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Crew thrash Chivas USA in Chelis debut


Chivas USA’s new era under Jose ‘Chelis’ Sanchez is off to as disappointing a start as could have been imagined.

Playing in their first game under Sanchez, Chivas USA suffered a 3-0 loss to the Columbus Crew in front of a small crowd at the Home Depot Center on Saturday night. The Crew and Chivas USA went into halftime of their season opener scoreless, but goals from Federico Higuain, Josh Williams and Dominic Oduro in the second half gave Columbus three points on the road.

Higuain’s goal in the 51st minute proved to be the difference and it was a beauty. Receiving a pass from Jairo Arrieta, Higuan unleashed a shot from distance that stung off the near post and went in past a helpless Dan Kennedy.

Chivas USA did not go down without a fight. Juan Agudelo, who entered the game at halftime for the hosts, had two quality chances but was unable to convert either of them. Agudelo first missed high following some individual brilliance in the penalty area and then skied a headed attempt from a close but tight angle.

That would come back to haunt the Goats, as Columbus scored a quality insurance goal through Williams. Eddie Gaven whipped in a corner kick two minutes from the final whistle, and Williams got on the end of it and volleyed it just inside the far post despite his body facing away from goal.

As Chivas USA desperately scrambled for a goal of their own, the Crew added a third in stoppage time. Following a corner kick in which Chivas USA had thrown all their players forward, the Crew hit back on the counter through Dominic Oduro, who raced three-fourths of the field before rounding Kennedy and finishing with ease.


What do you think of the Crew’s 3-1 win over Chivas USA? Think the Goats are in for a long season? Surprised by the little amount of fans that turned up for Chivas USA’s home opener?

Share your thoughts below.


    • I hope the Crew get better–they had some really bad turnovers. Also, the last two goals were against the run of play. They were content trying to protect the 1-0 lead and almost gave away two points. It will be interesting if Chivas can come together as the season progresses–it showed that they haven’t been playing together for a long time. I was surprised though that they managed to finish with 11 players on the field.

  1. I feel bad for Chivas USA supporters, having that ownership and identity. As a RBNY supporter, I know that people with money (well, people of all stripes, but people with money have the power to do things) often have a f’ed up view of the world.

  2. Just when you think this team couldn’t get any more pathetic. Clearly their jingoistic attempt at building a Hispanic team does not draw in any more interest. MLS needs to bleach this stain from the league

      • Small market RSL needs gimme wins? That’s laughable when RSL has longest active playoff streak in the league and has been to conference finals how many times in last 4 years? And a title?

  3. How big of a mess is Chivas USA? On Saturday night Chelis started a forward – Julio Morales – who wasn’t even on his roster Thursday evening.

    How many more attempts will the Chivas USA ownership make at rebuilding this team before they give up and sell this franchise to someone who is willing to employ quality soccer players from all over North America, and not just Mexico?

  4. What a sad display from Chivas fans. That was OPENING DAY, and there were more open seats than filled seats, ignoring the usual tarped-off sections. I wonder how it’s going to look in July when Chivas are 30 points out of first place? Criticisms of Chelis’ anti-Gringo policies are all well and good, but what can we say about Chivas’ marketing department? Just pathetic.

    San Diego would welcome Chivas with open arms IF they change their name. That’s an untapped market within driving distance. Derby matches with LA and friendlies with TJ would be the norm. Just do it already.

      • San Diego would not welcome them. Fair weather fans. If you dont bring in a big DP from europe, people will not come and you will see a lot of empty seats if they start losing.

        If you get nothing but a majority mexican crowd, other people will not come

        Also its impossible to get a stadium plan done with the politics in san diego. This would only work if the SD Chargers left and went to LA

        I lived their for 7 years

  5. Chivas is not good. Great start for the Crew though. They had about 3 really bad giveaways that luckily they weren’t punished for.

  6. The Chivas USA attendance was less than half of the other remaining stadiums in the league. The team loses 3-0 to a mediocre Columbus Crew at home. I think it’s safe to say at this point that Garret Cleverly is the only one on a lonely Chivas USA bandwagon at this point.

  7. MLS has to do something about this team. Between the racist selection policy and the empty stadium, this team is an embarrassment to MLS. I think Garber has done a good job but this is a failed experiment whose time is up. There are plenty of cities that would love an MLS team, i.e. Orlando for one.

    • True, but not sure another city would want this Chivas team. Chivas has done this before,–they bring in some second teamers from the Mexican League and expect that is good enough to win in MLS. Wrong before, wrong again. You wonder how much money the owner will lose before he changes his policy.

      • Problem with a mexican owner that has money to spend. His pride of failure outweighs a smart business decision

  8. There are more people commenting on this thread or players on the field than people in the stands I guess offending gringos is a poor strategy for chivas?

    • Yeah, dont offend the group people that have money to spend. (white folks)

      Chivas is catering to a group that instead of buying a ticket, would probably try to sneak into the game because their cousin is working security OR sneaking in alcohol through the gates like at gold cup instead of paying for it inside. When you cater to 1 demographic especially a broke demographic, you lose $$$ as an owner

      • Funny that “Darwin” would take offense at some mention of human biodiversity. I guess he thinks evolution stops from the neck up.

      • I’m not sure anyone spoke of biodiversity. I only see comments on socioeconomics…and yes, it is clear with you two where evolution stopped.

        No, I take offense to broad socioeconomic generalizations that are generated and perpetuated by institutional racism, and don’t like to read about it on a soccer blog.

      • And this is why I am just going to avoid any post with the word Chivas in it. Ives, any chance y’all can tweak that comment moderation thing to include bigots?

  9. I heard around 18,000 people showed up for the game but the Chivas owners wouldnt let them in unless they were Latino.

  10. Reported attendance: 7,121

    Why didn’t MLS go with the standard “per league policy, the details were not disclosed” on that number, instead of blatantly lying.

    There was, maybe…maybe, 721 people there.

  11. Hey at least Chelis got what he wanted. His team lost big instead of winning small, and I as a spectator was thoroughly entertained the entire time.

    • On the other hand it makes it easier for the stadium crew to prepare it for my beloved Galaxy without much of a mess =)

      Maybe they can bring Chicharito in say…..8 years and he can bring in some crowds? lol

  12. This is my surprised face at Chivas getting stomped -_-. I predict this will be a theme, the talent just isn’t there


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