of seating stays high and doesn’t curve down towards the sideline…

    I just hope the Cosmos come into the NASL and actually COMPETE and win and bring more fans and a successful franchise to our 2nd Division level. NY, Orlando, San Antonio can all have a great team plus Indy announced a team right? Either way I’m still hoping a 20th team in MLS is put in Queens right next to the Tennis Center and where the park is now

    • What the hell is “the Manhattan 5 boroughs area”?

      This is either in, or right next to (a few hundred yards away from) one of the 5 boroughs – that borough being Queens.

      No, it is not near Manhattan – but I’m pretty sure you don’t know what the 5 boroughs are (Manhattan is 1 of the 5 boroughs)

  6. Gorgeous. All they need is a casino on premise now and it’s a wrap. I’m holding out on my fanship for a team in Queens, my place of birth. However, this just looks incredibly amazing for soccer in the US. I hope nobody finds anything wrong with that statement. Cause if they did….

  7. OK, I’m following this only tangentially, so please explain (really…well, a little snark’s OK)…if MLS doesn’t happen for the Cosmos, does this stadium just fade away without being built? Do they build it and let it become a white elephant, like the Beijing “birds nest?” A majorly mixed-use venue, with the occasional soccer game? How could a current-day NASL team cover the cost of owning/maintaining 25K seats, unless they start paying massive sums, convincing end-of-career superstars to play in a league that isn’t even at MLS levels (just like they did in the 70s)? I’m not at all sure who the good guys/bad guys are in this (or if they’re just guys w/money), but I’m trying to see how this really works out well for us soccer fans.

    • Those are the right questions, and the answers are likely what you would think. The whole thing sorta reminds me of the ill-fated WUSA. A bunch of “big-name” soccer people with a bunch of money (these are all relative comparisons)-who pay themselves very well- but nobody who knows the first thing about running a business. I believe they have “new” ownership. The whole thing is a $hitshow. Garber should get a restraining order preventing these people from coming anywhere close to MLS.

  8. This is fantasy based on assumption. It’s just as far from NYC as Red Bull Arena. And a second MLS team in NYC (Queens) — if that ever gets off the ground — will succeed only to the extent it robs fans and interest from RBNY. Garber’s obsession with NYC is just a betrayal of RBNY’s long-suffering fans.

    • It’s a betrayal? If those fans would rather have a team in the city, I don’t see how it’s a betrayal. It’s a boon to those fans. As for the Jerseyites….tell ’em to start showing up. Otherwise, the notion that there are long-suffering fans out there is just conjecture.

    • I’m pretty ignorant about why NYRB don’t have better attendance.How come they rely so much on fans from NYC if it’s in Harrison.Have the NJ fans stepped up or do they need to.Is it too far away from a large center of pop in jersey.Sounds strange but do they not go because the team is a “NY” team?

      • You’re ignorant about why NYRB doesn’t have better attendance because the team does not have poor attendance, despite the fact that this canard is pushed relentlessly by a certain kind of fan that hates RBNY. The Red Bulls do not fill the stadium as they do in Seattle, LA (Galaxy, of course), Portland, Houston. But Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, DC, Columbus — all have fewer fans per game. (Granted, these figures are largely self-reported, but I hardly think RBNY is the only organization to fluff the numbers.)

        One reason there doesn’t seem to be soccer “fever” in New York is because there are a number of very successful franchises all over the area. Empirically, though? The “soccer” culture in New York City is likely pretty cosmopolitan. Bars in New York are PACKED for the Champions League matches, and the World Cup games are on in every single TV in pretty much any public place. The soccer fan here and sees no reason to root for an MLS team in New Jersey when Barcelona, Arsenal, PSG, Bayern are all on cable all the time.

        Will another franchise and the potential for twice-a-year derbies resonate with these fans and earn their loyalty? I have no idea, but I think that’s the plan. Or the hope at least.

      • * “very successful SPORTS franchises all over the area.” (The competition comes from the Yankees and Mets and Rangers and Knicks and Nets, etc…)

      • I see what you did there.

        But I’ll still answer it, my provincial friend. Many people in the New York area come from all over the world, and they arrive withe their own….oh, never mind.

      • If they see no reason to attend MLS games cause of cable, their not true fans.The future of the league is the mid size markets.Where sports fans aren’t bombarded by franchises all over the place hence becoming fickle bandwagoners.Cities like Orlando, Charlotte,Tampa,San Antonio.Markets that are big enough to sustain a franchise long term.Not big enough to drown out a soccer franchise.Oklahoma city is another that comes to mind.

    • Technically this stadium plan is right on the border between Queens and Nassau counties.

      Possibly even entirely within the City of New York.

      So, since it would be in, or partially in NYC, it would be much, much closer to NYC than Red Bull Arena…..

      • While I think he’s trolling, what does that have to do with his comment?

        “Who’s your team/who do you support/who’s blah blah”.

        Equally lame.

      • Because it came across as typical Red Bull fan butthurt, just wanted to see if he would confirm it..and he did a couple posts down.

    • Not trolling. I support RBNY not that it matters. I just find the Cosmos incredibly tedious. The old Cosmos didn’t do a thing for US Soccer and the NASL played fake soccer for a few years with some washed up stars and went bankrupt.

      • The pictures of Pele everywhere? Dude came out of retirement to play parts of three seasons 35 years ago. WOW!!! Time to move on.

  9. Isn’t MLS insistent that NYC2 be within the five boroughs? Belmont Park is outside the city of New York, no? Seems self-defeating to build such a nice stadium so far out – especially when MLS made centrality a prerequisite to joining the league.

    • Yeah it’s supposed to be in Queens.This stadium will never actually be built.I suspect whoever buys the NYC2 franchise will also buy out the Cosmos franchise.Man City maybe? I don’t care what people say,this ownership group for the cosmos will never build a stadium like this unless they have a guaranteed MLS franchise slot.

      • Agree on all points except “buying out the Cosmos franchise”. Why would they do that? Even if they wanted the brand, why buy the franchise when you likely don’t have to? If this incarnation of the Cosmos doesn’t get into MLS-and they won’t-the whole thing falls apart in 5-10 years (being generous). Too much capex, not enough money coming in. And of course, dumb people running it.

  10. This plan was submitted as a part of a contest to re-develop the area- anyone know when the ruling is supposed to come down as to which plan won?

  11. MLS needs to very careful on how it moves forward into the next phase of our league.. It’s fantastic there are several ownership groups and cities lining up for expansion and to build stadiums, but the league needs to learn from the collapse of the old NASL. Will the rebirth of the Cosmos sink the Red Bulls? Can Orlando support pro soccer franchise? and more importantly, are these ownership groups capable supporting these teams? MLS is the hot ticket right now and it looks like several ownership groups want to get in on the ground floor so-to-speak, but the Garber and MLS can’t get greedy.. I know it’s tempting but we need to take baby steps to ensure stability…

  12. Can someone explain to me once more why the Red Bulls believe a second NY MLS team will help them? Sure, it might make for a good rivalry, but how many NYRB fans would this franchise steal away?

      • Cosmosfan…do you have a financial/personal interest in this club. I’ve never seen an entity so mismanaged…please elaborate.

      • I assume your talking about Red Bull? I think since the new people took over for that fraud Kemsley Cosmos have been doing quite well.

      • Nope. Talking about Cosmos-but you knew that, didn’t you. How do you quantify “quite well”. If you mean “relatively well”, then Yes you are correct. Because having an actual team vs not having an actual team is a is certainly a monumental “relative improvement”.

    • The. Redbulls. Must. Win. A Championship. In the next 2 seasons. Or they will lose a lot of fans who have been patient supportive and paying.

      Some good local products out the academy would help also.

    • Red Bull ownership isn’t exactly thrilled about it. Garber grew up in Queens and he is the one ramming NYC2 down everyone’s throat.

      ATL, ASAP. Atlanta Chiefs FC.

  13. Very impressed. It does make me wonder though what the reaction by both fans and media would be as long as the Cosmos aren’t in MLS. It would be a brilliant facility, but I feel like not quite as many people would go as long as they are a “minor league” team. Plus I could see ESPN also being somewhat domineering in terms of being their usual MLS-hating self and saying like, “How can the NY Cosmos have such an outstanding facility and NOT be an MLS team? Blah, blah, blah, we’re ESPN and we don’t understand MLS.”

  14. As a guy who just ran out of money gut-renovating a house (the facade will have to wait!), I fear that the awesome colonnade will never off the blueprints. Also, I have never seen a stadium where the field seems to be BELOW sea level. But that shouldn’t be a problem in Queens/Long Island, right?

    Architectural criticism aside, as a Brooklynite roughly equidistant to either franchise, I’ll root for whoever has the better product. RBNY is my team, but they’ve definitely taken the fan base for granted.

  15. I hope this is just a way to negotiate with MLS for lowering their fee. If the Cosmos go through with this, welcome to obscurity once the paint dries and the hype dies down…Harrison barely gets enough actual NYC people visiting it. This is in the sticks….LIRR or not.

    • Harrision is also home to Red Bull, a franchise virtually no one in NYC cares about or wants to identify with. That is the price they paid for self promotin gtheir own beverage product over being a stand alone soccer club that can win the hearts and minds of the fans.

      • No. Branding has a lot to do with it. Imagine the Yankees renaming themselves the NY Coca Colas. I don’t think fans would appreciate it.

      • But if there were no Mets (or even if there were a Mets team), you think they wouldn’t show up if the Coca Cola’s were in the World Series?

    • I doubt that the fee is a concern. These are some seriously wealthy owners involved. If the stadium is more than just pure fantasy, it also suggests they’re not shy about spending. If they’re going to spend $400 million for a 2nd-tier stadium, they won’t blink at whatever fee MLS will ask for the NYC franchise.

      it is really curious, though. It might be to pressure Garber to deal with this group. Garber was pretty dismissive of the prior Cosmos owners and their lack of a stadium plan and the money to build one. I hope they can reach an accord — and that the Cosmos build in Queens.

      • $200mm in ” private financing” (not sure how much equity the owners have to hold against that) and then $200mm from various “public”/government entities.

        Lets say they have to hold $100mm equity (other 50% of private comes as debt from banks/PE/etc.-will not be equity because they want to keep control). If the fee for the franchise is the $100mm+ it is reported to be (granted that currently includes a deal to use the stadium in Queens) that’s means they are increasing the out of pocket cost by 100% (doubt anyone would give them anymore debt to pay this). Let say it’s $60mm ( a reasonable figure given maturity of league and market and eliminates issue of bifurcating queens stadium deal), that’s still 60% increase.

        Bottom line is they aren’t “spending $400mm”, they are likely spending $100mm (and I SERIOUSLY doubt that). If you look it this way, after demystifying all this COSMOS PR junk that fee really will make a difference.

        Not trying to be jerk, but I really think this ownership group is a bunch of Charlatans.

    • Wolf is notoriously thrifty as an owner, won’t spend more than he/front office knows they can draw on a given night. Add all the NIMBYs and their noise complaints to this, and you get what we have. I’m happy anyway. 3/4 of a real stadium is still way better than Buck Shaw. .

    • Can teams not in MLS not have fantastic stadiums??? Deep down this is NY’s way of getting to MLS or at least getting their attention. But regardless investment and development can’t be a bad thing for any professional soccer team whether it’s MLS, USL, or NASL.

      • Yes it can be a bad thing-if it fails and/or if if public funds that could be used better are wasted. Next time a team asks for money from government they can say, “well, I don’t want to be the next Belmont with that white elephant they built for a now-defunct 2nd division team sitting next to the racetrack.

      • NYC has Their attention. MLS wants to build in Queens right by tennis stadium. They want nothing to do with these people.

  16. On the aerial concept the stadium looks like a giant bommerang! Tremendous concept, though, I hope NY can pull this off as well Orlando pulling their idea off which was released. Drawings were released just the idea and design they are pushing for.

  17. I wonder how dallas, philly, colorado and even los angeles galaxy feel about their cookie stadium. SKC and red bull arena are the only teams that have top SSS. So i f you add orlando, nyc2, that would make only 4 teams with modern stadiums in the MLS. Most MLS stadiums look like academy stadiums from europe and even south america. If I was galaxy’s owner, I would remodel Home depot center asap due to the fact los angeles market is suppose to be like new york in terms of arenas and stadiums. For instance phillys stadium needs their top cover like it was said at first, dallas and chicago need more then a roof cover. I wonder if seattle will ever try to get their own stadium since they are getting a new arena for basketball and hockey. As for DC , vancity, NE, columbus, will they make another typical MLS stadium or go for a livestrong park or even what orlando plans to do.

    • I assume you meant “cookie cutter” stadiums, correct?

      Couldn’t agree more. So tired of the concert stage gaps at one end of the stadium. I understood their purpose but moving forward, it’s an outdated design.

    • We in Houston love our stadium. Perfect location and it has already won architecture awards.

      Just thought I would throw that in there.

    • The HDC looked beautiful while my team was lifting the Anschutz Trophy the last two seasons. Other than the overpriced beer the HDC is fine for actual fans of the team…

      • I don’t like how they designed the seating system but its definitely a good looking stadium (when its full) !

    • A.) You forgot about Houston

      *And San Jose, (likely built before this stadium), not to mention the other stadiums you didn’t even mention as SSS (basically every other team except NE).

      *Also, by definition the word “top” speaks to exclusivity.

      B.) The answer to “how they feel?” is they “likely feel like they built these stadiums before the other two were built” -It’s like asking how the Atlanta Falcons feel about Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

      B2.) They likely feel that builiding these stadiums with stages likely saved the league, so a shorter answer to your question is “they feel great”.

      C) This really doesn’t look that impressive. The presentation is, but the stadium is not. They just have a few more video boards.

      • I’m sensing a tone in all of your responses. Just chill and quit being so negative. Yes, I agree with you on the promotion/relegation front (no brainer) but not every response has to be of a condescending nature.

        What I’m getting at is, simply put, your “C)” response. The stadium doesn’t look that impressive? Psh! Yeah…ok. Coming from a Red Bulls fan, I was impressed and we’re the ones who have one of the two best SSS in MLS (RBNY and SKC). Am I being biased or is that the prevailing consensus? Exactly.

        Just sit back, get off your high horse, join us in harmony, and give credit where credit is due! If the Cosmos can pull off that concept, you can color me impressed.

        Good work, pre-NYC2!

      • Correction: “…one of the THREE best SSS in MLS (RBNY, SKC, and Houston*…”

        Sorry, Houston. We all keep forgetting your gem of a stadium. =

      • Regret if that was your interpretation. What should credit be given for exactly though?Not trying to be a jerk.

        To be clear: This Stadium looks AMAZING (seriously) These people spent money to have an archetect, graphic design, and other technical people prepare a presentation that isn’t feasable, because the stadium will not be built without an MLS guarantee, anything said to the contrary is mere posturing. MLS wants to build in Queens, and likely will. So, unless Queens totally falls through and MLS decides they want this ownership group, this is just a total waste.

        And this idea that the owner of NY2 would somehow have to “buyout” the Cosmos is insane. Where does THAT come from?

        Tone of voice is hard over text-naturally.

    • The “Los Angeles market”? You do understand that the “multi-purpose” nature of the HDC allows ownership to basically mint money by having very few open dates. You are too narrow minded in thinking this is simply a soccer-stadium. I think the league is at least 15 years away from the day you can concentrate solely on soccer revenues with only marginal consideration paid to other sources of income.

      “If you owned the Galaxy”—you’ve clearly shown that -thankfully- LAG fans will never have to worry about that hypothetical.

    • Seattle’s stadium is owned by the same guy that owns the team (think New England and how long it’s taken to even have a discussion there). Additionally-Seattle does a pretty good job of filling the available seats and creating a great atmosphere even with those empty sections. Unlikely.

  18. I get these mixed up, this is the Cosmos group that wants the stadium outside of the city, not the Garber backed group that wants the stadium in Queens?

    Beautiful concept, of course “concepts” are the easy part.

    • I don’t know that there is a “Garber-backed” group. However, I do think it’s becoming clearer that MLS is not interested in the Cosmos ownership group…or, at least, the Cosmos think so. MLS wants the Queens site. I love the concept of the stadium shown here. What I don’t love is that it’s 2nd-tier and it’s on Long Island.

      I don’t know if this a just a gambit to pressure Garber to look to the Cosmos for the NYC team…and then, whether the Cosmos would abandon the Belmont site.

      • The problem is the Cosmos have been all hat and no cattle so far. Let’s see how they do running a NASL franchise before penciling them into MLS.

      • When the Commissioner gives a press-conference at the site and then tells the Red Bulls group they do not have territorial rights-I think you can argue the “project” is “Garber-backed”. I’m not sure there is an “ownership group” as of yet, but rumored to be from the Middle East.

      • pro/rel will come to the US. Most soccer fans in the US want it.

        American soccer fans do not want a soccer league that imitates other American sports. This is obvious by looking at the terrible TV ratings MLS gets.

      • “Most US soccer fans want it?”. Are you joking?

        That hello guy has been asking “why?”. Nobody has answered him coherently. An unsubstantiated and false quote w/o logic is not a viable answer.

      • no most europeans watching the league bring it up. But most Americans don’t want it. And it doesn’t matter cause it’s not logical given how the league is set up.

      • LOL

        It’s far more likely that NY Cosmos join MLS eventually, even if it’s as the third NY area team, than it is that pro/rel is coming.

      • How can people keep talking about promotion and relegation so soon? It would be great but you cannot talk about promotion, relegation until you have a vibrant second division with ALL of the clubs having Soccer Specific Stadiums of 15,000 or more. One beautiful stadium is the beginning but any serious talk of it is 10-25 years away.

      • !00% correct. Why would anyone buy an MLS team if the next year -or even if you “protected” expansion teams or new owners (5 years)- if they might be playing in the NASL/USL. They sure would be less likely to invest in infrastructure or value the team at what they are valued at now than if they were guaranteed top flight status. Its certainly a matter of degree (MLS is not NBA, and NASL/USL is not the D-league), but what would someone pay for the Sacramento Kings (in negotiations currently) if they knew they might be playing the Erie Bayhawks instead of the Atlanta Hawks ,the Albuquerque Thunderbolts instead of the OKC Thunder, Tulsa 66ers instead of the Philly 76ers-you get my point.

        Promotion/Relegation only makes sense if you actually think having that feature is worth risking the very health and existence of the league. That’s the trade-off.Period.

        This topic needs to stop being brought up in US soccer circles and people need to stop telling people it’s an “interesting point” or that they “make a compelling argument”. It’s just a really really dumb/annoying suggestion and exists in a reality of which I have no understanding. It’s just a really really dumb suggestion and a waste for everyone who has to wade through such asinine comments in threads like this one or listen to some guy who played JV soccer sprout off at a bar about “the tradition of the game” and how “promotion/relegation are at the very essence of the meritocracy of ‘football'”. Enough. Bad idea for MLS. period.

      • This is not how pro / rel would work with MLS. You would have MLS-1, MLS-2.

        That is all.

        When you go to the MLS website it would have all MLS-1 and MLS-2 teams listed.

        When you have the draft, it would include all MLS-1 and MLS-2 teams.

        The owner’s meeting would have all MLS-1 and MLS-2 members. All with equal voting power.

        The only difference is when you go to the standings page, it would show MLS-1 standings then

        MLS-2 standings. Also, MLS-2 would get a different TV deal. But MLS-1 and MLS-2 teams would share

        in all TV money, equally.

        You would not relegate out of MLS-2. After buying your franchise, you will never leave MLS. NASL never enters the picture.

      • The whole reason the premier league split from the Championship was because having to share TV money across 40 teams was ridiculous. MLS-1 and MLS-2 have to be seperate. The idea of promotion and relegation is stupid anyways its a horrible business model, its cool when you’re talking about small neighborhood clubs but not multi-million dollar businesses. Just because they do it all over the world doesn’t make it right nor does it make it necessary to have a vibrant league. There is a reason the NFL is the strongest financial league on this planet based primarily in 1 country. You;re only as strong as your weakest link.

      • That’s b.s. dude. NFL is a strong league because it exists in a rich country where there are millions of people who pay to watch the game….and thousands of companies paying advertising money to reach those millions. I think if NFL went the pro/rel route it would matter much to the leagues strength in the long run. Imagine if the NFL was confined to Cuba….do you think it would be as financially strong?

      • Keep in mind this MLS1/2 idea completely disregards consumer choice.

        Additionally if we look at this logically a vast majority current MLS owner would have to literally vote in a system whereby their investment becomes inherently more risky. Why would they do that? (NOBODY has explained the why? And that’s why this is a dumb idea and people need to be put in their place who suggest it)

        If there was some compelling reason like they could get a bigger per-team TV deal (even if they fall to MLS-2 in perpetuity) it still wouldn’t make much sense because the gate would suffer, as would the brand of the franchise. Furthermore, where would all these new “clubs” come from. Would you just buy all the NASL teams? Commence a Stalin-esque 5 year plan to build soccer stadia to be owned by the league and then at the proper time distributed to owners in those locales (that’s more Yeltsin).

        Seriously, it’s a terrible idea, it’s a dumb idea, it’s a nonsensical idea, it’s an irrational idea, and it is unrealistic that a moment would arise where it would make financial sense for those in position to make the decision.

        Intentionallly, or unintentionally, you really do insult the consumer (fan) and the financial backers by making the assertion that the “only” thing that would change would be the standings tab on the website. Did you seriously just write that?

        That’s like saying if you suddenly come into a billion dollars the only thing that would change would be the zeroes on your online account statement.


      • Oh- so “MLS-2” squads are NOT worth less than, or less attractive than, “MLS-1” teams how exactly under this scenario? And I would pay more for even an “MLS-1” squad under this structure, and put more money into the stadium/etc, than I would for a bottom half “MLS-currently constituted” team why again?

        Your system would be almost exactly a carbon copy of a situation where the NBA and D-league have promotion/relegation. The NBA owns both leagues, the CBA.IBL/XYZ league is left floating in the wind. Please tell me why this promotion/relegation is so very important? seriously.

        And please tell me why it’s a good tradeoff to decrease investment in the league for the purposes of having relegation/promotion system?

        I just don’t understand why you would even bother setting up this system?

        There are 300mm people in the USA roughly. The entire UK has roughly a 1/5 of that (England is 1/6). The London area has something like 8 teams in the EPL and Manchester has I believe 3-just in top 20 (EPL-“MLS-1”). If we get to the position where the fan base is so large and NYC has 8 independent fully supported pro teams (not even “top flight caliber”), and Cleveland has 3 (roughly same size as Manchester). Then yes, maybe this would be a solution to what would be overwhelming demand for top flight soccer. Until then, as a fan of US Soccer (and MLS), I’m not sure it’s a great idea if LAG, RBNY, Seattle, and RSL end up in MLS-2 and teams like say Raleigh-Durham, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Indianapolis are in “MLS-1”. What have you accomplished? and Why?

        Its a dumb idea and makes no sense in a country of this size and for a league like MLS.

      • Not to mention totally insults the intelligence of the consumer (fans). To imply they wouldn’t be able to understand the difference in product/prestige and the “only difference” would be the website is nuts. That’s like saying if you won the lottery the only difference would be the “numbers in your online bank statement”

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