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USA 1, Honduras 0: Match Highlights

Clint Dempsey, Emilio Izaguirre


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  1. The lowlight of this match was a significant number of outlaws yelling “you suck a-h@le” on goal kicks. What are we Mexico? US supporters represent our country. As such, they have an obligation to conduct themselves with a reasonable amount of class. What’s next? Throwing bottles and green layers in opposing players eyes? I have been a longtime supporter of US Soccer and have attended matches since the 80s. The atmosphere and chanting by Sams Army and now the outlaws is fantastic; but group participation in vulgar chants has no place in US Soccer. How dare you guys put the flag on your body and wear our jersey and then conduct yourself like that. I have always taken pride that our core fans are just as passionate as Mexico or anywhere else but have more class. Let’s keep it that way.

  2. The U.S. deserved the win. Even though the score line was 1-0, and the U.S. did not play their best game, they dominated possession by 62% and should have had at least one more goal. The U.S. has a great chance to get a result in Costa Rica this time. And for the Mexico game, where the U.S. can clinch a spot for Brazil 2014, hopefully, no yellow card accumulations. Mexico will be feeling the pressure, especially if they do not get a good result against Honduras. It will be interesting to see the line up in September when Dolo, Chandler, Donovan and a few others get back into the mix.

  3. All we need to do is groom a few of the younger players and hope past players who have proved themselves can do so again. If that happens we have a strong WC squad. Just wished Lichaj was called in instead of Evans (who has been fantastic, no doubt, but IMO Lichaj is better).



    (let Dempsey and Holden switch positions whenever so both play middle ad left)







    -Eddie Johnson / Gomez


    -Some Defender, I dont know who yet

    -Corona, Diskerrud, Agudelo, Gatt (some young guy)

    • “Some Defender” could be Castillo, Lichaj, or Beasley. All play defense and midfield so are all utility players as well

    • holden and donovan over beasley? with how well he’s playing, i don’t see how you leave him out.

      also, i just don’t know why you put chandler over cherundolo. unless you’re talking about 2018. maybe.

      • I don’t know if Cherundolo has it in him. Not trying to knock him, he is fantastic, but idk if he has a world cup in him. I’d rather give the benefit of the doubt to Chandler bc Chandler will be competing for a place in the 2018 WC as well and I think its better to get him the experience

  4. Jozy’s goal was a bit more difficult that it first appeared. The ball was bouncing and he timed and placed it perfectly with is ” left foot”

  5. anyone have a gif of bradley’s ‘messi moment’? i want to send it to everyone i know, just because lol what the hell.

  6. Jozy is playing at a high level indeed,… I wonder who will be knocking the door for his services. Rumor from a buddy of mine in Italia says Lazio is rumored to be one of the teams in Italia that are serious about him.

    Anyone find it funny that the Mexican anchors on Univision joke around about Michael Bradley eligibility to be nationalize Mexican so he can join there NT?lol.. On Picante they’re starting to call him the Iniesta of the USMNT… I can’t disagree

  7. Bradley absolutely tattooed that ball. Hope everyone in the stands was ok. That would have been crazy if that found the top of the net.

    Looking at the highlights the US didn’t have their finishing boots on. Could have easily been an easy 3-0 win if they convert one of the 7-8 chances they had and the ref called the PK.

    Great resolve to keep plugging away and get the goal. Altidore’s expression was more of relief/exhaustion than happiness after he scored.

    • yeah, people want to say it was an ugly game, i disagree. it was slower than usual, but we played well. just couldn’t finish.


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