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The SBI Show: Episode 54 (Looking back at USA-El Salvador, MLS Week 21, and more)

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It took a second-half rally to blow it open, but Sunday’s U.S. Men’s National Team victory vs. El Salvador featured a dominant attacking display that has to go down as one of the most impressive for the U.S. in recent memory.

Episode 54 of The SBI Show touches on the U.S. team’s stirring Gold Cup quarterfinal victory, and breaks down which players stood out, and what the result means for standouts such as Landon Donovan and Joe Corona.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also take a look at the MLS Week 21 slate, including Sporting Kansas City’s dramatic win vs. Real Salt Lake, and the Los Angeles Galaxy’s victory vs. the Vancouver Whitecaps.

We also touch on Americans Abroad action, and also hold an extended version of The SBI Show Q&A.

Give the show a listen after the jump:

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What do you think of the show? Agree with our take on the USMNT victory? What result impressed you the most in MLS Week 21? Enjoy our extended SBI Show Q&A?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. A strong 2nd division is important for the development of US soccer. However the issue that a lot of people have with Cosmos fans is that they seem to think their team is the best team in the US even though they have yet to actually play a game. Hopefully they do well and push the overall level of NASL up but it is hard to not be a bit concerned by their spending. Hard to see where the money coming in will be from and how it will come anywhere near matching what the salaries appear to be.

    • Can’t say I’ve seen much of this “Cosmos fans thinking their team is the best in the U.S.” stuff. Certainly am not seeing that on SBI. I’m sure their fans are encouraged by their moves, but why would you let fan enthusiasm about their own teams concern you so much? As for the whole business side of things, it does certainly appear to be a risky approach they’re taking, but they’ve got a business plan and only time will tell if they can pull it off.

      • On the last article you posted about Cosmos I believe literally the first comment was a Cosmos fan saying that they were going to bosh (believe it should have been bash) all NASL and MLS sides. I dont have a problem with fan enthusiasm, I have more of an issue with arrogance and it can seem like that at times from parts of their fan base. The bigger issue I have is how they seem to bash the MLS structure every chance they get. MLS has their way of doing things and for the most part it has been successful. Time will tell if the Cosmos way works out or not. I do hope that the Cosmos and NASL keep improving as previously said though, really do think that a strong 2nd division side is important for US development.

  2. Not trying to start anything, but looking at the THFC web site, it does not appear that Deuce is in Hong Kong with the team.

  3. Likwit crew!! MAKE ROOM…

    Man I loved those dudes. I feel like people have forgotten about them, and I always thought Tash was hilarious.

  4. Late in the first half of the US El Salvador quarterfinal, Beasley clearly impeded the El Salvador striker resulting in a PK. Why was this not an IFK?

    • Totally agree. The announcers sounded completely clueless as well, when they kept saying “It’s clearly obstruction.” Well if it’s CLEARLY obstruction than it is CLEARLY an IFK not a PK. If it was a penal foul, how do you classify it? Tripping? Pushing? Charging? It doesn’t meet any of those.

      • No. Were it actually impeding (what used to be called obstruction), it would have been IFK.

      • Incorrect. It doesn’t happen often, but if you watch the sport long enough, you will eventually see an indirect free kick awarded for obstruction, which is what that call, at worst, should have been.

        Frankly, I am not so sure there should have been a foul at all in that situation. Zelaya gave the ball a heavy touch past Beasley, who then turned to pursue the ball. He didn’t just step in front of Zelaya and obstruct him without any attempt to get the ball. Beasley was making an effort to get to the ball, which had been played well past him, and Zelaya then ran into and bounced off Beasley. In fact, if Beasely had gone down as a result of the contact, I would have called a fould on Zelaya.

    • Maybe that was not impeding, but a charge where the ball was not within his playing distance-certainly was with excessive force.

      • It wasn’t judged to be with excessive force.

        Excessive force is a red card. It was just a careless charge.

      • Yes, you are right, my mistake. So that leaves carelessness, I guess, if you call it a charge. Otherwise, I got nothin.

  5. Donovan was immense and I agree, MOTM and at this rate, MOTT (man of the tournament). 3 assists and a goal last outing, dangerous all day… what more can he do?

    It’s time for JK to publicly give him the credit he’s earned during this tournament. On top of that, he needs to be in the middle of the field for the next WC Qualifier. He is simply better than Dempsey and should start behind Altadore with Dempsey outside

    • I think the ability of Dempsey and Donovan to interchange being more wide/central and being more advanced/withdrawn could make our offense look dam n dangerous when it clicks. I think this is the most offensive threats we’ve had on our team as far as proven goal scorers. Having a front 6 that could all conceivably score/provide assists is huge.

      Hope this doesn’t all fall to pieces with some injuries or lack of playing for Clint and Jozy.

  6. Donovan is a cerebral dude. More than many players, I think his play — and reactions — are a reflection of his emotional state. The guy is clearly loving it again.

    Yeah, it was annoying to see our best player check out at our time of need. I was critical, wishing he could have just sucked it up, but apparently he doesn’t opperate that way. However, if the Donovan we see before us now is what that break bought us, I have to say it was worth it.

    The real test will be in bigger games (hopefully a GC final against Mexico), but I think Donovan’s best is ahead of him. He seems better than ever.

  7. haha, the other players in that picture to Donovan: “Come on man, it was just a goal – you’re not God or anything…”

    But seriously I did a huge eye-roll during his way-dramatic goal celebration. Maybe if it had been the first one since he’s been back or the game winner, but come on.

    • When compared to other goals he’s scored lately, this was the most Donovan-esque goal. I think he felt this was his statement goal that he’s back.

    • I think after the frustrating misses from earlier in the game, it was just a huge relief to get it in the back of the net.

      That or he was channeling Andy Dufresne!!!!

    • Per his interview comments, it was his mother’s 60th birthday and he wanted to get a goal for her. I think that, and the previous misses, made that a relief as much as anything else.

      But in the moment, that goal felt like a celebration and his teammates reacted the same way in the immediate aftermath.


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