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MLS Match Week One: Your Running Commentary

The 2013 MLS Season kicks off today with matches across the country as the 18th season of Major League Soccer brings with it plenty of intrigue and excitement.

The day’s action kicks off at PPL Park, where Sebastien LeToux makes his return to the Philadelphia Union against a strong Sporting Kansas City side.

In Houston, the Dynamo look to maintain their unbeaten record at BBVA Compass Stadium against a D.C. United side that will be looking for a bit of revenge after falling to the Dynamo in last year’s playoffs.

Here is a rundown of today’s MLS action:

4pm- Philadelphia Union vs. Sporting Kansas City

6:30pm- Vancouver vs. Toronto FC

8pm- Houston vs. D.C. United

8:30pm- FC Dallas vs. Colorado Rapids

10:30pm- Seattle Sounders vs. Montreal Impact

10:30pm- Chivas USA vs. Columbus

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Chivas v Crew = talented boys against talented men (except the Chivas players arent actually boys but are more of the men age)

  2. Its funny to hear the loud and intense crowd sounds watching the game at SEA…then I mute that game and go to the Chivas game and it sounds like you can hear the commentators stomach’s growl its so quiet.

  3. That should be a second ejected DCU player for another denial of a clear goal scoring opportunity and that was actually a penalty.

    I am absolutely looking for a post-game stream to listen to Kinnear. This will be epic.

  4. I’ve never been a huge MLS fan but this MLS Live is the buzzy bone bomb. Best $50 I ever spent. Video quality and commentary is great.

    Well done, MLS.

  5. That’s not what MLS needs… man.

    Commentators show that Toledo was in literally the worst position on the field and actually moved into a worse position than he was in. They say that Toledo pointed to the spot without even having seen the play or where the foul was.


  6. Bill Hamid is playing at an extremely high level. Is this the year he starts to keep it going for more than a game or two at a time? Or is he going to wave at a cross / get sent off in the second half?

  7. If Toledo is a full time FIFA official then he should darn well know that a denial of a goal scoring opportunity is a straight red. You do not get discretion to give a yellow. Its a red.

  8. Andddd Toledo blows it SO BADLY. WOW.

    Bruin is taken down from behind at the top of the box when he’s 1 v 1 with the keeper. Not only does Korb not get a red card for denial of a clear goal scoring opportunity, but Toledo gives Houston a penalty despite the foul being easily outside the box.


    • If there is anything worse than having to play in Houston, it is having to play in Houston with Toledo as the ref.!

  9. In DC-Houston match, announcers say that Ben Olsen is unsure that this year’s United side is better than last year. Why the potential net loss? Didn’t all the team’s better players return?

  10. Hard to see where he hit him, but if it was just a shoulder charge I think Toledo made the right call in not bringing out the red card.

    That being said–wow, what a dumb play.

  11. I was thinking this the other night and having the game delayed by it again makes me want to reiterate what I thought.

    Please put a rule in place to limit the number of fouls you can commit at the end of a game. There’s no reason 60 seconds of game time should take 20-30 minutes of actual time simply because one team wants to keep fouling and fouling and fouling to extend the game.

    • Oh come on. How about we give straight reds for time wasting? That sure would make people stop time but its part of soccer. People freak out when other people try to add rules to soccer to make it better in their eyes and soccer fans freak out. So lets let basketball be basketball and stop being so dam sensitive lol.

      • They added a shot clock in the sport so games would move faster and teams wouldn’t game the system with a four corner strategy. I think it’s about time to work on new rules so teams don’t game the clock stoppages with fouls.

        And it’s not just frustration for me with having my soccer games delayed–I also like basketball games and there’s nothing more irritating from a viewing perspective to have 60 seconds turn into 30 minutes.

      • I can understand that but its a part of the sport. I mean to change it would change a huge part of the sport. That would be like saying there is no offsides in soccer in the last two minutes of the game. Although that would be awesome lol.

    • NBC Sports: Houston/DC United.

      Of course, that WILL be televised once we make it through the blockbuster “Havard vs Penn” basketball.


      • That’s why BB sucks in comparison to soccer – the last 2 1/2 minutes took like 20 to play. Ridiculous.

  12. A, This Is AMERICA. We All Have The Right To Make Our Opinion Known. Hate The Sin, Not The Sinner. Yes, Those Are Choices Some People Make. Man, I Love Chick-Fil-A Food. It Has Nothing To Do With A Man’s Sexual Orientation, Just Soccer, Sponsor And Food. Yep, Philly Sucked. They Need A Play Maker.

    • If you buy Chick-Fil-A and are aware that they actively fund anti-gay movements, you are supporting anti-gay movements.


      Yeah, you have the right to make your opinion known. I have the right to roast you (or in this case the Union) for supporting an organization that funds hate/bigotry groups. And that’s what it is–bigotry.

      • Our taxes fund drone strikes (among others) that kill innocent people. If you pay taxes you are supporting the killing of innocent people, including children. PERIOD

        So what were you saying again about chicken sandwiches? StfU

      • Actually that’s not how government works. I have no choice in paying my taxes and I also have no choice as to what they are used for.

        So no, comparing buying a fast food item and being required by law to pay taxes are not even remotely similar.

        Nice try though. Hate is still hate.

      • no, you do have a choice in who you pay your taxes to, depending on your country of residence.

        apparently, just like it’s worth it to some people to buy a chicken sandwich from an anti-gay company, it’s worth it to you to live in a country that bombs innocent people.

    • “Hate The Sin, Not The Sinner.” aka Love thy neighbor, unless he’s gay.

      Why “hate” at all?

      Thank you for continuing to perpetuate everything wrong with religion.

  13. I get that theis was KC, but this Philly team is much better than they showed today. Sorry, but the most impressive element of the Union today was their jersey. The lineup was a throwback to the headscratcher specials of the Nowak era (unless McInerney, Soumare and Casey were hurt, there is no reason at least one of them isn’t in your starting XI). The keeper still flaps at crosses like he’s in high school ball, Farfan is still not the creative maestro his coach seems to think he is and frankly I don’t think he ever will be, and set pieces are still a disaster, even with a veteran like Parke on the pitch. Hackworth better get his ship together and fast.

  14. Also I find it unconscionable that the Union are partnering with one of the most anti-gay organizations in America–Chick-Fil-A.

    Great way to make a stand Union. Great job.

    • Fine I guess….being paid half a million for not doing a thing, sipping on a cold beverage and watching Philly be Philly, and probably thinking “the team sucked, Coach blames me for lack of a miracle, restructures the team around Farfan, and they still suck”…..cheers

      • I think the coach blames him for not towing his party line and upholding the kind of work ethic he wants, which is his prerogative, but I find it odd that he apparently has some issues with the other truly creative player on the roster as well (Torres). Sounds like Coach Hackworth wants worker bees more than he wants “artistes”. While that’s his prerogative, I think we’re seeing what that mentality produces.

    • Really? Wondo just signed a DP contract for $600K+ that increases over the next 2-3 years to the $750K range. And he’s playing for his hometown team 45 minutes from where he grew up. I’d say dude is doing juuuuust fine where he is.

      • From Fox:

        “With the Earthquakes Wondolowski has thrived both on the field and off, acting as his own agent. He made just $30,000 back in 2007 and even less before then. Between his breakout season in 2010 and the present, however, he has thrice re-negotiated his contract, gradually bumping his salary from $48,000 to his new 4-year deal, which will pay him $600,000 in 2013 and more the following years.”


  15. my MLS 2013 predictions

    -all teams will suck equally all in the name of parity

    -the MLS regular season will replace melatonin as my personal sleep aid (when more than half the teams in the league make playoffs to decide the league champ it kind of takes all the drama out of it)

    -a player in his team’s starting 11 will be making less than a full time Jack in the Box employee working the night shift.

    – Robbie Rogers won’t be the only one who becomes #rightlessintheMLS

    – American commentators will continue to call soccer like they were doing a basketball radio broadcast.

    – Television ratings will finally get over that women’s volleyball hump only to get slammed by women’s skeet-shooting during the MLS Cup final.

    • I can’t tell: are you possibly trolling? I don’t know. This is an MLS centered thread and you’re bashing it hardcore. To, obviously, MLS fans. I just can’t tell if you’re trying to get a rise here!

      • Yes I do…..somebody working at Jack in the Box at $15 per hour x 40 Hours a week x 52 will make $31,200…..add maybe 2k in benefits or what not…holiday pay etc etc….

        that’s 33K….The lowest paid guys who are basically roster guys who HARDLY play get I think 36K and they only work what 9 months out of 12? Maybe 10 months……add to that all the per diem and stuff the team pays for and well… have your answer….oh and the only people making close 30K are Shift or Assistant Mgrs at fast food places believe me I know they tried a position to classmates of mine who worked there while in college

      • I call shenanigans! J in the B employees don’t make $15 an hour… unless congress upped the minimum wage and I missed it.

      • How much do they pay Jack in The Box employees working the night shift?. Are you talking about the manager or the other employees?

    • And mine:

      — MLS will surpass Ligue 1 to become to seventh-best league in the world in per-game attendance. (It won’t pass the Eredivisie to move into sixth until 2014 or 2015.)

      — MLS will continue to supply players for national teams of countries such as Colombia, Nigeria, Australia, Ireland, Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, as well as the United States and Canada.

      — Players who aren’t even all-stars in MLS will continue to walk straight into mid-table EPL sides. (Of course, players who are all-stars in MLS will beat whatever poor EPL team comes to play them, unless that team is Manchester United.)

      — TV ratings and player salaries will climb as US soccer fans lose their ideological blinders and recognize (a) that we have a pretty damn good soccer league right here in America, and (b) how cool it is to watch our sport grow every year by leaps and bounds.

    • “the MLS regular season will replace melatonin as my personal sleep aid” -Harry

      Maybe quit being fat, go out and exercise and lay off all the soda and you won’t need Melatonin for sleep.

      Just some suggestions.

    • My 2013 MLS prediction: Because most people are more informed than the OP, MLS will surpass Ligue 1 to become to seventh-best league in the world in per-game attendance. It won’t pass the Eredivisie to move into sixth until 2014 or 2015.

    • I am. Was debating buying it, but I went ahead and did it–and then found out the first 2 weekends were free.

      • Don’t worry Kevin, it’s absolutely worth it. If for nothing else than to be able to watch condensed versions of games you might have missed. Those versions are wonderful even if you know the results.

      • Awesome. And if nothing else, I’m happy to give MLS 60 dollars. As long as they remember me in 2025 when they’re all huge.

      • Haha I’m totally calling in the “I wanna meet X player, I subscribed to MLS live” favor in 2025 🙂

      • Exactly This a little upset I already bought it but I probably would have anyway……..Roku looking fine for me

    • Yup, and despite being a RB fan with the Union up still incredibly excited for the start of the season. I did have to re-link my account with the new version however.

    • I am too. I am loving it. Don’t even know I’m watching via Internet. Looks just like HD tv. $60 for this many games is a great deal if you ask me. Yeah yeah I know a few of the games I wanna watch will be blacked out; but the condensed 20 minute games will more than make up for the blacked out games.

  16. Would have been nice if I could find some place to watch the non-televised matches, be it any sort of link or stream.

  17. Paging Mr. Schlosser!

    Cant get mls live to work on roku. It just shows last year’s dates.

    Gotta watch on the iphone? Pathetic.


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