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Cosmos sign Brazilian star Marcos Senna

MarcosSennaCosmos1 (Cosmos)


In their first incarnation, the New York Cosmos made their biggest splash by signing a Brazilian star. Four decades after Pele carried the flag for the Cosmos, a new Brazilian will be leading the same club.

The Cosmos announced that former Villarreal midfielder Marcos Senna had signed for the club pending a medical, and will be ready for the NASL opener on August 3.

“We are delighted to add Marcos Senna to the New York Cosmos,” Cosmos head coach Giovanni Savarese said in a statement on the club’s website. “His reputation in the game and his achievements over his career on the field speak for themselves – he’s the type of player that makes everyone on his team better and his leadership and experience will be invaluable for us.”

The 36-year-old Brazilian native won the 2008 European Cup with Spain and made 28 caps for La Roja between 2006 and 2010.

During Senna’s 11 years at Villarreal, he played in more than 313 games while scoring 29 goals in all competitions. He helped Villarreal not only achieve promotion this season, but in 2006 he lead them to a semi-final place in the UEFA Champions League, where they eventually bowed out to Arsenal.

“This is a very special moment for me in joining the Cosmos because I face a new challenge, but at the same time it has been a difficult decision to leave Villarreal after 11 seasons,” said Senna in a statement. “I want to thank Giovanni Savarese, Remy Cherin and my agents Ely Coimbra and Hector Peris for helping me make this move possible.”

What do you make of the Senna signing? Surprised that he would sign for an NASL club? Think he can still play at a high level?

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  1. I laugh at the people that seriously think NASL is going to rival MLS.

    Take your heads out of your collective butts.

    NASL will continue to be the second division and in time will be renamed MLS 2.

    • That’s funny considering The Cosmos ownership has already stated that there is ongoing discussions with Garber and MLS about becoming a frnachise in MLS.

      Cosmos aren’t going to mount any serious challenege to MLS.

  2. There are platforms for lower division teams to work their way into conversations for MLS expansion, and the Cosmos are doing that. Win a US Open Cup, win a CCL, and MLS will have to consider snapping them up.

    I think the pieces are there for the format to succeed, but we need more player movement between leagues and a general uptick in the quality of players and coaches.

    Is Marcos Senna a bigger star in Brazil than he is in Spain? He won the Euro with Spain if I recall. I think you’ve forced the Brazilian connection to highlight the parallel between this and the signing of Pele… which is laughable considering how far apart the two are in terms of talent and celebrity.

  3. All I have to say is, I can’t wait for the Cosmos v NYCFC Open Cup matches. They’re going to have to bring out the riot police.

  4. I’m not a fan of any of these three teams, or maybe you could say I’m a fan of all three, but I have to weigh in on all this Cosmos bashing. The Cosmos are a worldwide brand that would have given MLS a shot of instant credibility internationally. People remember what they were, and they still have Pele working for them. That will get you some attention. I don’t think MLS got all that.

    • Bingo! They, MLS, don’t understand that international credibility is very important for some North American fans to accept their league. I don’t think that NYCFC will bring that credibility to the league. They are hoping that NYCFC will bring them credibility through their connection with Manchester City FC.

      • Yes, and the surest way to gain international credibility is to tie yourselves to a team that’s been dead for 30 years and to the league that that very same team killed…

        Question for you…How many players went from the old NASL to Europe? How many have gone from MLS to Europe?

        That’s a more compelling argument, imo.

  5. I love the argument that NYCFC is somehow fake because of Man City’s involvement or because it has foreign ownership. Even better is that someone on here keeps posting that these so-called “organic” Supporter’s Clubs are already behind Cosmos but NYCFC has no fans. Cosmos have played 0 games. They’re an expansion franchise in a 3-year old league that has 8 teams. They’ll play on artificial turf on a college field in the suburbs outside of the city. Yet somehow they have “organic” hard core supporters? They barely exist yet. When NYCFC starts they’ll have a better stadium infrastructure (even prior to their new stadium being built), a better established ownership group, they’ll play in legitimate national league, and I can almost guarantee they’ll do upwards of 18,000 in attendance their first year. What’s your over/under on Cosmos attendance Wurzel or Kingly? My money says they don’t even average 5,000 paid. That’s pathetic.

      • They don’t exist yet – which is exactly my point. You’re not grassroots or organic when you’re rooting for a brand that doesn’t exist. Certainly nothing wrong with organizing and getting excited about a new team, but the pompous talk about the authentic Cosmos supporters groups is way over the top.

  6. This Long Island clown club is more likely to go out of business than challenge MLS. Signed a 36 year old washed up player and a J-League benchwarmer this week. Wow. I’m sure Don Garber is quaking in his boots.

  7. Are the Cosmos trying to make a play for the US Open Cup and then spend a bunch of money to win the CONCACAF Champions League so they can be the first US team to do so, all before NYCFC even gets up and running?

    • Don’t know about before 2015, but yeah basically. Google “Beyond the Pitch Podcast” and listen to the interview with Cosmos COO Erik Stover. They feel like US attendance at Euro club friendlies, American networks paying large sums for Premiere League rights, and a much more educated fanbase than in previous decades indicate that the US is ready for a Euro style league – with autonomous clubs and higher player salaries. Over the next 5-10 years, they are planning to grow with the rest of the NASL until they are basically an international club.

      • Oh, and that lower attendance at MLS matches compared to Euro club friendlies is due to the fact that US fans these days are smart enough to know good players when they see them, lol.

      • Which also explains NASL attendance? We get it you don’t like the MLS, I have my problems with it that’s for sure. But from what it sounds like the Cosmos and NASL plan is basically to spend money and probably go into bankruptcy/administration.

      • That’s a bingo! It’s the quality of the product, not any supposed “connection” to the team or the area.

      • Yea, you are the right. The american soccer football fans are more educated about the game than you think. That is why NBC are disappointed about the MLS ratings. They are giving money to the epl that should have gone to a top tier North american football league. It is no joking matter. It is really a shame that NBC SPORT could not sign a tv contract of similar to the epl contract with MLS.

    • This scenerio is just as likely as the Cosmos winning the World Cup on the day pigs fly and a week before hell freezes over

      • Them winning concacaf? Right, when bigs will sprout wings and a hypothetical place called hell built of flame freezes over. Those are the cosmos chances of winning champions league in the future.

  8. does anyone know how serious the cosmos are for the long island stadium ? if nhl can support three teams in the tri state area why would it be any problem for mls to do so?

      • Clownishness. There is 0% chance that stadium happens. The Cosmos have nothing more than artistic renderings that were submitted in response to a NY State competition for creative infrastructure development ideas. The winning ideas (which are divided up regionally) may get some minimal government funding as a subsidy. No way do the Cosmos have that kind of dough, and they are extremely unlikely to get anything from NY State (and will receive NOTHING from a broke Nassau county). Keep dreaming man.

      • Won’t happen though. That was the case of the late cosmos but not these cosmos

      • I’m not one for bashing posters. But I can’t help but throw my frustration at these ppl who are just being idiots.

        You would think they’d rejoice that a current second division team is making such aggressive moves and signing quality players, because it speaks to the improvement of us soccer as a whole.

        Their just upset because their stuck with having to try and celebrate NJ Red Bull Drink and the completely uninspiring story of NYCFC and its inorganic birth by two franchises who don’t play by the financial rules respected franchises who earn their way through to success do.

      • I’m not one for bashing posters. But I can’t help but throw my frustration at these ppl who are just being dumb

        You would think they’d rejoice that a current second division team is making such aggressive moves and signing quality players, because it speaks to the improvement of us soccer as a whole.

        Their just upset because their stuck with having to try and celebrate NJ Red Bull Drink and the completely uninspiring story of NYCFC and its inorganic birth by two franchises who don’t play by the financial rules respected franchises who earn their way through to success do.

      • Honestly, I used to be neutral on the whole MLS v NASL issue – but the constant smug arrogance of MLS fans has caused me to side the NASL. I hope the NASL mops the floor with ’em.

      • Yes, your indignation is apparent. Glad you’ve decided to devote your life to such an important cause as fighting those heinous MLS fans.

      • Right. And the Cosmos were such an organic, populist organization.

        You’re like the guys who argue that George is the greatest Beatle just to be contrarian.

        I think everybody here is thrilled at the prospect of more soccer in the US. Whether New York can support three club teams in one league remains to be seen. I hope for two, but I’m nervous about it, I’ll admit.

        As for the NASL overtaking the MLS, I have this to say: When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

        That is all.

      • @ Conrad

        Really because if that was the case then I don’t see why 50% of the comments here are half assed jokes or arguments lamenting their disgust for what the cosmos are doing. And if ur referring to the original cosmos and their beggings I wouldn’t argue that they brought in a whole bunch of expensive players during their tenure, but it can’t be argued that the cosmos are still the most recognizable soccer team to this day because of what they accomplished. And what their doing now building from the ground up slowly reintegrating themselves with the ppl through their community out reach programs building, building a competitive and talented roster without spending more then a million on salaries, I’d say is as grassroots as it gets ” the borough boys” currently have just under 500 members or so and this was only in anticipation of a potential cosmos team. It’s not as organic as as the founding of football teams in the late 19th century by Englishman, but its a hell of a lot more organic then any other nj/ny soccer team or la team

      • Neither of the two organizations that formed NYCFC are breaking any financial rules that are currently in place for their respective leagues. I find it really odd that you that you focus on that aspect of things when it is almost an absolute certainty that when all is said and done, it will be the Cosmos that are going to be the ones outspending their fellow league mates by an even greater proportion than the Yankees and Man City do theirs.

      • Really I think it was 100 million for them to join the league. Another 10 here and 10 million there to get their stadium in place, nah isn’t any different to lets say, the sounders paying about 10 million to get in. And speaking of man city and the Yankees, there aren’t any rules in place. They buy 5 of the hottest players in their respected sports every yr and have monopolies on them games

      • Not sure what the Sounders entry fee has to do with this. You think NYCFC CHOSE to spend $100mil as an entry fee rather than $10mil?

        As for your point on Man City and the Yankees….It’s shocking, I know, that there are actually teams out there trying to improve themselves by attracting better players.

        The Yankees are a profitable club that chooses to reinvest its revenues in baseball operations rather than it just going into the owner’s pocket.

  9. Man o man there’s going to be a bunch of foreign players pissed when they come here and find out the “Cosmos” are not in MLS…

    This is such nonsense the NASL now isn’t the REAL NASL is long gone and will only live in histroy Books where the final champions, the CHICAGO STING will be its eternal champions until the end of time

    Cosmos might have worked in MLS if the owners had not overvalued their brand. They will be nothing more than soccer versions of the Harlen Globetrotters. (Who ironically as of today are for sale). Sure they might have some wins in the open cup against reserve MLS sides but that’s it. The NASL is now essentially a league of Washington Generals for this make believe league.

    • It’s hard for me to believe that you are this delusional about division 2 soccer in America. Let’s put it this way – just because the Cosmos sign a player with a soccer pedigree does not make them the Harlem Globetrotters of the NASL. My team in San Antonio is hardly the Washington Generals. Our roster is full of players with MLS experience or lower level European experience. For one reason or another, these guys are now playing division 2 soccer. The other NASL teams have players of the same pedigree. The Cosmos are building a roster to compete in the current version of the NASL, not MLS. Are you saying that the Cosmos should sign players with no experience because they understand their place in the US soccer pyramid? You can’t put out a team of college kids in our lower divisions and expect them to win. As soccer fans in general, we should all want strong, competitive lower divisions with quality teams which feature quality players. That means we’re past the point where MLS teams struggle to form complete rosters. It also means loan opportunities for young MLS players in good, competitive environments. The Cosmos are just the next team in line that will help to strengthen a multi-tiered club system in America.

    • Galaxy yes but the red bull aren’t even the red bull of the brand red bull let alone MLS. Think about it. Red Bull is all about achieving new heights like the guy who drops out of the stratosphere and other crazy feats. These efforts actually succeed. NYRB and red bull sporting ventures have only one thing in common and that’s a lot of money thrown at them.

      Red Bull drink “gives you wing”s while new york red bull hasn’t even got off the ground of MLS history.

  10. I am sorry, but I must have come to the table late, but the Cosmos are an actual real team? Its not just a marketing stunt? or a way for Pele to pay off some of his child support?

  11. It just baffles me how a team like the Cosmos (I understand they have investors) playing in the NASL will be able to sustain paying for a roster like this over the long term with a minor tv contract, a shirt sponsor, merchandising, and probably no more than 5k in fans that may attend games? At this point are they just hemorrhaging money with hopes of getting into the MLS in maybe 2017? How long can it last before the bottom falls out?

    And No I am not trolling…

    I’m seriously curious how the new Cosmos business model isn’t like the original Cosmos/NASL upside down model that obviously couldnt sustain itself?

    • Senna is really the only player we’ve signed that could be described anywhere near high profile. He’s being paid an average MLS salary for a player like him. The rest of the roster is made up of pretty standard NASL signings, likely making pretty standard NASL wages. I don’t think they’re overextending themselves.

    • It’s a really good question. My educated guess is that they are making a play on both the continued growth of the soccer market in NYC and their ability to capture a share of the fan base. It’s a risk, no doubt, but they must figure that if they can get even 15% of the market, that’s a population of 2.85 million which is more than the entire metro areas of Columbus, Kansas City, etc. Basically there’s tons of growth potential, including the potential for huge derbies against other NYC teams, possible admission into MLS, possible institution of promotion/relegation systems (eventually) that would allow for move up into MLS, and the very likely growth in TV contracts and revenue.

      • They rejected MLS, not the other way around, because they didn’t want to hand over ownership of the brand to the league or deal with the salary caps. Sucks to have to keep educating people on this. Read 1 interview with a Cosmos executive. Make some effort, people.

      • The Cosmos may have rejected MLS in its present format but I believe their goal is clearly to force the issue at some point down the line by making the case that their brand is too important not to be included in top tier soccer. And at that point, they will seek the support of the other clubs that will benefit most from the ability to control their own destiny (Galaxy, NYCFC, Sounders, etc.) to break the single entity format and launch a new league. See under 1991 EPL formation.

      • MLS clubs are majority owned by MLS, lol. So I doubt they will be supporting such a plan.

        But, MLS might eventually be forced to buy out the current club operators/minority owners and sell their relevant clubs off to real owners for membership in the NASL.

      • There were so falsehoods in this post. I don’t even know where to begin correcting you. You truly live in a dream world. Learn the facts about the MLS structure before you criticize it.

        MLS teams will NEVER choose to join/sell to the NASL. Wake us up when the NASL has a national tv deal.

      • I agree the MLS clubs won’t, because they are majority owned by MLS – which I already said. Put your thinking cap on and read the post again.

      • Wurzel NASL is a second division hasn’t even been around for four years, yet you believe they are going to outgrow the MLS?NASL still has to pay for their games to be put online, give me a break.

      • It was only three yrs ago were mls gave unlimited access to all of their games for 10 dollars. Which is really isn’t all that different from the NASL streaming their games for free.

        It’s obvious just a strategy to lure a fan base in so they can attract a fan base and cash in. Even now MLS struggles with subscription viewers, which is why every week they stream the match most likely to attract viewers that haven’t been purchased by espn or nbc

      • And I’ve never said here NASL will be anything else but a second division…

      • Hey, Wurzel, have a chip on your shoulder much?

        What an injustice my post was. It must be a terrible burden having to educate the hoi polloi on these soccer boards.

  12. Question, why do some people think NY/NJ isnt taking a liking to Red Bulls? Besides Seattle and LA(who no longer have Beckham) Red Bulls have seen similar attendance numbers with any other top team in the league. Averaging 18k in a 25k stadium isn’t bad when you throw in weekday games and games with bad weather.

    • Red Bull works very hard on the 90 minutes each week that a game is played.

      They work very hard in Harrison, NJ

      Outside of those 90 minutes and that zipcode they do absolutely nothing. Nobody knows they exist. They are vapor

      Also the brand is a struggle. A REAL struggle.

      • Wurzel, may I ask, who is your team? Even more important, who OWNS your team, which clearly is a crucial factor for you. I’m sure most Dynamo fans and Galaxy fans are proud to be subsidiaries of the Anschutz Entertainment Group.

        It has taken me a few posts, but I’m gathering you’re a fan — not simply of the Cosmos, but of the NASL. And you’re rooting for a LEAGUE. Can I ask: Why?

  13. First off, I’m a die hard Red Bulls fan as I was when we were the MetroStars. Having said that, and as a Tri-Stater, I am stoked that there will be 3 teams in the Metro area within 2 years!! The bummer about the Cosmos is, at least right now, that I live in Cali and there are no NASL teams here! I won’t be able to catch them unless the league expands a bit. Either way soccer, football, futebol, is growing big time. Let’s all embrace. Hell, Orlando beat KC last night, in KC, without “their” top striker Dwyer. Embrace the beautiful game!!

    • Preach on brother. New York is about to become the most spoiled soccer city in America and what do they do – complain and hate. You are about to have 3 quality teams calling New York home (yes, I know where Red Bull Arena is located), and close proximity to so many other teams/rivals. It would be unbelievable to live in New York as a soccer fan. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Red Bull fan, a NY City fan or a Cosmos fan, you should wish nothing but success for any of these teams (unless you’re playing against them of course). A strong New York rivalry would be great for MLS, and a strong 2nd division is great for soccer all across America. Only good things can come if all 3 teams are successful.

      • NY FC might become a REAL soccer team. Who are the other two you speak of? Cause the cosmos aren’t a REAL team and red bulls are neither in ny or a real team

      • As of right now, NYCFC is the closest thing to a make-believe team in the city. Red Bull is a team with a shit brand but loyal fans that go back to the 90s. The Cosmos are a 2nd division team with a legacy, a full roster of players, and 3 supporters groups behind them. NYCFC is a powder blue temporary logo with a receipt from Don Garber and a list of email addresses to send Man City spam to. But I guess that’s REAL enough for some people.

      • sorry dude, as a Yankee fan, wish for nothing but misery for the Mets. As a cosmos fan I wish the fruitless endeavor of RB continues &for that new blue scarf outfit that’s has no supporters club to speak of misery also.

  14. I’m starting to wonder if these players realize they are signing for a 2nd division club with no chance of promotion…

    • I hope so, so long as they keep the Cosmos colors, uniforms, embrace their history etc. and drop the entire Man City idea.

    • Uhhh, NO. The Cosmos have their own wealthy ownership group, and their own plans for a $300 million stadium.

      But there is enough room in the NY metropolitan area (total population of over 19 million) for the Red Bulls, City FC, and the Cosmos.

      And if City FC is a success in terms of attendance, I wouldn’t be surprised if MLS added the Cosmos as a third NY area team in five years.

      • I think you’re probably right, Bobb, especially with the news that NYCFC might be backing off from the Flushing Meadows site and thinking of moving elsewhere. The Bronx borough president seems to want an MLS franchise up in the Boogie Down.

        Judging from the way things are falling out right now:

        RBNY — New Jersey, Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn(?)

        NYCFC — Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn(?), western Queens, Yonkers/Westchester

        Cosmos — Queens (especially the eastern part), Nassau County, Suffolk County, maybe parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

        A triangle fighting for the heart and soul of the city!

      • How many times we have to say it? The Cosmos don’t want to play in MLS. They will stay forever in second division

      • No they won’t, because NASL will become first division eventually, after which they will find owners to buy the few relevant MLS clubs from the league.

    • They will give up their branding mission at the same time RedBull does – when the Cosmos drive their attendance down to the point they have to actually make an effort to be relevant to NYC.

  15. Can’t wait to see him play the Strikers in Fort Lauderdale – he’ll need to ‘learn about the league’ though and adjust to the increased pressure of playing in front of crowds of 2,000

    • Ok, but what channel is that going to be on? At the very least the US Open Cup should be interesting next year if this Cosmos team can compete with MLS sides. Already I’d take them over ChivasUSA.

      BTW CUSA should be in a lower division or like a Saturday rec league while this Cosmos NASL team already has more cache (in every sense of the word). Then there’s NYCFC who has a franchise receipt from MLS and the colors powder blue and white as the only elements of an actual team. The growing soccer market in this country is making for some weird dichotomies.

  16. I gotta ask – does Senna understand that Cosmos are in the second division of US soccer??? It seems so odd for a guy who has been playing and starring in La Liga all these years (even with last year’s time in the Segunda Division) to come to the United States’ second division.

      • Doubt money is his main objective. Senna has always been a class act, a loyal servant, and who has put the name on the front the shirt first. Senna could have left Villarreal many moons ago for higher pay and a more prestigious club but he chose to stay. He wanted to be a leader and mentor. He did that. This is a new opportunity and I have no doubt he is in NY for all the right reasons —- to help build a club, mentor young players, and compete. Now I’m not saying, money isn’t important, I just doubt it’s the driving force at this point in his career.

      • I’m sure he’s a fine fellow, it’s just completely inconceivable to some people why anyone would sign with an NASL team. I’m sure Senna does not consider himself “too good” for second division.

      • But he might be under impression that a second division team has a chance to earn a promotion to the top division, like in the rest of the word, including Spain.

      • The man is a professional. I’m sure he and his agency did some research before signing contracts. This is really a ridiculous idea.

      • So ridiculous. Right so he should be w/ the red bulls then. Maybe he didn’t want to be reminded ever 5 seconds that he was playing for a can of sludge coming from countries were prestige and history and loyalty and everything.

        The man stayed with with Villarreal as a personal obligation to see to it that they were promoted, even when at 35 he could of signed with another club in la liga.

        Everything “Villarreal supporter” has been saying are truths, more so then any of the usual trash comments around here

  17. Marcos Senna is a Spaniard. Referring to him as a Brazilian star is no different than referring to John McCain as a Panamanian or Stu Holden as a Scottish star.

    It’s wrong.

      • As I understand it McCain was born in 1936 off base in a hospital in Panamanian territory. Even if he had been born on base, at the time of his birth under federal court precedent someone born to two US citizens in unincorporated US territory was a US national but not a US citizen. Only in 1937 did they retroactively fix the glitch and make people like McCain citizens.

        The irony of the whole birther thing is it was the other guy who posed the real issue, because I’m not sure you can be retroactively naturally born. The whole thing was a coded way of getting at race and legitimacy, anyway.

    • Senna is Brazilian, spent the first 26 years of his life in Brazil. The fact that he played for Spain does not mean he is no longer Brazilian, and comparing his situation to McCain or Holden’s is misguided. If he were still playing international soccer then I could see the need to call him a Spanish international, but he retired, so I can refer to his actual nationality, which is Brazilian.

      • Actually, Marcos Senna is a naturalized Spanish citizen. So his nationality, technically, is Spanish, I think. That said, we understand what you are getting at — he was born and raised in Brazil.

      • Unless he renounced his Brazilian citizenship he’s Brazilian and Spanish, from a citizenship standpoint. Not all countries force you to renounce other citizenships.

      • Brazil being an Ibero-American country is exempt from the Spanish ban on dual-nationality.

        But I stand by my point below that his actions of optional naturalization is indicative of a choice to be considered Spanish.

      • That’s your assumption. You feel free to call him what YOU want. I’ll call him Brazilian.

      • I’m surprised there isn’t a journalistic standard that when reporting on football related matters of players you refer their nationalities by countries they represent in international football competitions.

      • @Brian:

        Maybe journalists recognize that national teams are glorified club teams nowadays.

        I love international soccer and think it is more exciting than the club variety. But this is the sad truth.

      • Deco is the other obvious example. Born and raised in Brasil, moved to Portugal at 19 to play there, got Portuguese citizenship in 2002 so he could play for Portugal (how good was Brasil that they didn’t want Deco at the height of his career), now lives in Brasil again. Deco is Brasilian.

      • Do u think Deco ans Senna will be more remembered by the Spanish and Potugese or Brazillians?

        Football is so cultural it’s ridiculous to think of them as anything else from where they spent their glory years and with what teams

        This shouldnt be treated as if a science on geniology. Case closed.

      • He’s Spanish and ur either just doubling down Ives or are extremely narrow

      • His actual nationality is Spanish, as in he chose to naturalize and become a Spanish citizen–naturalized by choice in 2006. That–to me–would say he considers himself a Spaniard.

      • Ives, I give you credit for not deleting self-righteous, garbage comments like many of the ones in this string. I’m not sure I would be able to muster the same restraint.

    • He could of easily stayed at Villarreal or signed with a club in la liga or a Eredivisie or Denmark or Germany or France or an mls team.

      What ppl fail to understand is the wealth of top minds the cosmos have managed to collect to form this organization on every level.

      It’s an easier sell then red bull I’d say. Despite the facilities and their obvious money. WC players or even role players in top leagues don’t want to play for a team that’s s**t. Unless their just seeking the continuance of fame despite their declines or getting paid three times what their worth.

  18. I’m just glad it wasn’t an MLS team that signed a 36 year old player . . . I know there are older players playing for very good teams, but it’s a trope that MLS needs to overcome.

      • Not so fast. He could easily play 90. I believe Senna played 21 games this season starting 15. Of those 15 starts, he played 80 minutes+ in all but one of those starts. He is in phenomenal shape. Don’t let the age fool you. On top of that, the pace of the NASL is not to the level of La Liga. Senna will be able to keep up, no problem. In fact, he should be a pivotal player for the Cosmos.

  19. Senna can still play despite the age. Is he the player of 3-4 yrs. ago?? No, of course not. However, he just played a big role in Villarreal’s promotion back to la Liga. He may do things physically a little slower but that brilliant football mind is still there. He could be a huge asset to the Cosmos and NASL. His experience would bring instant credibility and he’s not the type of person to view this as a vacation. It’s an opportunity. Senna is very much a teacher on the field and he would bring that characteristic with him. It could be a win-win for all involved. Senna is highly respected on off the pitch, too. He definitely has charisma, intelligence, and acumen to be the voice/face of the club. Marco Di Vaio is almost the exact same age, just 2 days older, and hasn’t missed a beat with Montreal. People shook their heads at Montreal when they read they signed a 35+ player. People will do the same to Senna and the Comos. I wouldn’t be surprised if Senna has the same type of impact as Di Viao.

    • I would be happier to see him in a mentoring role with the younger players. That will make the team stronger in the long term. The 2013 Cosmos won’t be about one guy carrying the team.

      • I don’t think he will be a one-man team. They actually have assembled a decent collection of players with varying degrees of experience. Senna will help bridge that gap and be a huge mentor. He will be a key player but his role will be much deeper than that. Long-term it wouldn’t surprise me to see him moving into a front office role. He has that persona about him to succeed at any level, any role.

      • I actually have been impressed who who’ve they’ve been able to bring in. And on relatively short notice. I think Senna is just a sign of things to come. Already expecting them to dominate they’re first year in the NASL, hoping they can land some good friendlies with quality teams, and get some good MLS match ups in the Open Cup.

  20. it’s like Cosmos are living in a parrallel universe where MLS has told them that they will be joining the league in 2015. On the other hand, it’s probably not a bad strategy. Kinda like when George Costanza decided to just show up at a job not knowing whether he had actually been hired

      • People need to stop dreaming, the NASL will always be what it is. The NASL will never compete with MLS. What the NASL need to worry about, is USL Pro growing to a point, that will attract more investors,challenging the NASL division 2 status.

      • dude really, a foreign league makes more for their broadcast rights than the MLS. so it won’t take much competition for them to wilt.

        Their fans & journalist begs for people to jump on the bandwagon.

        Viva Cosmos!!

      • A foreign league that happens to be t the EPL. However MLS has multiple TV partners then one, plus make money from MLSLIVE and KickTV. Not to mention their TV deal expires next year, and with NYCFC coming into MLS, the TV deal will most likely be increased. The NASL is a second division, even in England,the Championship doesn’t have make money on television deals. So I wonder why do you think, this will be different in the US? No second division, has ever been given a TV deal. The NASL has to pay, to be on TV. The NASL is lucky to get 4,000 a game, while the attendance in MLS increases. STOP LIVING IN A DREAM, MLS IS HERE TO STAY.

      • I am sure that plenty of 2nd divisions have tv deals. I know the championship has a deal with sky and i am sure that other European leagues 2nd divisions are on tv but i dont follow them.

      • I’m sorry everything you’ve said up to this point is complete b**l s**t, so I’m gonna cut in here now.

        First off, there’s no denying that this a vast marketing ploy, on a level that only chivas can rival, to market man city. NYCFC will be an affiliate club to man city unlike any other lower level teams throughout Europe.

        Players will be loaned, personnel will be employed, and when the day comes, Man City will have the pick of their of their youth academy. This is an artificial franchise, built from money to seem like a legitimate football club, appropriately called NYCFC.

        The Story of NYFC has so many parallels to the Man City est. in 2008.

        Also, concerning USL PRO. No, theirs no watching out for them concerning NASL. The only club thinkable to legitimize your point would be Orlando and that only because their owner is vying for MLS expansion.

        All other clubs with history and decent teams in USL, Rochester, Charelston, Richmond maybe, aren’t in the NASL because they don’t fit the criteria to be accepted into it, wether it be stadium issues, financial, or attendance.

        NASL is better ran, better organized with better owners aand it shows through their product on the field and the progress they’ve made in such a short period of time, compared to what USL has managed to accomplish since their first iteration.

      • Both Reyna and Man City has already came out and said this won’t be a reserve team for Man City If that was the case, the team name, as well as the Logo, would have been the same. Plus the fact the Yankees are also part of the club, you statement fails. Also, the NASL is has only been around for three years, compare that to the USL, your “well run” argument fails. Not to mention the NASL is run by traffic sports, an organization with terrible history, FALLS SHORT OF BEING WELL RUN. The USL Pro clubs has history, and a vision on how to get their, the NASL has statements with no real plan. As far as the Product, the NASL and USL are the same on the filed, the NASL is far from being ahead of USL Pro.

      • You are speaking from afar. You’re not a league fan, have obviously never attended a game, and should quit while you’re behind.

      • Last time I check Reyna was hired, while you are a delusional NASL fan. So which statement is more accurate, a delusional moron, or people who are closely related to the club. Not to mention the Yankees also being part of the ownership, so you fail. What progress? the Islanders had to leave the NASL for this entire season, and might noT be back. The NASL makes zero money, and has no understanding how to grow the league. Just look who runs it, Traffic, again an organization who haS a terrible track record. The USL has been around for years, and the product has made a big leap this year. The product will only get better next year. With the USL and MLS partnership the USL future is set. Their next objective, division 2 status. Like I said I watch NASL and USL Pro, and trust me the quality is the same, except USL Pro has a little more skilled players then NASL teams. However for the most part, the quality is identical. Since the salaries are the same, the product is the same.

      • Reyna and man city saying one thing deligitimizes my argument? No sir, u fail.

        The progress NASL has made within their three years, in every aspect, to the financial meltdowns and bankruptcies of clubs and constant shuffling of clubs through the 3rd and 4th divisions in in their existence since they were the former A – league. That’s on par with what the NASL has accomplished in their short existence? No sir, u fail

        And if that last part of urs was an argument to what the divisions put on the pitch as far as quality of soccer, I agree with Wurzel u clearly aren’t a fan and don’t watch. And no, again, u fail

      • Last time I check Reyna was hired, while you are a delusional NASL fan. So which statement is more accurate, a delusional moron, or people who are closely related to the club. Not to mention the Yankees also being part of the ownership, so you fail. What progress? the Islanders had to leave the NASL for this entire season, and might noT be back. The NASL makes zero money, and has no understanding how to grow the league. Just look who runs it, Traffic, again an organization who haS a terrible track record. The USL has been around for years, and the product has made a big leap this year. The product will only get better next year. With the USL and MLS partnership the USL future is set. Their next objective, division 2 status. Like I said I watch NASL and USL Pro, and trust me the quality is the same, except USL Pro has a little more skilled players then NASL teams. However for the most part, the quality is identical. Since the salaries are the same, the product is the same.

      • You keep referring to traffic sports management as the basis of why NASL is poorly run, but what’s evident is right in front of ur eyes and ur blatantly lying about things to get ur point across.

        I don’t even know what ur saying. “Last time I checked reyna was hired and ur an delusional NASL fan”

        ur blinded by ur your uncompromising attitude. It’s like what? These ppl are playing politics! U think NYFC management is going to come out and say all the wrong things in an unveiling? U probably still think the us went to Iraq because of nukes.

        This is funny

      • Jesus nava signing his contract, being presented with a man city jersey in NYC with reyna talking about baseball and the city. Being that ur saying their desperate entities, ur a god damn moron

      • Man city second team? Never said that. What I said was NYCFC is man city’s little whore sister, used as a ploy to gain fandom in America, which is what I’m alluding too in the article with Jesus nava. Same thing for the Yankees. Their gonna help legitimize man city ownership and help them get a stadium all the while promoting their name. They have a minor, MINOR stake in NyCFC, so don’t give me that s**t about them being owners when they arent.

        U jeep referring to Facts. Ur lying about eveything to get ur point across. The only team or thing traffic sports owns in NASL is the FL Strikers have a small majority stake in the silverbacks and railhawks that their auctioning off. “Why doesn’t NASL have tv right”, they haven’t been presented with an opportunity that benefits them monetarily, it’s not that they haven’t had the opportunity. See here jagoff

    • They don’t want to join a single entity league and hand over the Cosmos trademark to MLS. Get that thru your head. That’s why they joined a rival league with a more traditional ownership structure.

      • The Cosmos just like the Montreal owner, will start to understand what the NASL is, and will run to MLS.

      • Cosmos are smarter than you apparently are, because already understand what NASL is – and what their plans are.

      • They won’t run to anybody. There’s no running, lol. These are organizations that have ambitions to join, or have already, on their own terms, their way. Not in the Vein of Man City’s philosophy of throwing oil money at everyone and cheapen the game.

      • Saputo made the same comments the Cosmos are making now, where are they now? Again soon enough, like those before them, they will run to mls.

      • No they have no idea what the NASL is, they are foreign investors, who have no clue about the sporting landscape for second division teams in America.

      • Well, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Cosmos ownership and the NASL commissioner have been crystal clear about the league’s plans.

      • Again I watch the league, the new commissioner is new to governing a soccer league, and the Cosmos owners again are Foreign. The Cosmos have stated they are”not saying on what league they will be in, for now they are in NASL. That’s out of the horses mouth. So unless you have been in jolly land, they haven’t made anything crystal clear.

      • They are adamant about not joining a single entity league. They’re leaving the door open in the very small chance that MLS abandons that single entity system while they are still larger than the NASL. It won’t happen.

      • Show me a report that said they will never be in MLS. The last report came out, they said the same thing with a little twist, they still talk to Don Garber on a regular basis. Like I said,, because they are foreign they have no idea of the history of the US game, nor the history of the second division in this country.

      • There is no report saying they will never be in MLS. But there are plenty of interviews with Cosmos execs (there’s this thing called Google, use it) saying they will not join a single entity league. Google an interview, then go back and read my post again, then let your little brain do a little work for a change.

    • RB are most certainly not New York. Unfortunately, like you, they don’t know that either. Fans do, which is why their not going to games. There is a very material chance that NYCFC completely botches their branding, isolating New Yorkers rather than embracing them. That said, Cosmos could see themselves as the preeminent NY team when history is written…

      • Oh? New York are for winners, something RB & there fans would know nothing of. No wonder your stadium is empty.

      • Red Bulls location is not their problem. It’s their identity. Hardcore Red Bull fans whom I deeply respect don’t even call it Red Bull. They call it Metro. Many of them are New Yorkers.

      • Yup, exactly. And I don’t care if Metrostars was a brand of something, etc… The first pro soccer game I ever attended was a Metrostars game against Dallas Burn at Giants Stadium.

        I didn’t care if I crossed the Hudson back then and I don’t care now.

      • There are so many reasons keeping people people away from RedBull before one even gets to the location.

        Not even top six

      • NYCFC is a different brand then Man City FC, they only thing they will share is a team name, so get over it.

      • wondering is NYCFC is still trolling the ‘Net to find a supporter’s group? Someone please remind them those things happened organically i.e. grassroots. Affiliations buys you spit.

      • new yorkers and people from the tri state area will support a winner. how the state of the art red bull arena is empty for games is an utter disgrace what else do red bull need to do? i cant wait to see a game there and i have to drive 13 plus hours to do so

      • I get so tired of this.

        What do you mean it’s empty?? I suppose all organizations inflate their numbers; or perhaps there’s a massive corporate ticket buy and the best seats at midfield go unused (which is what I suspect): but the fact is that RBNY are at around 18,000 per game average. Outside of Seattle (whose attendance is truly remarkable), they’re within 2,000 or 3,000 fans of LA, Houston or Portland. The stadium is not empty, or are no emptier than any other MLS stadium.

        But as a Brooklynite and RB fan, I think the team has two years to win the MLS Cup or lose a large part of it’s New York City fanbase. That you can laugh at, if you like, but I’m sure that’s the plan for the organization. It’s kind of their only hope.

        As for the Cosmos, the pitch seems to be purely at the hipster who thought “Once in a Lifetime” was awesome. By far the best-looking uniforms in US soccer though.

      • just read on that the Bronx Borough Pres. want NYCFC Stadium in the Bronx, & has a few sites in mind, thou not mentioned. That would be great for my Cosmos @ Belmont in Elmont cuse we can def. capture a big part of Queens if that happened.

    • The man started for the 2010 Spain WC winning team. I think it’s safe to say he’s a Spanish star and not a Brazilian star.



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