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U.S. Under-20s prepare for Costa Rica



  1. Costa Rica didn’t look that great against Haiti. They looked worse than the US did. I watched the entire game, and they had one real goal scoring chance in that game in which they scored a goal. They had an even harder time of keeping the ball against Haiti compared to the US.

    I know every game is different, but I have confidence that the guys will either come away with a win or a tie against Costa Rica.

    • Costa Rica can win. The US can win. Who wants it more over 90+ minutes? It’s why the game is played. Funner to play, even if it is coed rec league ( I play in), but these players put in a lot of time and sweat to make it work. Hopefully over 90+ they make it work. When we have the ball we need to move into space while staying compact. When we do not have the ball we need to apply Barcelona (dog on crack chasing the ball down) pressure while getting near open players.

      • and missing a potential deadly combination of dual national players

        John Anthony Brooks, Shawn Parker, Adam Henley

      • Please Brooks, Packwood and Pelosi would have never been released, Parker and Henley are no where near the US team. This hunt for dual nationals has gotten out of control

      • I think due national hunting is a fantastic way to grow your player pool. I don’t think it’s out of control whatsoever, but to each their own.

        Pelosi, in fact, was not released before his injury, but elaborate as to why JAB and Packwood wouldn’t have been released?

      • Most dual nationals are incredibly overrated. People like to get little woodies when players are in Europe even though they barely get minutes for the reserves. I want players that grow up dreaming to play for the USMNT, not picking the team because they couldnt make another one. No player should EVER have to be convinced or recruited to the NT. I want players that wont bail on the program because they dont think its fair that they’re not getting called up. I want players that represent and have spent time in the US Soccer System. I want players that know what its like to grow up playing a sport thats barely accepted in this country.

        Packwood was a fringe player close to getting first team minutes his team would have never released him for a qualifying tourny when they dont have. Brooks, who has been playing with Germany the last year, is starting and would have been called in if Hertha released him but he didnt so…….

      • Not for qualies anyway.Bshreder has said If we make it to the cup JAB would most likely be on that squad, Henley might as well.

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