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De Nigris move to Chivas leads all transfers in LigaMX draft

AldoDeNigris1 (AcirDeportes)


Midnight on late Wednesday night/Thursday morning saw the end of the 2013 Liga MX draft, with no less than 104 players making full transfers or loans to other clubs in the league.

The busy last few days, the end of the domestic transfer period, saw many high-profile transfers, none higher than Mexico National Team forward Aldo de Nigris moving from Monterrey to Chivas Guadalajara, potentially jump-starting Jorge Vergara’s club’s stuttering attack.

Monterrey also lost another of their stars as Ecuadorian midfielder Walter Ayovi moved to Pachuca, who made plenty of moves in the draft, bringing in no less than nine players while letting 12 leave on a permanent deal or loan move.

Club Tijuana brought in U.S. international Herculez Gomez but also lost the likes of Duvier Riascos to Pachuca and Leandro Augusto on loan to Puebla. Another U.S. international, Michael Orozco, made his loan move to Puebla permanent from Chiapas.

Here’s a full list of all the transfers during the 2013 Apertura Liga MX draft.

What did you make of the draft? Which team do you feel had the best deadline day? Which team did the worst in the transfer period?

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  1. Pls never compare the MLS with the Mexican league cuz the Liga MX is way more competitive and well played then the MLS…?? I think that the MLS is “futbol” played in an amatuer level.
    Pls learn more about the game and then talk….liga MX does not need to copy “anything” from the MLS..

    PS: foreigners come more to the liga MX because their’s better pay and way more better futbol in Mexico

  2. Vic,
    The simple answer to your question is this: Cosider the MX Draft like the trade deadline they have here in the states for MLB/NBA/NHL ect. They aren’t “Drafting” any players coming out of high school or college, like we do here in the states. They are simply signing, selling and trading palyers (mostly signing) from other Liga MX teams and some players from other leagues around the world.

    • Do the players have to agree to the transfer and wages like in Europe. Or is it like USA sports like baseball where players are traded without their consent?

      • A bit of both. The draft trades are agreements between clubs. The players do have a say, but they can’t pick their destination after draft day. If they don’t accept the trade, they have to stay at their club of origin…most likely not seeing any action.
        Happened to Johnny Bornstein. Tigres loaned him to Atlante, he didn’t want to lower his wage so he stayed at Tigres, where he never plays anymore.

  3. Chivas payed around $4.5 million for De Nigris and Monterrey admitted it was an offer they simply couldn’t refuse, it makes you wonder how many MLS teams could have actually offered a similar if not a higher figure for the striker. De Nigris could have very well been playing in an MLS club

    • Why would he play in the MLS if he would of not had a future there cuz of the level of futbol they play in the US…..simlpy amatuer.

  4. This guy should have been a DP in MLS easily and he never wanted to.go to europe to be closer to his family. Also walter ayobi and suazo and,many more top talent of ligamx do want to come to MLS.but the cash is nit there. as a matter of fact, LigaMx is copying MLS in long term plans and present plans. Their new league name, targeting big markets in mexico and players, and they have taken over all the big markets in mexico with relocation and paying up like MLS new teams. Pretty much all their big markets are in division 1 and none in division 2. They have
    Chivas and atlas same city of guadalajara
    Unam, america, cruz azul, in mexico city gorgeous city
    Leon are the timbers of ligamx
    toluca a wealthy city and rich in soccer
    Morelia another gorgeous city
    Pachuca another beautiful city
    Tijuana a mexican american soccerborder city
    Tigres and monterrey in same city,bigger market than mexico city
    Santos torreon another big market
    Puebla, a very big market but bad owners
    So ligamx has only 2 markets.that are bad, atlante in acapulco, jaguares In chiapas which they are really bad and will be relegated.
    Ligamx is copying MLS in all terms but nobody mentions anything in the states.

    • Oh and veracruz who just payed their way up just like MLS expansion and veracruz is a really nice city as well and big soccer market.

    • Yhea MX is copying MLS by moving teams to the big markets. Teams like Chivas, Atlas, America, Unam, Cruz Azul, Leon, Toluca, Morelia, Santos and Puebla have been located at the same city way before MLS existed. But you are right MX is copying MLS.

    • Liga MX is not copying anything from the MLS….if they were copying the MLS they would of had a crappy league and futbol played in an ametuer level…..

  5. All of a sudden, I don’t like De Nigris anymore. 😛

    Pachuca looks like a winner so far in the off season dealings.

    • “Unlike a traditional “draft,” the Liga MX meet-up is more of a gathering of the clubs to thrash out deals ahead of the domestic transfer deadline.”

      So does this mean the MX transfer deadline passed, or is about to do so? Does it apply if they release you…?

      • All of the transfers within Mexico had to completed during the draft. Movements of players out of and into Mexico from foreign leagues have adifferent deadline. Used to be same deadline for foreign moves into Mexico, which caused quite a bit of confusion.

      • So, Beasley for instance, dropped by Puebla, had to be signed during the Draft? I mean, does this basically suggest he’s crossing the border….

      • He can stay at Puebla but not go anywhere else in Mexico. Putting him on the transfer list just means they would like to get rid of him, if he is still under contract they have to pay him even if they don’t use him. They also have the complication that he takes up one of the five foreign player slots.
        Which does mean they would be better off moving him abroad.
        Given the apparent financial instability of Puebla (and some other teams in Mexico), he’d probably be better off moving out, too.

    • Luis Miguel Salvador, Monterrey’s president, was interviewed today and said that deNigris’ departure will be covered by Dorlan Pabon, Humberto Suazo and Guillermo Madrigal.


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