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MLS Week 12: Your Running Commentary



Two of the league’s best face off on Sunday as the Los Angeles Galaxy visit the New York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena.

In the only meeting between the two clubs, Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane look to build off their terrific performances last Wednesday in a 4-1 victory over the Philadelphia Union. The Red Bulls on the other hand are unbeaten in five matches and have a strong squad to choose from.

Later in the day, D.C. United host Sporting Kansas City, with the visitors playing without midfielder Oriol Rosell and defender Aurelien Collin due to suspension, and potentially defender Matt Besler to injury. Finally, Chivas USA host Real Salt Lake on Sunday evening in a bid for the hosts to get out of the Western Conference basement.

Here is a rundown of today’s MLS action:

1pm – New York Red Bulls vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

5pm – D.C. United vs. Sporting Kansas City

10:30pm – Chivas USA vs. Real Salt Lake


If you will be watching today’s MLS action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Watching the RLS-Chivas game…the Chivas coaching staff didnt even shake the hands of the RSL staff, they just walked off.

  2. How bad was that blown offside call? They are I think 2 CLEAR DC defenders keeping Opara onside and a third not-as-clear defender too. But one including keeper is enough. How did that goal not stand???

  3. Blah game.

    Zardes had some very good moments.

    Villarreal is still struggling with the Keane partnership. One of the reasons why? Keane and Villarreal are very similar in their play. Just not clicking with those two yet. Would like to see Zardes with Keane.

    I like both Villarreal and Zardes, but lets give Zardes the start, and see what happens.

    • I have been very impressed by him in each of his appearances. I can’t see Villareal keeping him out of the starting line up much longer

    • Zardes good, but foul at the end to set up the winning goal was stupid and not necessary, and Cuducini again is soft in the air defending his 6.

      • True. But two things. First, he’s young, with all but 90 minutes of experience. He’ll learn. Two…can’t say he gave up that free kick in a dangerous place. That was Jhunino’s best kick as a Red Bull, a great play from Cahill and a mistake by the keeper not coming out. It should have been a non-factor.

        But that said, what impresses me about the kid is how active he is and how intelligent his touches are. I think VIllareal is a great prospect, but his hesitation passing have hurt the Galaxy. He’s younger than Zardes and will learn, but if I had to pick one right now, I’m with Z.

      • good stuff, but disagree on the free kick he gave away. as sson as he did I screamed “@#$%^” at the TV.

        don’t get me wrong, I dig Zardes. He gets out and defends too

  4. I don’t know how anyone can watch Donovan right now and think he’s remotely close to being in form.

    He must have found Harry Potters invisibility cloak because he’s done absolutely nothing except managing to just hit a free kick into a one man wall.

    • If the referee rightfully allows play to continue on the foul on Villareal on the edge of the box in the first half, Donovan has a goal right now and LA has a lead.

      No, he’s not been Pirlo controlling the game, but he has been somewhat dangerous.

      And remember, the question USMNT fans have isn’t whether or not Donovan is fully “in form”, it’s whether Donovan RIGHT NOW offers more than the other wing options available.

    • if you want to see that

      I didn’t see that. name a non-defender for either team who looked good in these conditions today? LD was OK, not great but not bad, no one was. If Jiminez could finish we’d be talking about LDs setup work more than once, and he was caught in possession only a couple of times

      so do your observations of this game tell you Henry is not in form? Casper out there today, cloaked, yet he’s been tearing it up for 5 games with Cahill (invisible until the last goal!)

      • Zardes. Keane. Alexander. Steele. They were all very positive, playing with energy and covering good ground making positive plays.

      • Zardes played for a few minutes, and if you think that Robbie today was good, please watch more Galaxy games so you add context to that observation. Bet he’d be the first to tell you he was off today

        Alexander and Steele huh? we watched a different game today, no doubt


  5. Well, at least we know Donovan cares enough to be angry.

    Ref blew that whistle quick though. A Great ref would have let advantage play out. A bad one would blow after the pass. Meh, not a bad call but not the best.

    • agreed. imo, he’s still learning to play when the other team focuses on fouling him hard. happens every game to him now from behind, he gets whacked like that half a dozen times a game, and also after he wins the holdup play, he gets taken down after releasing the ball. hard nosed tactics of respect, officials can either protect him or let the league break him in half

      • All in all I’m excited about what I see in Villareal. Seems like a technical young striker, a product the USA has historically not produced. Eager to watch him continue to develop.

  6. Tim Cahill has really started to look like a DP lately. I was worried about him at first. Guess I shouldn’t have been. He kind of reminds me of Deuce, same kind of attitude and opportunistic finishing, decent skill and hard-nosed playing style.

  7. Question for anyone who knows:

    How long is MLS’s contract with ADIDAS? Will there ever be a day when MLS teams are wearinf puma, Nike, puma, kappa, etc jerseys?

  8. This NY-LA game is shaping up nicely.

    Whatever Donovan did during his sabbatical has worked for him. He is running around with a renewed energy and sense of purpose. I think the Gold Cup will be a great opportunity for him to show he belongs with the full side.

  9. -1st place club.
    -Marquee names on both sides
    -2nd best SSS in the country
    -half-empty stadium

    Let’s get their area another club!

    • Aw man. C’mon, just let it go. I’m no NYRB fan. Heck, i live in Memphis. But can’t we just enjoy the game without bringing this hella tired argument into it? I say something because i just don’t want to turn this match thread into another platform for either sides to start soap boxing on a, frankly, annoying debate.

      • “Aw man. C’mon, just let it go.”

        Sorry, no thanks.

        When this is still a very relevant topic with the 20th MLS club nearing, our “showcase” match only highlights the absurdity.

        Whether or not you’re tired of the debate isn’t my concern.

      • What is irrelevant is the various opinions on his site. None of us have any influence over the decision. That’s not to say we shouldn’t debate it. But I agree. After awhile enough is enough.

      • “What is irrelevant is the various opinions on his site.”

        So, essentially there is no point for this website then to have a comments section and your reply was equally irrelevant?

        That logic makes about as much sense as people pushing for a second NY area club.

      • No need to be adversarial. I was just saying that JK inor Sunil are reading the comments. So beating the dead horse of an argument doesn’t really appeal to me and evidently others. I actually agree about the second team in NY area and the management of the league.

        And the point of the site, at least in my mind, is good spirited discussion. That’s all I am saying

      • If you choose to respond to my opinions, more power to you. Your comments are no less irrelevant than mine.

        I’m not trying to start a movement, I’m voicing an opinion…a feature that is allowed with the “Post Comment” button.

        Your opinion that I should decline because you personally have read it X-amount of times is irrelevant.

        You chose to respond. I never referenced your username.

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