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Jamaica manager Whitmore resigns

TheodoreWhitmore2-Jamaica (LaPrensa)


Jamaica National Team manager Theodore Whitmore tendered his resignation in the early hours of Wednesday morning, following a 2-0 defeat in Honduras, one that left the Reggae Boyz with just two points from six matches in the Hexagonal round.

The Jamaican Football Federation President Horace Burrell has yet to announce a replacement.

Whitmore, who accrued over 100 caps for Jamaica during his playing career, had been in charge of the national team since June 2009, after two stints as an interim manager in 2007 and 2008.

During his time as manager, the 40-year-old Montego Bay native guided Jamaica to a fifth-place finish at the 2011 Gold Cup and put the team in the Hexagonal Round of World Cup qualifying for the first time since qualification for the 2002 World Cup.

What do you make of this news? Surprised to see him resign? Think he made the right choice?

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  1. Hope he gets a shot somewhere else. Outside of the island MLS or third division English or something. Jamaica needs more experienced home grown talent and the domestic league there isnt enough. He played for Hull City for a few years maybe now that there up there he can get a little premier league experience (gimme something to hold on the results we got have left me downtrodden.

  2. I think what did him in was the use of players born in England, and giving prefrence to them over players playing in Jamaica. But their finishing is what did them in and the lack of flank play. They need a new set of eyes but they should have let him finish out the hex.

  3. It always bothers me when coaches don’t great longer credit for what they DID achieve. After all – Whitmore got them to the Hex didn’t he? Same thing that bothers me when newly promoted sides fire the manager that GOT THEM THERE for somehow not winning in a higher league.

    Seemed like a good man and a good coach.

  4. I was convinced the USMNT game in Kansas City was going to be an exhibition by that time in the hex already, but this is just adding into realization this game will be mostly meaningless. That’s pretty disappointing, expected more from Jamaica

    • and what was the reason for no Honduras game in KC? large Honduran population? too much travel from Seattle? or did we all expect that Jamaica game to be more vital?

  5. I have to feel for the players a little here. We don’t know whether Whitmore was pressured or resigned on his own, but the players are now staring at being virtually eliminated as well as leaderless. Hopefully they can use their remaining games to improve themselves for the next cycle.

  6. Jamaica will be giving 3 points to whoever they play. This will make Mexico’s job tougher since they already played twice… I love it.

  7. Was he asked to resign? If not, he made the right decision. After three consecutive losses it has become obvious that they needed a change. They are still unlikely to make it to Brazil but this gives them a fresh start.

  8. It stinks. I thought he did alright with the team and notably a draw at the Azteca should have had his contract renewed. I had the good fortune of meeting him 6 years ago when a youth club I coached played a few friendlies against St. James Football club youth team in Jamaica. Nice man and alot of footballers in Jamaica look up to him. I thought he did well with Jamaica. They’re a long term project and I see no reason why he couldn’t get them qualified for the next tournament. They do need to invest into their youth programs and if Jamaica had a couple of teams in the NASL, it would help alot.

    Keep in mind that Cricket is the #1 sport in Jamaica by alot…Usain Bolt would have played Cricket at the pro level had he been good enough.

    Maybe Frank Yallop will coach them.

  9. I felt he was a good coach who did the best that he could with limited players.
    But I guess someone’s head has to roll for their mediocre performances.

  10. I’m shocked. They should have beaten Mexico away, and although this campaign hasn’t gone anywhere, Jamaica have been neck and neck during most games.

    Their finishing is awful and they lack a central midfield presence. Not sure who they expect to bring in that would be better. They still have a chance to qualify. All they need is a miracle.

    • I think the expectations bar was set by where they were three games into their first qualification round, after the US home win, top of the group. The US then fixed their issues, won the home game, went on to take the group. What has happened since is simply settling down to reality. I think you had some people with Reggae Boyz dreams who are having a reality check this round.

      It’s the classic issue that confronts the second//third tier soccer nations in our region, including Canada and others. This was their first Hex in a couple cycles. They haven’t been in a Hex since the 2002 cycle. Isn’t that positive? Oh, but he had more talent, still didn’t do it, etc. Except they only made the tournament that one time in 1998, maybe they should be given more time, everyone from coach down, to gel. Build for 2018. But then expectations were raised, people are upset, and with federations like this I feel like you often get High Drama, someone has to pay for not making it this time, blow the thing up, start over. And then they don’t make the next one either.


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