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USMNT Daily Update: Klinsmann explains roster decisions

Juergen Klinsmann


Jurgen Klinsmann wasn’t ducking questions when grilled about his U.S. Men’s National Team roster decisions on Friday. He laid down his decision-making process for everything from Stuart Holden’s inclusion to the absence of former U.S. captain Carlos Bocanegra.

Yes, Klinsmann also touched on his decision to leave out Landon Donovan, though he had already explained that in detail when the roster was released on Thursday.

One thing Klinsmann wouldn’t do is commit to Donovan having a place on the U.S. Gold Cup team. Donovan said on Thursday that he was open to, and hopeful for, a place on the July U.S. Gold Cup squad, but Klinsmann would only say Donovan would be considered.

“We watched Landon, and if we think he’s good to go for the Gold Cup then this is definitely an option we can consider,” Klinsmann said.

When asked about the team’s wing options, and whether he had confidence in the team’s options, Klinsmann acknowledged the team needs better production.

“We definitely want to see much better (service for) our forwards,” Klinsmann said. “We want to create more chances than we have done in the recent games so this position is absolutely crucial there. I think we are getting there.”

“We have on the right side Graham Zusi, going through a very strong period and making himself a very strong case in the team. I think Joe Corona can play that role as well on the right side.

“We have Beasley now back in the picture,” Klinsmann said. “He can play either fullback or he can play on the wing in midfield. We have Brad Davis, who is playing a very strong season too. We’ll see where Brek Shea is at the moment. We’re obviously going to check that out. Eddie Johnson can play from the left as well.

“I think we’re getting there. Hopefully, that’s our hope, that we provide more chances for our strikers up front, so they can score more goals.”


As for his decision to bring in Holden, Klinsmann reiterated what he said a week ago when he first revealed Holden would be with the U.S. team this summer. That Holden’s inclusion is an effort to help his recovery process and speed up his return to the national team mix.

“On Stuart, I talked back and forth with his coach at Bolton, but also the coach he had for month at Sheffield Wednesday, and both are very, very optimistic about him,” Klinsmann said. “If they weren’t in those difficult end-of-season positions, both teams, he would have had far, far more playing time.

“We’ll bring him in, we’ll evaluate him, and we just want to get him back on track,” Klinsmann said. “We want to see if he can catch up quickly. He went through a lot of difficult moments the last one and a half years.”

Holden’s inclusion turned some heads because of the limited amount of games he has played after returning from a year and a half injury layoff. Klinsmann defended Holden’s inclusion, and insisted it is a win-win situation for Holden and the national team.

“I think he definitely deserves to join our group, and there’s no pressure on Stuart at all,” Klinsmann said. “There’s no pressure. He can only win coming back in. He’s highly accepted within the entire group. He’s one of the guys that really built special chemistry. He’s a pure giver. He’s always looking for other people. That’s his situation. Bolton is obviously on board with it. The communication with the club coaches is very crucial. There’s no pressure on him. He can only gain throughout these couple of weeks.”

As for why Holden has become such an important part of Klinsmann’s long-term plans? Klinsmann rates him highly as a player and is a fan of his ability to read the game

“He’s very simple in his approach,” Klinsmann said. “He’s a very fast thinker. He’s ahead. He knows how to position himself ahead of time. He doesn’t react too much to the game. He’s always trying to be a thought ahead of others. His simplicity in the game technically. He’s a one, two-touch player. he doesn’t lose time with dribblings where you don’t need to dribble. He doesn’t want to show off.”


Klinsmann also addressed Bocanegra’s continued absence despite the fact he is playing regularly for Racing Santander (Bocanegra’s lack of playing time was blamed for his exclusion from the team for March’s qualifiers).

“In Carlos’ situation I’m totally pleased that he’s back playing and getting games, and we’re constantly in contact with each other,” Klinsmann said. “He’s done on the eight of June with the relegation battle with Racing Santander. That’s one part. The other part is I have the centerbacks coming out of extremely good performances against Costa Rica and Mexico. Those four guys that we have in there, with Omar (Gonzalez), Geoff Cameron, Clarence (Goodson) and Matt (Besler) ahead of him.”

As for why a player like Michael Parkhurst has been called in despite not playing for Augsburg? Klinsmann pointed to the extenuating circumstances at the right back position.

“It all comes down to the positions we have to fill,” Klinsmann said. “Knowing that Michael Parkhurst is fit and is ready to go, but he’s not breaking in (at Augsburg), but he’s playing in a position where we have a need after Steve Cherundolo and Timmy Chandler both are not available. You get then caught into a situation where you have to make that compromise. You don’t have to make that compromise at the centerback position, and I only see Carlos as a centerback now. I don’t see him as a left back, and (centerback) we’re fully loaded.”


As stated when the roster was announced, Klinsmann pointed to injury issues as to why Steve Cherundolo and Timmy Chandler were left out, though the fact Cherundolo played on Saturday makes that one a bit of a head-scratcher.


Klinsmann also talked about Hoffenheim teammates Danny Williams and Fabian Johnson. He pointed to Williams return to health and versatility as to why he was called in despite his lack of playing time.

“He’s back in shape now. He’s training at full speed for two weeks,” Klinsmann said of Williams. “I spoke to his coach at length and it’s difficult to break in right away and help out there.

“He’s back in shape, and we’ll see that. He’s in a similar spot to Brek Shea in that moment I want to see where he’s at and go from there. He also gives us a little bit of flexibility because if I need to, and I have some problems at the right back position. Danny, having him back now in the mix, can play that position as well, which is good for us to think about.”

When asked about the possibility of playing Fabian Johnson on the left wing, Klinsmann admitted it is something that we could see in the coming matches.

“With Fabian, the situation that he can play left midfield easily is also something we can consider,” Klinsmann said. “Now, with (Beasley) playing his two exceptional games against Costa Rica and Mexico, it might be something we want to see. We might try it out against Belgium. It’s definitely something we always have in mind because he played that role in the friendly game in Slovenia very successfully.

He can play that. He’s one of the fastest players in the Bundesliga once he picks up speed. He’s technically very gifted so it should give us a couple of alternatives.”


What do you make of Klinsmann’s comments? Feel better about some decisions, or still scratching your head at some of the roster exclusions/inclusions?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The one positive from all this LD controversy is that I haven’t read one comment about Adu not being on the roster yet. The “low information” fans must be distracted.

  2. All I want to say is we were up 2-0 against a very good Mexican side until Dolo gets injured, and now we are out of two starters: Altidore and Dolo, and then Barrera goes nuts on Bornstein. Bob Bradley’s major problem was that he was too reliant on “his” guys: Clark, and Bornstein. But I do know this, we did score 2 against Brazil in a major cup without hardly any major European players, and I do know that we tied England, tied Slovenia (should’ve been a win), and got a last minute win against Algeria to move on in the World Cup. Won our damn group even. We qualified as top team in the Hex. So, I want to know, at what point did we really need a mentality change, as much as just our in-house talent getting better? Did Klinsmann make Dempsey better at Fulham; Jozy at AZ; Kljestan at Anderlecht; Edu at Bursaspor; Jones at Schalke. I was one of those, “Klinsmann is the right guy” post Bradley, but it is becoming strikingly apparent that he is NOT. But he does deserve his fair shake at this WC Cycle, but if we do not collect at least 5 points out of the next 3 games. I think he should be fired promptly.


  3. From the looks of it,

    I have to give Klinsmann props. He took those questions and answered them honestly as he has been speaking like that all along. The man is truthful and a straight shooter with his players and the media….well done.

    • Hear hear. Finally someone speaks some sense. As fans, we are getting far more insight into the makeup of our team because of Klinsmann’s willingness to open up publicly about his decision making (and open himself up to all the ridiculous criticism I’ve seen on this thread). I always respected Bob Bradley, but he was a brick wall between the fans and the players. Klinsmann’s approach is really refreshing, and he deserves some credit for that.

      As for the roster, who in hell isn’t there that could make a difference? LD himself just admitted he isn’t 100% mentally. ‘Dolo is obviously not 100% physically. Klinnsman has settled on his basic group, and like any good manager, is now sticking to his group to build chemistry among them.

  4. The bottom line is LD has more chemistry with the core of the team than Klinsi because he has known them and played with them longer. Klinsi has a beef with LD dating back to LD’s desire to return to MLS earlier in his career. Klinsi has a fundamental disagreement with LD’s mindset of not seeking opportunities abroad. He now has an opportunity to hold LD out and he is talking it.

    I disagree because I think the team is more dangerous with LD on the team even if it is just using him as a spark off the bench. This team needs to be able to counter quickly and LD is second to none on this team at that. So I think it is foolish not to utilize LD’s skillset and, just as importantly, his experience.

    • LD has more ,BAD, chemistry maybe. You don’t just get take your ball and go home whenever you please. Landy has to man up. This is the pros. If a player doesn’t want to play, as he has, then the person that runs the team, the manager, Jurgen, is well and right to exclude and distrust the player.The team has come together without him and he won’t be around forever to be unreliable as he is now so we might as well make plans to have a team without Donovan.

  5. I think the best thing about this is that there is controversy and a lot of people care. In years past, the team wasn’t good enough for their to be serious competition for a lot of places. Now we have guys like Parkhurst beating out Lichaj, a young guy like McInerny making a case for himself, and on and on. The other thing is that the fan base has increased enough and the team competition is good enough that people care who plays. I can remember when the coach threw out a bunch of guys, some distinguished, some not so much and fans pretty much accepted it because there weren’t a lot of options.

    I am glad that Klinsmann gave these explanations, even though I may not agree with them all. It points out how he is working on a much larger base of knowledge than are the fans. Bocanegra’s season isn’t over until June 8? I didn’t know that; I mean who follows the Spanish second division closely? And the fact that Klinsmann is in close contact with the players’ club coaches and is getting their input on their form and health, he has a lot more to consider that we just aren’t privy to. So, although you may gripe about this decision or that, I think this shows that these decisions are carefully weighed. And I feel some comvfort in knowing that we have a lot more fgood options than ever in the past.

  6. Wake me up when Jurgen is gone. His petty mind games and double standards hurt my brain. Absolutely the most self centered manager creating distractions from the real problem, how poor our quality of play is.

  7. While there’s a sort of superficial appeal to what Klinsmann has been saying with regard to Donovan, I think it’s mostly nonsensical. Donovan was mentally drained and physically exhausted. He needed time to heal. As a Galaxy and USMNT fan, I wish it hadn’t been necessary. But I’m glad he did what he did. Watching his recent progress, it’s perfectly clear that a month from now he will approach his peak of several years back. He is even showing much of the speed that many of us thought he lost. When it counts –on the homestretch and in the playoffs — the Galaxy will benefit from his decision to take time off. Klinnsman is a jerk for not seeing this, being supportive (like Arena) and looking forward to having the reinvigorated Donovan who can help us get 9 points out of the next three games instead of the 5 or 6 we’ll be lucky to get without him, and who can help us get out of the group in Brazil..

    The only significant question is whether we want to qualify and, if so, whether we want to make a good showing in Brazil. Donovan is the only guy on the roster who, by himself. could make that difference. Even Klinsmann admits that the team is in desperate need of someone with vision who can make the incisive passes that result in goals. That’s what Donovan does. That’s why he’s the all time MNT leader in assists. He clearly takes as much pleasure in creating goals as in scoring them. Klinsmann should be looking to integrate Donovan into the attack; instead he keeps saying things calculated to undermine Donovan’s his confidence. There are thousands of guys out there who really want to play for the team and are prepared to show their desire. So what. There’s just one guy who can bring to the table what Donovan can. The rest is BS.

    We scored one goal in the last two games and are patting ourselves on the back for the results. A couple of different bounces and we could as easily have gotten no points out of those two games. If Klinsman wants to increase goal-scoring chances, he should play Altidore and Dempsey up front, since they both know how to score if they get decent service. And they will get that service if he puts Donovan and Beasley on the wings. Klinsmann must realize how important Donovan can be. He should stop being a jerk about what should be considered ancient history.

    • Richard,

      Landon has always been good about using negative to create positive.
      He was blasted for a poor 2006 WC and used that as motivation for a great 2010 campaign.

      JK knows this about him and I’m sure he is using that to push LD to his best possible performance.

      More to the point he is using LD and Boca to put something of an edge to the USMNT culture, maybe shake it up a bit.

      The USMNT has always been complacent about accepting losses and close calls, the “Oh it’s good enough just to qualify”, mentality being so strongly ingrained in US soccer culture.

      I suspect he is trying to show the team that great as those two are they have to be better and if they are not, the team is willing to move on without them. He wants his guys to realize how rare the opportunity they have is and to be willing to do anything to keep getting those opportunities.

      It is a risky way to make a point but since the US failed to get into the Confederations Cup, JK has precious few ways to make a point about competition to this bunch. Besides, JK is a known risk taker anyway.

      And he is using Boca and LD to make his points because they are highly visible, high character individuals. They both have the strength and character to withstand the criticism and abuse and, more to the point, respond in the proper manner.
      Both guys have turned the other cheek and buckled down and are working harder. They are proving themselves to be true leaders. They are making a huge contribution to the USMNT even if they never play another minute for it.

      Donovan will probably be in Brazil and its too bad Boca probably won’t be.

      JK does not want to just qualify for this thing he wants to win it. That is his nature and that is what this is all about. Why enter a tournamnet if you don’t think you can win?

    • Every player goes through long seasons and carries nagging injuries into the off season. Very very few just up and decide skip part of their season because of it and I doubt many if any of them have their spot on the team open when they get back at the club level let alone the national level. Donovan is lucky he is in MLS or his ass would have gotten cut. So why should we mollycoddle a player who is weak mentally?

      • Every player goes through long seasons and carries nagging injuries into the off season. Very very few just up and decide skip part of their season because of it and I doubt many if any of them have their spot on the team open when they get back at the club level let alone the national level. Donovan is lucky he is in MLS or he would have gotten cut. So why should we mollycoddle a player who is weak mentally?

  8. Here’s another way to frame this: can you imagine, Bradley or Arena not calling him in and at least looking at him in camp? Can you imagine any of the likely domestic possibilities as Nats coach, such as Kinnear, Yallop, or Sigi not calling him in for at least a look? Can you imagine a David Moyes or Robert Martinez (fantasy picks for Nats coaches0 not calling him in for at least a look? Can you imagine Hugo Sanchez or Javier Aguirre not at least calling him in for a look?

    If these guys, all more successful coaches than JK, all more experienced as coaches, would likely try to answer the questions about chemistry, sharpness, effectiveness, etc., by at least bringing him in – and bringing him in does not mean he even makes the squad if he can’t answer those questions – then what is it that JK knows that they don’t? And what in his track record suggests we should think he would handle this better than any of them?

    I’m sure some JK apologists will come up with some rationalizations, but there really isn’t one. This is about JK, not Donovan or the team. It’s about a coach’s ego.

    • If you are talking about Donovan…..

      “can you imagine, Bradley or Arena not calling him in and at least looking at him in camp? Can you imagine any of the likely domestic possibilities as Nats coach, such as Kinnear, Yallop, or Sigi not calling him in for at least a look? Can you imagine a David Moyes or Robert Martinez (fantasy picks for Nats coaches0 not calling him in for at least a look? Can you imagine Hugo Sanchez or Javier Aguirre not at least calling him in for a look?”

      Sure I can.

      Nowadays teams sign players from all over the world. They have to delegate.
      These guys have scouts for a reason. And nowadays they have videos too. Moyes relied heavily on Tim Howard’s recommendation on Donovan. SAF did not call Chicharito in “for a look” before signing him.

      And in this particular case JK lives in LA and is very familiar with the Galaxy. It would be hard for him to NOT keep close tabs on LD.

  9. seriously, no one in the press decided to ask, straight up, what the reason for Dolo being left off was? EXACTLY why. no one could ask that!? or did he avoid the question?

    • Klinsmann said he was still recovering from an injury. At the time we were led to believe he was still hurt, or hampered. Obviously he played today so it’s tough to figure out what the deal is. I’m sure that will be one of the first questions asked the next time he does an interview.

      • Could honestly be that Dolo was willing to play 80% for his club, which is enough for that level, but not enough for the Nats (at least his JK’s opinion).

        Or that after such an injury, camp+ playing 3 matches in short order would be too much. I still think he could’ve been called up for insurance or ONE match, at least.

  10. I’m tired of the mind games. Donovan can help us win games. That’s all that matters and why he should be in the squad.

  11. I liked Bob Bradley (he got what he could out of the players he had) but noooooo …….. JK is an awful manager…. two goals in three games in concacaf qualifying and he is leaving a relatively in – form LD (the greatest catalyst of the USMNT’s attack for the last 12 years) off the roster….. ok… yeah Graham Zusi is wayyyy better…. jesus

    I really cannot rap my head around this whole situation….not a good manager.

  12. I have to agree with the critics-there’s just no way he’s behind some of the folks that were called in in positions he’s best at. And the coaches statements justifying are all ad hoc mitigations–players out of their best position, when a quality alternative is available.

  13. The one thing that i dont agree with jurgen on is that “(centerback) we’re fully loaded.” …omar, besler and goodson = loaded! I dont think there is another cb out there that would help but i wouldnt describe this situation as good! Especially if besler is injured and Parkhurst, Mo Edu and Williams are backup defenders…

    Besides that good comments and good squad; 90% of SBI commentors are nuts, Looking forward to attending 6 of the 9 points we will be getting this summer!

    • I wouldn’t call that a fair percentage. I would say that some of the “nuts” comment a lot more than the more reasonable commenters, so maybe that sways the perception.

      • I agree. Maybe I am part of the “nuts” guys. But I wish some wouldn’t post as if they are the final authority on all things soccer/football.

  14. Still not sure why LIchaj doesn’t beat out Parkhurst here. Lichaj hasn’t played much, but he played recently with Villa and put in a good shift. Can’t hurt to at least call him in and have a look; it’s unlikely he’d start over Cameron anyway.

      • I would be very surprised if the current roster does not include several guys who were either direct or indirect sources for the Straus article and they are getting called back.

      • I would like to see Lichaj over Parkhurst. Still crossing my fingers he’ll get a Gold Cup call up even though he isn’t in one of the leagues JK said he was targeting for that roster.

  15. Making Landon run through Gold Cup hoops is lame. Landon is a first team player. Jürgen needs to start being a first team manager.

    • Too bad Donovan’s passion on commitment are 4th string level at best or he would be on the 1st team right now. JK is doing the right thing leaving him off.

    • Too bad Donovan’s pas$ion on commitment are 4th string level at best or he would be on the 1st team right now. JK is doing the right thing leaving him off.

  16. No problems with the selection of players at all. Glad Landon can get more games under his belt. Hope we see him at Gold Cup. Holden has been playing consistently now. Good inclusion.

    PLEASE relax with the criticism of Jurgen Klinsmann. I sincerely FAIL to understand everyone’s criticism of him! The man has presided over some of the biggest results in USMNT history…@Italy Win, @Mexico (Azteca) Win, @ Mexico (Azteca Qualifier) Draw…we are in good shape for World Cup Qualifying now. Why are people continuing to bash him? He has a plan, whether you critics and naysayers see it or not!

    • Greg, enlighten me about this plan. Because, everything done is not what Klinsman says, he hasn’t delivered a very attractive or efficient team and it seems he lost the plot a long time ago.

      • What is this “plot” everyone speaks of? I agree klinsman’s term has been effective but not pretty but nothing to compain about right now

      • Pancho,

        Just go to the USSF website and read through all of JK’s quotes since he got here.

        Look up articles on all the games, and watch them on you tube.

        If you haven’t done something along those lines already no on here has the time to properly go through it with you and lay everything out so that you can make up your own mind

  17. I agree with you Biff. He’s trying to justify omitting LD, but the rationale just sounds even more ridiculous. The attributes he used to describe Stu can easily be applied to LD. I’m really ticked that JK is allowing his personal beef with LD to ultimately affect the overall competitiveness of the team. This situation has the potential to snowball and get ugly. JK is alluding that including LD might be tough on team chemistry, but it also has the potential to swing the other way. There are probably a fair number of players that know what LD brings and want him on the team. Deuce has already stated this. JK needs to resolve this soon because if it is allowed to continue it will only get bigger and potentially be a huge divisive distraction – especially if the team looks very poor in the friendlies and away against Jamaica. Jamaica away will be a very tough physical game. We’ll need real speed on the flanks and that is not Zusi.

    • Its not a personal beef. He’s protecting the team chemistry and culture by making a stand and saying if you don’t make yourself available when needed you can’t just waltz in whenever you please. Even if we loose all 3 of these hex games not calling in Donovan would still have been the right decision. If you want to blame someone for Donovan’s absence then blame Donovan for bailing on everyone.

      • So when Deuce as captain essentially says that we need LD back, he’s hoping to poison the locker room? The idea that team chemistry is so fragile that JK needs to save the team from LD is comical.

      • It isn’t fragile mostly because we have had smart coaches that don’t let players acting like Donovan poison it to start with. JK is just keeping it strong.

  18. In his comments he forgot to mention cutting off the nose to spite the face.

    Also, if Michael Parkhurst can lose his starting spot on a team likely to be relegated and is still called in to bolster the defense which shut out Costa Rica at home and then Mexico at Azteca, why can’t Donovan be called in for a team that can’t score goals while he is scorching the MLS?

    He seems to forget that there are friendlies before the qualifiers and lots of practice in which he can make humble Donovan and make him earn his spot back before it is important.

    • i thought the Parkhurst explanation was pretty straight forward….which was:

      he’s here because Dolo and Chandler are out.

      • Yup. And they were also out of the last round, where we pitched two shutouts against tough opponents. I’d rather tweak a position that averages about 2 shots on goal per game than one that pitched consecutive shutouts.

      • He isn’t tweaking. Cameron is likely going to play RB like he did those last two games and Parkhurst will be his backup.

    • because Donovan bailed on the team and therefore doesn’t deserve to wash the team’s jock straps until he earns his spot again.

  19. JK’s public comments give the impression that he’s making it up as he goes along. Explanations and criteria that apply to one guy or situation don’t apply to the next one. Either he has some sort of plan that he can’t or won’t explain, or he changes his mind like the rest of us change our clothes.

    • If you want a coach that make every roster decision by a handful of unbreakable rules instead of judging what is best for the team and for each player in each circumstance then we could save a ton of money and just program a computer to make the selections. If you just want each circumstance explained then you need to actually read the article because most of the big questions are explained.

  20. I’m particularly puzzled by that last quote about Fabian. I’ve been hoping for a while that we’d see Fabian at left wing (a position of need), especially since Edgar Castillo has made such improvements in the last year or so. However, JK’s quote seems to indicate that Johnson would play left mid while Beasley could play left back. This seems backwards and quite bizarre to me, as Beasley is clearly a weaker left back, very useful in emergency situations, but not when you have two quality starting LBs on the roster.

    • Castillo will be playing in the copa libradores quarter final the day of the belgium game so it looks like beasley will get the start then… If FJ plays well in the midfield then castillo could get a shake a lb once he is in camp.

    • Spot on my friend. I was encouraged to read that FJ may play mid, but then to hear that Beasley would be the guy to replace him, is a little screwy to me. I watched the TIjuana game the other night vs. Palmeiras, Castillo looked very good. Fast, and attack minded.

      Not saying he’s the greatest, but definitely useful.

      • Hi byrdman: Not being confrontational here. Just want to note that I am glad to hear you say that you also think it is “a little screwy” that Klinsi wants to replace Fabian at LB with Beasley. Maybe our views on some aspects of Klinsmann are not as far apart as you indicated in your comment to me up above on this thread. But Klinsmann’s Beasley comment is just one of the many statements coming from Klinsmann that truly have me worried about this camp. These are warning signals that something is not right.

    • yeah man, Beasley is a TEMP left back. Castillo should be the #2 LB. i still think Johnson at LB and Beasley at LM is the best thing to do.

      • gosh, i hate to say this, bryan. but i agree with you 100%. i am not a proponent of moving johnson forward. better at LB.

      • lol odds were we would agree on something eventually. but yeah, i don’t think it makes any sense to switch the two just because Beasley had a few good games at LB.

        if we want to move Johnson up, then Castillo needs to start being integrated as the starting LB.

      • For the US, DMB has had better games at left back than he has had at left midfield lately.

        If you want to move Fabian out of LB move him to right back and put DMB or Castillo at left back

      • Fabian at RB? Last year there was agame where he moved there in the second half.

        Before Hoffenheim moved him to left back permanently, which happened shortly after he joined the US, he had been a right sided midfielder and a right back for most of his life. He is right footed.

      • Nah I meant Beasley at LM. Had to have been years ago.

        And yeah Johnson said himself RM is his best position.

      • bryan,

        I’m skeptical that DMB would do well at left wing or midfield for the US. His last performances there for the US have been unremarkable to bad.
        DMB’s latest performances at left back for the US on the other hand have been great and I see no problem playing him there going forward.
        However, if Corona is going to feature more then it only makes sense to exploit Castillo’s chemistry with him, which is why I would put Fabian at RB, Castillo at LB and Corona at left wing. I would then put DMB at right wing with that group. He can play the “Robben role”, something he did to great effect with PSV in the Champion’s league.

      • i understand that, but the same thing was said when he was brought in at LB. what i was wondering though was when was the last time Beasley played at LM/LW for us? i feel like it had to have been years ago.

        as for the last part of your comment, agree 100%. although it sounds like JK sees Corona on the right hand side. either way, i’m pumped to get Corona into this squad.

    • Well, if you’re looking for straightforward responses — honest and consistent — then, you are wasting your time.

      If, however, you want to see what kind of double-talk the USA coach offers for decisions that cannot be be reconciled with each other…other than in the context of the mind-games he plays…well, then, enjoy!

  21. Please explain what Donavon has done for the NT in the past 2 years? Please tell me why he deserves anything. Just because of his name? You are acting like he is the Donavon of old. Now he is just getting old.

    • Yeah man! Same for stinkin’ Holden, what has he done for us lately? Oh, and Aron johannsson. Run the bums out of town!

    • Hmmm. Why not take a look at the highest goal total we’ve had for any single game during that time and tell me who scored them?

    • or why not consider the last three years. or last 10.

      donovan has given a ton and he is still a vital part of the team. treating him like he is not is a joke.

  22. “We might try it out against Belgium. It’s definitely something we always have in mind because he played that role in the friendly game in Slovenia very successfully.”

    Also, why no Lichaj?

    • +1, ChrisTheLSUTiger. That is yet another one of those preposterous statements Klinsmann is making that I referred to in my initial post above. Boggles my mind that he is saying stuff like this.

      • not a huge fan of lichaj, but he is a relatively young player playing in a very good league at a position that we have needed to address. he should have been in a camp or two so that klinsmann could see him up close and so that he could be ready in a situation where he might be needed. as it is, he is completely on the outside at a time when it would be very beneficial to have him for depth.

        i have defended not calling lichaj in many times when others have said that he had to be there just because he was in the premiership, but to have never even given him a look seems a little irresponsible unless there is more to it than i know (which there definitely is).

      • Jlm
        During JK’s tenure Lichaj started 9 games towards the end of the 2011-12 season. It turned out later that he did so because the starters he replaced Hutton and Warnock were either hurt or had been arrested by the Birmingham police for impersonating professional soccer players.

        When McLeish was axed and Lambert came in the very first thing Lambert did was buy a right back Lownton, the current starter. Then he bought a left back.

        Still Lichaj was given a number of starts to win a job and failed to do so.

        You have a guy who has been at Villa since the 2008-09, has had four managers, O’Neill, Houllier, McLeish, and Lambert and failed to win a starting job, long term with any of them. He plays only because others get hurt.

        This is the guy you insist on bringing to camp? Don’t you want players invited to camp because they did something good?

        Fellow low PT guys, Holden, Shea, Parkhurst and Williams have all shown something that JK will want them to replicate for the USMNT in the near future. The investment in them makes sense to me.

        Plus fullback is not a position of great need. At fullback you’ve got Dolo, Fabian, Chandler, Cameron, Castillo, DMB, Fiscal, Morales, Danny Williams or even Spector, who can play there and I haven’t gotten to the MLS guys yet.

        If Lichaj wants in let him actually win job or transfer and actually play somewhere. He is rapidly becoming the new Adu.

    • +1, glad to see Jurgen coming around to that idea.. I think the reason whywe havent since then is because both FJ and Castillo have been injured most of the time. I cant think of the last time both were in camp and healthy.. Now with beasley as a viabable LB its a possibility… Funny how we go without a half decent LB for years, and now we have three all of which we would rather play in the midfield

    • …because no one else could play left back reliably. I haven’t watched him play but based on his stat lines perhaps Castillo is ready for another shot at left back in which case Johnson could move up. DMB is not a left back despite the fact he held up at Mexico. I wouldn’t mind DMB on the wing with Johnson in the back though. DMB would be much better filling in at winger while everyone is injured and he deserves that 100th cap.

      I would like to see Lichaj in the Gold Cup but that doesn’t sound likely.

  23. And just to add to this. Klinsmann has been intimating quite strongly that Donovan at the current time does not fit into team chemistry so well after missing several camps. I personally doubt that. But let’s say that it is true. 1) does that mean that Klinsmann will not bring in any new players from this point on until WC 2014 (or any players who had been called up previously but have been out of the picture for awhile). I doubt that very much. 2) Klinsmann said he is bringing in Holden to reintegrate him into the team = let him start getting into team chemistry. Plus Klinsmann is calling up several guys who have either been injured or simply in bad form and not playing so they can keep in touch with the guys = team chemisry.

    My point is, if team chemistry is truly an issue with Donovan, then this would be a perfect time with two friendlies to bring him in an get the old chemistry working again, wouldn’t it?

    I have a nagging feeling that Klinsmann might, I repeat, might, have already made up his mind that Donovan will never receive another invite, but, obviously, cannot come right out and say it, but instead gives this double-standard list of reasons why he did not call in Donovan and then a second list of wishy-washy prerequisites that Donovan has to fulfill to get another call-up, knowing full well that he will never call him in. Jogi Low did this with Michael Ballack after World Cup 2010, publicly saying the door was open when it was clear the door was shut. And Ballack never again got a call-up.

    • That’s blatantly wrong. Low never spoke about Ballack after the World Cup – he was waiting for him to retire.

      • The thing that got nasty wasn’t between him and Jogi…. That injury before the world cup made things awkward and the guys that replaced him in the WC were clearly too good to cut…

        The fight that got nasty was Lahm and the captains band. At least that what I took from it.

      • hey, HoboMike. Why in the world do you say that? This is absolutely correct. After WC 2010 Ballack, el capitano as he was known, wanted to come back and Jogi Low kept giving excuses why he wasn’t being called and after about year Ballack gave up. The bad blood between Jogi Low and Michael Ballack is well documented, some think Low felt threatened by Ballack strong persona and wanted him out of the picture and wanted to be surrounded only by his guys. Plus there were some very famous comments after Lahm took the armband that Ballack’s agent was quoted as saying in a magazine interview that peeved Low and triggered major headlines. And that is why Ballack is trying to organize his own Farewell Soccer Match personally rather than the German football association doing it.

      • As Increase says, the feud was more between Lahm and Ballack after Lahm declared he wouldn’t give up the armband.

        Also, the German Federation offered Ballack two friendlies to reach 100 caps, and he declined 2 years ago.

    • I bet he gets called up for the Gold Cup. I feel that Donovan is going to be tested there. As in, “Do you want to play for the US enough that you will show up for the Gold Cup?”

      It comes off as somewhat immature from Klinsmann, yet at the same time…. if Donovan isn’t willing to play through the Gold Cup to get on the team…. do we want him back?

      • I agree with you there, Increase. I would not want Donovan back if he would decline to a call-up to the Gold Cup. Same with Timothy Chandler, if he would decline the opportunity to represent the USMNT in the Gold Cup. They both should be a part of the Gold Cup team after missing this camp, giving both a chance to improve their chemistry with the team–and with Klinsmann.

      • I don’t think it’s ‘immature’ at all to do that. In fact, just the opposite. It’s a necessary step to working him back into the team. The bottom line is, understandable or not, Landon did this to himself. There was no injury, no one forcing him out. He missed camps and matches far too often in the buildup, and then walked away completely for the 1st round of the Hex.

        How is that not going to matter to the guys who proved themselves on the pitch when Landon was kicking back? So yeah, make him prove he’s all-in with the B team. Then maybe, if he produces like Landon should, you can call him into a camp again. Bottom line, he needs to demonstrate he recognizes it’s a privilege to play for country, not a right, and especially not a burden.

      • Increase,

        Donovan is probably the most candid, honest interview you will ever get but don’t think for a minute that he does not have an enormous ego.

        The point being as soccer divas go he is definitely low key but he is still a diva. And he is not the only one on the team.

        This battle of egos is being played for the benefit of the other players as well.

        Besides, Donovan’s fitness and desire to play are better served by letting him stay with the Galaxy.

        If they run into trouble with Jamaica JK can always call LD up at the last minute for Panama and Honduras..

        If not then his desire should be honed to a fine point by the time the Gold Cup comes around and if he has anything going at all he should lead that team right to the Gold Cup.

        Win win all around for the US.

    • Señor Biff,
      “intimating quite strongly that Donovan at the current time does not fit into team chemistry so well after missing several camps. I personally doubt that”

      For you to make this statement, you have to believe that the numerous reports of some veterans not being happy with LD are false. So who have you talked to that the reporters who make a living doing this, don’t have access to? Sometimes it seems you mind is closed on a subject, and you don’t want to consider another possibility, aka. Timmy Chandler. Is it possible that you are wrong? Sure it is. Just like I could be wrong. To dismiss reporters statements as untrue, without evidence to the contrary does not make for good decisions or opinions.

      Maybe open you mind a little. You obviously love the game, and know quite a bit about it. Is it possible that you are guilty of the same thing you blame JK for? An unwillingness to see something other than your perspective (in JK’s case – D.WIlliams, Beckerman, 3 Dmids, etc…). Just an outsiders perspective.

      • Sir byrdman:

        Can you provide links to these “numerous reports of some veterans not being happy with LD”? Have there actually been news articles on this? I haven’t seen any. As for “numerous,” this leaves the exact number of reports wide open, but probably would be at least five reports. Can you link five reports?

        And as for “some veterans” not happy with LD. How many are “some”? I guess “some” could be defined as at least two veterans. And what if there are two veterans not happy with LD? Is that really such a big deal? Would that really be cause for excluding him from the roster? Cause if Klinsmann would exclude Donovan because a couple of veterans are”not happy” with LD than that would indicate that Klinsmann does not have control of the locker room and is letting two or three egos dictate the roster of the USMNT.

        Have any veterans been quoted by name saying they are not happy with LD? Have any been quoted anonymously, as in “A player speaking on condition that he not be named said: ‘I am not happy with LD.'” If yes, I truly would like to see these reports.

      • You know what Biff? I stand corrected. As I was thinking about where I read or heard of the unhappy veterans. It seems to me that they were all from Podcasts that I had heard over the last month or so on SBI. Again, I am not sure of this, but it seems to be the case. If so, than I am guilty of accepting only one source as factual. I apologize. OBviously I could get a one sided opinion this way.

        But Ives has said that he talks with various players and said “some veterans” were not happy. I think both of us consider him a solid source, since we come to his blog often. So again I would ask how many players have you talked to?

        As to your other point, that JK would be losing the locker room if a few vets controlled his choices. That would be true….ACCEPT he speaks often of chemistry. He obviously believes that team chemistry is very important. Since he has played at a very high level with numerous teams for many years, and even coached a team in the world cup, and had some success. Whether you give all credit to Low or not, he was in the locker room. Those are his credentials. They are undisputed. Notice I didn’t give him credit for being a great coach. He has experienced team success, in abundance.

        Just what are your credentials?? You seem to know a lot about the game, and feel strongly that chemistry is not a big deal. What experience do you have that would lend us SBI readers to consider your opinion more likely to be correct than JK’s.? I am not trying to rip you, but I am saying you need to consider the ideas and opinions of others. I have no doubt that you know more about the game than I do. Thanks for your input into the boards. I have learned a lot from guys like you and enjoy the game more because of it. Good night. Enjoy the games

      • I do not think Ives is a solid source on this matter. He is lesser reporter and more blogger. In a previous article, he said LD’s break didn’t go over well with the team. I posted asking if he had quotes and noticed the article was changed to read people “possibly” weren’t happy about it. It’s speculation until someone is willing to stake their reputation on something a la Brian Straus by citing some sources, even if they are unnamed.

        The bottom line is people come and go into the lineup all the time for various reasons. The players at the core of the team knows this and they want to win. If someone produces, they will have no problem accepting them into the group. There have been no reported issues with Donovan’s fit with the team over the past 12 years. People may not agree with his break but if he steps back on the team and can contributes, he will be accepted by the players. Now Klinsi…that’s another story.

      • “I do not think Ives is a solid source on this matter. He is lesser reporter and more blogger.”

        for real dude?

      • bryan with a y,

        i don’t agree with the second statement, but i do with the first.
        he got called out for making a definitive statement on the matter (without citing any sources), and then had to soft-pedal in later pieces (“clearly” vs. “alleged”).

      • gotcha. that’s fair enough then. but i still think Ives is a legit source of information regarding soccer. i just thought that was really harsh to say he isn’t a legit reporter.

  24. Klinsmann might as well just run for office. Hes a true politician…making glaring mistakes and trying to talk himself out of them.

    He’s always so worried about proving to eveyone that he’s the smartest guy in the room. Just bring in the best players that are fit to play and stop di*king around and throwing out buzzwords like “chemistry” and “compromise.

    ” My biggest problem with this roster is that he eliminated too many of his position battles… You know what happens if Donovan or Bedoya is there? Graham Zusi has to EARN his winger spot. If Cherundolo and Lichaj are there, Geoff Cameron has some legitimate competition for a RB position. It makes for more intense training and more prepared players. But no… the only competition we want is to evaluate who our 3rd GK will be. We don’t have s ton of depth but we have enough the the starting XI shouldn’t write itself. Klinsmann’s selections have marginalized what depth we do have.

    JK got a stay of execution due to the last two qualifiers but a ridiculous weather game and a drab 0-0 draw where we had only 2 corners and 1 Goal Attempt are signs of regression to me, not improvement.

  25. I think what Klinsmann is conveniently failing to acknowledge with Donovan, and also some USMNT fans, is that Donovan did not snub call-ups in February and March. He was not called up. In other words, it is not a case of a player who was putting in regular club time who gets a call-up and declines. Donovan’s battery after 12 years on the soccer field as America’s bet player and giving heart and soul for the shirt was empty, and he decided he needed a break to recharge his battery so he could come back and once again devote all to the USMNT. But Donocan just did not take a break from the national team, but the club team also. He was not giving to the club but at the same time shirking his USMNT duties. Bruce Arena was not happy about it, but he understood and accepted it and has welcomed back Donovan with open arms. Strange that Klinsmann cannot do the same.

    • It’s also strange because he’s calling in players who are receiving little playing time, but then says our longtime best player, who IS playing regularly (and just got a goal and 2 assists in his last game), needs to prove himself. WTF

    • agreed. this statement about holden could almost be used word for about about donovan:

      “We’ll bring him in, we’ll evaluate him, and we just want to get him back on track,” Klinsmann said. “We want to see if he can catch up quickly. He went through a lot of difficult moments the last one and a half years.”

      it just seems like something else is getting in the way of him wanting to give donovan some slack. i don’t get it.

      • Holden has no opportunity to get back on track with his club right now as they are in the offseason. Donovan and the Galaxy are in-season. There’s your “something else”

      • With Holden, he had been fighting for a year and a half to recover from an injury that wasn’t his choice. Donovan is coming back from a break that was entirely choice. I have no problem rewarding Holden for his recovery.

      • I find it frustrating the people give so much respect to people for taking care of themselves physically and doing the right thing for their bodies, but have no respect when someone does that for their brain. When people commit suicide because they were unwilling to talk to anyone about how they were feeling, this is exactly the kind of comment that can be pointed to as to why they hide it.

        Holden had the choice to play before his body was ready, with the potential of reinjuring himself. He made the right choice to take his time with his recovery. Donovan had the choice to play with his mind in a bad place and risk getting so fed up with game as to not want to play anymore. He made the right choice to take time away from the game in years. I see them as the same.

      • the difference is how the other players accept Holden v Donovan back into the group. It is not simply a comparison of two “recoveries”, it is how the individual personalities are received back into the collective. Hard to know but Holden does have a more acceptable persona (or so it appears to me).

      • It is far easier to “see where someone is at” during a real game situation than just in training. So what happens if they bring LD in and he is not up to snuff? He just trains with the USMNT instead of getting extremely valuable playing minutes at Galaxy.

        If it comes down to it and Donovan plays out of his mind over the next couple of games and the Nats produce a howler on the wings against Jamaica and Panama, I bet that someone will get a knock forcing a call up for LD against Hondo.

    • You seem to lack any understanding of how call-ups actually happen. The USMNT staff and JK are constantly communicating with players and their clubs. The have conversations well in advance of announcing any roster to invite players in and see who is available to come.

      Donovan REFUSED to be called in, and was therefore never on an announced roster. In the same way, Donovan REFUSED to attend any Galaxy preseason and missed multiple matches before returning to the team he is contractually obligated to play for and the team that pays him.

      To try and pretend Donovan never refused to play is beyond comprehension.

      • I’m pretty sure that… he wasn’t gunna play. To announce him as a call up, then have him no show because he has announced he is on holiday…. is a back stabbing. That is burning bridges.

        It is well know that LD wasn’t playing for the US or his Club team.

        I don’t like the whole situation but he wasn’t gunna play in March or Feb.

      • Get your facts straight. Donovan did not refuse a USMNT call up nor did he refuse to attend Galaxy preseason. He negotiated a break from his club. Based on that break with his club, he was not considered for a call up to the USMNT.

      • It’s always a negotiation. Sometimes someone has all the chips. His was that he needed a break or he might retire. The Galaxy were smart enough to realize having him rested and motivated later in the season was worth not having him early in the same and better than not having him at all.

        Apparently, Klinsi does not agree.

      • Disagree. LDs comments made it clear he would take a break no matter what ANYONE said. That is not a negotiation. That’s a decision.

      • When I want to have sex and my wife does not, and we don’t, it does not feel like a negotiation.

    • Donovan put himself above the team at a crucial time of team building. Taylor Twellman had a good talk about this the other day. LD dug his own hole, and not just with Klinsi, but with the core of the team who DID battle for points without him. Klinsmann doesn’t have to stand hat-in-hand for Donovan. It’s Landon’s obligation to prove he’s 100% all-in and in-form. That he really is at the top of his game, before he merits consideration.

      He made his bed. He has to lie in it. And to think you can turn your back on 23 other guys and the coaching staff when they go down to Azteca and get points without you, and it not matter? Nope. It matters.

      Do I want Landon in the team as a fan? Absolutely. But do I get that bringing him back in now might very well unsettle the team? Yep. So Landon needs to prove not just to Klinsmann, but to the guys he burned bridges with, that he’s not going to leave them in the lurch again.

      • “Donovan put himself above the team at a crucial time of team building.”

        No.It was not selfish.

        Donovan took time off because he felt if he did not he could not longer play at the level necessary. He felt a break was the only way to recharge the battery.

        I tell my employees that they are no good to me dead. Or they are no good to me if they come to work sick, do a crap job and infect everyone else.

        My problem with Donovan is he should have taken a break for a year right after the World Cup.

        To me the signs of burn out were already there. He waited too long.

      • I happen to agree with both side of the discussion. I think the selfishness was seen in Donovan going to Everton two years in a row. If you want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was naive, I can accept that. But in any case, LD put himself in the position to be “tired of the game” because he chose to sign with MLS and then wanted to take short term trips to Everton. If he had wanted to go to the EPL, then he should not have signed with MLS. He tried to have his comfort zone (MLS) and challenge himself for a short time(Everton) both. Maybe in the end it points to insecurity or full confidence that he would be successful in England. Either way, he made this bed.

      • Byrdman,

        The other side of the Everton loan business is it gave Donovan the confidence boost he needed going into the 2010 World Cup.
        Donovan has said he was still haunted by his comparative failure in the 2006 WC so the good showing at Everton was a boost. And we all saw what kind of 2010 WC Donovan had. I doubt the 2010 USMNT WC squad see’s that Everton loan as “selfish”.

      • Arena could have given Donovan a few weeks off after the World Cup. Arena could also have not played Donovan in the post season friendlies in Asia, allowing a break. Donovan clearly wanted to go to Everton and prove himself after the first successful loan spell. Donovan hinted at it many times but was too loyal to demand a transfer from the Galaxy. LA took full advantage of that. If Donovan was burnt out it was the Galaxy’s fault. If players are unhappy with Donovan for taking a break they shouldn’t be. Donovan carried the team many times over 11 years. The players complaining are eventually going to have to cut the umbilical cord and win without Donovan.

      • But this absence, however well needed or honorable, still had very real consequences in terms of there being folks who were there in his absence. On some level that needs to be part of the coaches calculus. Even though I think players like Corona are really destined for the next cycle and am not entirely convinved that Zusi or Holden are the future, being with the squad now gives them time to elevate thier game and it really doesn’t cost LD anything. if anything, it gives him more time to raise his game with his club.

      • Here’s what Donovan himself said about the situation: “In this sport, you are told what to do, when to do it, where to go and when to go. I know they wanted me back in January, but that was not right for me. A lot of people did not like it. My coaches did not like it. There were probably some of my teammates who did not like it. But I had to do what was right for me. Conventional wisdom would say, ‘No, you have a contract, you show up January 20th for training camp’ — but I realized that was not right for me and I had to be in control of my life. If you forget that, you can get lost forever.”

      • Then he should have worked WITH the coaching staffs of both clubs to arrive at a mutually agreeable schedule.

        This wasn’t just the early Hex matches, mind you. Donovan has been a sporadic figure, at best, throughout Klinsmann’s tenure. And even at the end of Bradley’s, his position was increasingly truncated. If you think the team isn’t going to get frustrated at that and question his commitment, you’re kidding yourself.

        Football isn’t a 9-5 punchclock job. It’s a billion dollar business, and a player has a very limited amount of time as a top-flight athlete.That comparison never washes. It’s a players right to use that time for a siesta if he wishes. But don’t think there won’t be consequences.

        What you don’t get is he didn’t just torque off ‘his boss.’ He left his entire team in the lurch. I understand why he went to Everton, and why he thought he needed to do this. But that doesn’t mean he has the right to walk right back into the team, form notwithstanding. If he can’t prove he’s ready to play again (which was the purpose of the ‘sabbatical’ after all), and that he won’t get ‘burned out’ and walk away again before the World Cup, how can Klinsmann really think he belongs in the side?

      • I don’t understand why people blame Donovan for him not featuring for the national team last year. I get why the onus is on him for this year, though I disagree with that being a good enough reason to exclude him right now. But last year, he wasn’t telling Klinsi no, he wasn’t getting called in. Klinsi is NOT faultless in this situation.

        It looks distinctly like JK decided before taking the job the he was going to get rid of the old guard in the interest of trying to recreate what was successful with Germany.

      • This is bull. LD was out for a bunch of different reasons. Never because JK simply left him out for no reason.

        This time is different but your comment was about the previous year

    • Man will people give it a rest about Donovan. He doesn’t deserve the call up plain and simple. I don’t care what he has done in the past, that we are thin at winger, or that he is talented, if you ditch the team you have to earn your way back on it.

  26. Hi, Mike E. You never did answer my question the other day: Were you posting under a different user name recently, but quit using that name and switched to Mike E.? Just askin’ 🙂

    • I remember that! It was right after he got on me for using a word literally even though it had a negative connotation to some.

  27. Oh, man. Klinsmann is digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole with some of those comments. It appears that either he has his own private agenda and is changing rules as he goes along to fulfill that agenda. Or maybe he is simply going off the deep end. Worrisome.

    • This line in particular is troubling, expecially coming from a man that wasted three games trying to turn Daniel Willaims into a right winger when he could have been checking true wingers out. Very troubling.

      “We have Beasley now back in the picture,” Klinsmann said. “He can play either fullback or he can play on the wing in midfield. We have Brad Davis, who is playing a very strong season too. We’ll see where Brek Shea is at the moment. We’re obviously going to check that out. Eddie Johnson can play from the left as well.”

      Klinsmann the Tinkerer

      • I’ll disagree this much. Beasley has proven a serviceable emergency LB now. But he contributed a great deal in his club’s push to stay in the Mexican top flight (Including a crucial play to create the goal in the final game). Plus there’s the wealth of experience he possesses in a relatively young team.

        Davis has flattered to deceive for so long with the National Team. I really can’t blame Klinsi for thinking there’s a way he can play. Brek Shea is the one headscratcher to me. But then, he’s one of those who seems to play at a better level for the Nats than he does for the club. And he’s proven he can given 10-15 good game-changing minutes as a sub.

    • Before the torches come out and the mob gets done drinking at the bar, let’s be honest: what coach has ever stuck by his word when it comes to player selection? Bradley and Arena both did the same thing Klinsi has done. The only difference is Klinsi is transparent and talks to the media about this.

      My biggest defensive question is why not Lichaj. I would assume it’s because he “isn’t used to the system and Parkhurst is.” I don’t see Lichaj as a better player, frankly they both have gaffs and have the same weaknesses. Still, I’d like to know his thoughts.

      And no to Beasley and Johnson against Belgium. Yes to Castillo and Johnson.

    • His knee isn’t fully healed and he asked to be given time to heal up and deal with family happenings (new baby).

      • Despite his “not fully healed” knee he had an assist in his 300th Bundesliga appearance today…

      • Which has nothing to do with anything. He is able to play, but it isn’t healed. He needs to use the offseason to heal completely.

      • And yet, Shea is in there, and he’s talking up Holden….

        Do you remember the vets speaking anonymously to that reporter — was it Brian Strauss? This is personal for Klinsi who delights in head-games.

        Klinsmann doesn’t want to bring in guys with their own center-of-gravity, who have starred for USA before…at least not until he’s taken them down a peg or two, so they give him fealty.

      • I was just wondering that. Since he played the whole game. I figured if he was injured they would have taken him off at the half or 60 min mark.

      • Eh, new baby is a whole lot different than “I want a Sabbatical.” The one is a real-life time that should be celebrated. The other is putting yourself above others.

        So I get making Landon prove he truly values the USMNT and wants back in 100% before calling him back up.

      • I understand him being at the birth but it doesn’t take three weeks to have a kid. More bizarre Klinsmann nonsense.

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