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The SBI Show: Episode 38 (talking USA-Germany, MLS Week 14, and more)

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A day after the U.S. Men’s National Team’s impressive 4-3 victory against Germany, The SBI Show takes a look back at that memorable day at RFK Stadium, and digs into the impact of the result and overall team performance.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss the players who impressed, and those who struggled on Sunday. We also discuss the USA-Canada Women’s Soccer friendly, as well as the controversial goal celebration by Sydney LeRoux.

We also delve into MLS Week 14, and some surprising results around the league, while also touching on the topic of MLS expansion, and the possibility of David Beckham bringing a team to Miami.

Give the show a listen after the jump:

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What did you think of Episode 38 of The SBI Show? Agree with our take on the USMNT win vs. Germany? Think the Sydney LeRoux controversy is no big deal? Which result in MLS Week 14 surprised you the most?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I enjoy the commentary, but think you’re due for some better audio equipment to dampen the empty room noise and speaking off mic

  2. Great show as always guys! Can someone tell me what the song at the end was? Sounded like a remixed instrumental of Band of Horses – “Funeral” but Im not sure.

  3. I’m digging these podcasts Ives. Great listening during traffic and agree generally with your take on the Germany game.

    Would like to see Fabian at LB and both DMB and Edgar pushed up to the midfield attack but also help Fabian lock down that flank. I agree with biff; after searching for so many years looking for a quality LB i hope we use him there

  4. I am really intrigued with the Gold Cup. I am looking at this competition first obviously to win and have a chance at the Confed Cup, but also at roster depth at the World Cup.

    Players I am keeping an eye on next month:

    Donovan, Holden, Corona, McInerney, The Centerbacks, Attacking Midfielders: Gatt, Mix, Bedoya, etc.

    I am looking for these guys to step it up and run the tournament.

  5. Love the pod and think it offers a lot of insight. However, Garrett has to be more professional. It’s cool to have fun and joke around, but not the entire time. Also, quit saying “right here” for everything.

  6. i love when they think it’s the “shortest” or “longest” one ever because it’s usually opposite of what htey think. this one, for example, is an hour and 13 minutes. one of the longest ones. when Ives said it was short, it was at 58 minutes, which is about normal. i remember one that was like 45 minutes and Ives said it was the longest ever. hahaha

    always makes me laugh.

  7. This is crazy if T.Boyd rips off his shirt and runs like a crazy man, you’d understand but Sydney did what T.Boyd would have done. Yet you guys act like she was in the wrong. Seems like a bit of a double standard. I don’t blame her I would have done the samething. Have you read the tweets she’s gotten they can S$%K it!!

  8. No iTunes reviews because most people (like me) probably listen directly on your site, great podcast, enjoy the USMNT talk, hard to care about the MLS this year being a United fan.

    • +1, I listen directly on the site and frankly cant stand itunes but maybe ill go and do a review just to help out the podcast. its great

  9. I love when you use Kid Cudi beats, that outro is one of my favorite songs.

    And I am one of those people who check the site minutely…

  10. Good show! Ives does a very good job providing measured analysis. While Garrett comes across as a nice guy,…not sure he adds much value other than sounding like a marginally informed fan.

    1. Ives’ comments on Jozy were spot on. Hopefully Jozy can build on this match.

    2. Interesting insights on Besler’s athleticism,….at a minimum, at least we know he is not a sub-par athlete.

    3. Think the assessment of the center back situation was spot on.

    4. Brad Evans versatility is a huge asset to the team. Injuries will happen,…and having a guy you can plug into multiple positions (with confidence) is huge.

    • lol harsh on Garrett. i honestly don’t mind him. although, i do find it annoying when he acts like he has no idea what people are talking about in SBI comments but then has this major opinion about this topic that he had “no idea people were even talking about”. like bro, we know you look at SBI, you should. you are doing the SBI Show. it’s okay to be aware of the what is going on in the comments section, no matter how crazy.

    • Garrett could use some media training. His breathy sighs while he’s trying to articulate something get annoying sometimes but I do love the show.

  11. On your podcast you provided good soccer analysis of the US/Germany game and sensible discussions about other soccer topics. At the end of the show you asked for other ideas for the SBI web site. I suggest providing some statics on the WCQ teams which the US is competing with – offense (goals & top scorer), best midfield (max passes & lost balls), defense (goals scored against & # of corners), etc. I also suggest providing your web site readers the same type of information for the MSL. I believe this type of soccer data would generate more interest in soccer because it would provide easy and great perspective how the teams are doing against each other.

    • yeah, i think SBI should take a look at hiring an analytics writer. someone to gather all that data and put together a story here and there based on the data. not to say SBI does not provide nice stats for us (e.g. Bradley 3rd in passing in Serie A), but having a writer dedicated to analytics could be really cool.

    • yeah, i think SBI should take a look at hiring an analytics writer. someone to gather all that data and put together a story here and there based on the data. not to say SBI does not provide nice stats for us (e.g. Bradley 3rd in pa$$ing in Serie A), but having a writer dedicated to analytics could be really cool.

    • I like this idea.. And similarly a few articles on tactics/formations etc.

      Good job on the podcast. I’m also new to it. Perfect for the commute ride.
      And it’s playing a large hand in keeping my MLS knowledge and interest up.

  12. Fantastic show once again. I’ve been listening for the past 2 months and I’m glad to have something to look foward to every week concerning the national team and MLS. I especially love the 2 to 3 endings y’all do. The first one starts usually 15 minutes before the actual ending comes. It’s almost exactly like my preacher at church, when more stuff just keeps getting added on. Keep up the great work, guys!

    • I’ve been trying to figure that out. I will try to pause the DVR on a close up of it tonight. I’m surprised nobody mentioned it. I assume it was related to the 100 year anniversary.

    • Many friendly or important competitions have special jerseys made with a block that states who played, the date, and the importance of the game. For instance in this case, USA vs Germany, 2Jun2013, Centennial Game.

      I don’t know if it says that, but it is probably something to that effect.

    • Since it’s a day late, you may never see this, but it reads –
      USA vs Germany
      JUNE 2, 2013 – WASHINGTON, DC


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