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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Real Madrid and Barcelona kick off today soccer action when the two clubs meet for the sixth time this season.

Barcelona have the opportunity to extend their gigantic lead in Spain’s Primera División, and a win today will avenge their 3-1 loss to Madrid on Tuesday. The match won’t possess the usual hype of an El Clásico, however, with Madrid set to rest the majority of their starters ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League clash with Manchester United.

England is in full-swing today, with eight matches spanning the morning. League-leaders Manchester United will play host to Norwich City, where Ryan Giggs will have the opportunity to make his 1000th senior appearance for club and country. Later on, Liverpool will visit Wigan Athletic, where the Latics haven’t lost in their last four matches against the Merseyside club.

If you will be watching today action, please feel  free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

Saturday’s TV Schedule 

10am – Fox Soccer Channel – Chelsea vs. West Bromwich Albion

10am – Fox Soccer Plus / – Everton vs. Reading

10am – ESPN Deportes – Manchester United vs. Norwich City

10am – – Southampton vs. Queens Park Rangers

10am – – Stoke City vs. West Ham United

10am – – Sunderland vs. Fulham

10am – – Swansea City vs. Newcastle United

10am – beIN Sport – Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

12:30pm – Fox Soccer Channel – Wigan Athletic vs. Liverpool

12:30pm – GolTV – Bayer Leverkusen vs. Stuttgart 

2:45pm – beIN Sport – Milan vs. Lazio

4pm – MLS Direct Free Kick/MLS Live – Philadelphia Union vs. Sporting KC

6pm – Univision – América vs. Cruz Azul

6pm – Univision Deportes 2 – Querétaro vs. Monterrey 

6:30pm – MLS Direct Kick – Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Toronto 

8pm – NBC Sports Network – Houston Dynamo vs. DC United 

8pm – Univision Deportes – Pachuca vs. San Luis 

8pm – UniMás – Tigres UANL vs. Morelia

8:30pm – MLS Direct Kick/MLS Live – FC Dallas vs. Colorado Rapids

9:05pm – Telemundo – León vs. Puebla

10pm – Univision Deportes – Atlas vs. Tijuana 

10:30pm – MLS Live – Seattle Sounders vs. Montreal Impact

10:30pm – MLS Direct Kick/MLS Live – Chivas USA vs. Columbus Crew


  1. Suarez will be sold for 20-25 million euros hands down. Amazing that we Reds can hold onto him considering we barely play EL a season

    • So a profit of 3 million euros? When he has 4 years left on his deal van Pirsie was bought for 24 million pounds with 6 months left. Your valuation is off. 45 million or don’t even bother picking up the phone.

  2. Hala Madrid all the way couldn´t be happier for the Merengues, hopefully they can translate ths success to the CL.

    I hope this Barca crisis lasts for a very long time.

  3. Coutinho showing nifty skills beating his man on the dribble to assist Downing’s header. Winter signings definitely adding energy to Liverpool’s attack.

    • Love the build up on Suarez’s goal. Gerard 2 Coutinho 2 Suarez. Digging the Red Dragon’s attacking fluidity today.

    • I watched him at inter didn’t know he was this good. How could they sell. For so little Atleast.

      Love how they look upfront. There’s still defensive lapses.

      Need Suarez to get the golden boot

      • Believe today’s haul gives Luis 26 EPL goals so golden boot is a legit possibility. Guessing RVP is the main (maybe only?) competition.

        Liverpool’s attack is looking much improved and agree that the D line needs to tighten up.


  4. with Dempsey injured and Donovan unsure

    Gomez Altidore

    Shea Zusi

    Bradley Jones

    Chandler Cameron Bocanegra Parkhurst


  5. It is so disgusting to watch such skilled athletes, capable of playing such beautiful football, play-act and mar the game like they do every Clasico.

    God bless any ref who has to put up with that garbage. I’d have such an urge to just punch every player who charges up to me, calling for a card and waving his hands (iver the most routine, innocent challenges, at times).

    I think it should have been called a penalty on Adriano at the end, but I can’t blame the ref. There is so much acting and cryaing and moaning, he must wonder if he’s coming or going.

    Point goes to the Bundesliga and Premier League.

  6. I swear had Barca went in for Dempsey last summer they wouldn’t be losing the last few matches. He’s perfect for depth. Imagine a front 3 of Villa, Messi and Dempsey. Yeah boiiiiii

  7. The ref blew the call in multiple ways on the Adriano incident. I thought it was a penalty. If it wasn’t though, it’s got to be a card to Adriano for simulation. There’s really no alternative.

  8. Stu an unused sub for Bolton today.

    Bolton won again. They’ve been surging up the table…three straight wins, haven’t lost in a month. Probably a bit late for them to get in the mix for a playoff spot, but at least well away from the relegation zone now.

    Stu’s mere presence is carrying that team, obviously.

    • There’s still 11-12 games left. That’s enough time to make up 7-8 points I’d think, although unfortunately they’ll have to make up those points on two different teams. Obviously they’re gonna need to keep the winning streak alive, and it’s gonna take a heck of a run, but it could be done.

      Just took a quick glance at their schedule, and they have home games against both Brighton & Hove and Middlesborough (the two teams they’ll need to make up a lot of points on). Blackburn at home on Tuesday followed by the Brighton & Hove home game next weekend.

      Sucks Stu didn’t get off the bench today… thought there may be a possibility of starting given that Mark Davies was just ruled out for 10 months with a torn ACL (and last game Stu came on for him early when he went down with the injury).

      And on another Bolton note…haven’t seen our boy Ream even on the bench in a few games after getting a few starts around the holidays. Oh well.

    • Shea performance was unremarkable. No large errors, couple nice passes, but nothing to write home about.

      Watching Stoke is painful sometimes, their tactics are amazingly similar to a U-15 boys team-long ball to tall forward (Crouch), hope for good bounce and see what happens.

      • Did Shea go 90? Did he end the game healthy?

        As far as I’m concerned I just want Shea to build up fitness for a second half appearance at the Costa Rica game.

    • Shea looked really good, commentators said coaches say he’s still only 70% fit. He held up the ball very well, had some nice touches and passes and really should have drawn a penalty in stoppage time. I agree with the other post about stokes playing style, it’s unnecessarily awful. They have more skill up front than you’d think based on their style, route 1 all the way. Very positive from brek however.

      • Dave,

        Stoke think it is necessary. It’s easy for you to say it is unnecessary.

        Since being promoted in the 2007-2008 season Stoke has avoided relegation, something every expert predicted for them. Yet they probably won’t be relegated this season.

        They don’t have the financial muscle of the bigger clubs and as far as I know, they don’t have a lot of great youth players coming up through the ranks. What they do have is a great home field advantage and a defensive shell that makes them hard to break down.

        Their number one priority is to avoid relegation for as long as possible.

        You could say Everton and Wigan, teams with more or less equivalent resources are more attractive to watch but Moyes has been at this a lot longer than Pulis. Wigan, who have a great manager in Martinez, is constantly flirting with relegation.

        Maybe over time Pulis will build up his squad to where they might be a little more bearable to watch but don’t hold your breath. If you think about how difficult it is to get into and stay in the Premiership and how much money it is worth, maybe you will understand why I doubt you will get any apologies for the style from Stoke’s fans or management.

  9. MLS stars back. I need a team. I live in Louisiana and often watch the PL and sometimes La Liga but I need a domestic club. I love history and the city of DC. But I also am a fan of the massive support given by fans of Portland and Seattle. But i’m also planning to move to L.A. in a year?

  10. Herculez Gomez with a Man of the Match performance yesterday

    2 goals and an assist. Must have scored like 30goals in the Mexican league in the past 3 years. Not bad

  11. I’m from Spain and just can’t help but shake my head with la liga and all of this play acting w/these matches. Im embarassed as a Real Madrid fan. As I type this Ramos scores!

  12. 6 yellow cards in 15 minute span to start the second half. Yup, it’s a Clasico. And already a viral pic of Ronaldo trying not to smile after he dives and gets Pique carded.

      • I know, just a friendly jab. Stuck in class this AM and was hoping to have the commentary to get me through it. I guess I will just have to pay attention instead.

      • Haha. Yeah, my bad. We just had a scheduling issue this morning. I’m also out on the West Coast in Portland so wasn’t up in time to notice the problem.

      • Thats great you travel to all these games and post on these boards. We could live vicariously though you.

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