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Boyd bags brace as Rapid Vienna maul Neustadt



Terrence Boyd did not have to wait very long to open his scoring account in the 2013-14 Austrian Bundesliga campaign.

Playing in his second game of the new season, Boyd scored his first two goals with a second-half brace in Rapid Vienna’s 4-0 victory over 10-man Wiener Neustadt on Saturday. The win was Vienna’s first of the campaign and improves the club to 1-1-0 on the year.

The U.S. Men’s National Team striker, who also drew the red card that reduced Neustadt to 10 men in the 16th minute, headed home Vienna’s third goal eight minutes after halftime following a cross from the right. Boyd then capped the scoring in the 79th minute, doing well to judge a bouncing ball before nodding it into the back of the net with power.

Here are the match highlights (Boyd’s goals at the 3:45 and 4:35 marks):


What do you think of Boyd bagging a brace in Vienna’s first win of the new campaign? Like his homerun celebration? How many goals do you see him scoring this season?

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  1. People need to slow the hype train on Boyd. I believe he may be a great striker for the US someday but I would be surprised to see him on the 2014 WC roster. The Austrian league is simply terrible, he really should try to move next summer to possibly Belgium or Netherlands if the chance arises. Getting playing time is important so at least he is doing that but honestly this league is not good at all.

  2. so the following guys are fighting for the 3 open striking spots

    Gomez, EJ, Wondo, Johansson, Boyd, McInerney

    which 3 would u take to the WC

    • I dont really think EJ is fighting for anything, he is going to the WC unless he is injured. I would argue Gomez is still in a strong spot despite his recent lull in form. I dont think they will take any of the other four, maybe load up on mids.

    • I don’t know why people are mentioning McInerney. In an interview, it was pretty apparent that Klinsman views him as a young forward who he wants to slowly introduce to the set-up…not really a contender. This is coming from someone who likes Mack a lot.

      Johansson? He’s a 22 yr old that only ever suited up for the Icelandic U21 team. Don’t even mention him unless he actually selects the US. Even if he does, I would doubt that would make him a contender.

      Boyd is still on the outside looking in (in my opinion). Gomez, EJ, Wondo (I agree) are competing for TWO spots behind Jozy. I only say that because I think the formation is primarily 1 CF. If Klinsman goes with 2 on top, you can almost guarantee it will be a LD/Dempsey combo…

      …but I could wrong. This is all conjecture on my part.

  3. Wondo isn’t going to the WC. He’ll be 31. He can only play as a poacher and is ineffective above the minnow CONCACAF level

  4. We play a 4-5-1. With additional bonus of Dempsey/Donovan playing as a striker.

    We need at least 3 strikers if not 4 on the roster for Brazil, For me it’s gonna be

    Altidore, Gomez, EJ, (Boyd or McInerney). Give up on Johansson.

    • I agree on Altidore, Gomez and EJ. However, I think that is all you need for the CF position in a 4-2-3-1 (or 4-5-1) formation. If in a freak occurrence, they all go down, LD or Dempsey can play at forward. I still think he’s a little raw. He still has time even thought Altidore is only 1 year older.

  5. Well as long as all potential USMNT strikers a re firing on all cylinders this season then it wil be a nice headache for Jurgen to have.

    Johansson scored today, Dempsey scored today, EJ is playing, and Altidore looks like he is going to be firing on all cylinders as well. Looks like the striker depth will be infinitely stronger for the 2014 WC versus the 2010 WC.

      • No. Funny how you’re asking questions about him down here when you’re so certain you know what’s going on with him higher up in this thread. Looks like we’ve got ourselves an Internet Expert over here….

      • No, at least not an obvious invite. He has to file a one time switch, which takes 1-2 months so it’s possible he wouldn’t have made it on time. Earlier, he turned down the chance to be called up for Iceland and asked if he could come into the US camp (said for a game, but that’s not possible before the switch).

        So, it’s very possible he gets a camp invite into the Bosnia game and, if he likes what he sees and thinks he has a chance, he can file his switch. Obviously, he wants to keep his options open as long as possible, but we can expect we’ll know soon if he is willing to tour campus.

  6. I’d put him there with guys like Jack Mack, Juan Agudelo, maybe even Gyasi Zardes (who I think could well become an absolute monster and is without question most purely physically talented US striker I’ve ever personally laid eyes on – I’ve never seen that size/speed/athleticim combo in a US striker before) as guys who probably won’t factor in Brazil but will be putting themselves into the mix for Russia. You have to figure Altidore is good for 2014 (he’ll be 24) and 2018 (28), and MAYBE 2022 (where he’ll be 32), but aside from Altidore, none of our current USA strikers (Gomez, Donovan, Wondo, perhaps even Dempsey and Eddie Johnson) are likely to remain in top form (or probably even still in the game) for the cycle following Brazil. Which means it’s Boyd’s generation that will be carrying the USA at that point.

    I do think Boyd is probably #5 or #6 in the pecking order for Brazil – best guess is that the USA carries Altidore/Dempsey/Donovan/Johnson – with Klinsmann ultimately listing either Dempsey or Donovan as a midfield player – and the fourth forward spot will go to either Gomez or Wondo.

    • Agree with you that Boyd at the current time is far down USMNT depth chart for forwards. Obviously, it is possible this will be the season he catches fire and moves up the chart and wins a spot for WC 2014. But I doubt it. More likely for WC 2018. But by then he will no doubt be competing against some potentially excellent youngsters. With all due respect to Terrence, who I like a lot, if he played in MLS he never would have been called into so many camps and the fans would never have been clamoring for him like they do now. The same with 2. Bundesliga guys Andrew Wooten and Alfredo Morales, whose most important talking points are they have played their whole lives in Germany so, gee, they must be better than the guys in the player pool who grew up playing in the USA.

      • It’s incredible to see the amount of young talent in MLS right now. Going to be interesting how the league handles the major influx of transfer money and talent exodus as these 17 to 20 year old guys start heading to bigger leagues.

        Guys like Gil, JackMac, Fagundez, Gonzo, Villareal, Agudelo, Yedlin, Zardes will all likely be transfer targets as they enter their prime.

      • I understand where you’re coming from biff but I think the main reason Boyd got the first call to senior camp is that he was the most dominant US player at some U-20 tourney. I don’t remember what it was, but I remember reading several glowing reviews on SBI right before he got the first call.

      • FYI- here’s the link I was talking about:

        This article is from Dec 2011. Boyd ended up scoring 2 in the disappointing loss to El Salvador and getting his first senior call up in Feb 2012 against Italy. I like having the USMNT program rewarding players who do well at the junior levels with call ups.

  7. good for him, hopefully he can move to at least a Tier 2 european league next (Dutch, Belgian) and continue to develop. Seeing him with the USMNT he appears still too raw at the International level…

    • Raw is the operative word, but he’s young and he’s got time. Athleticism to spare, but he’s going to have to have a great season to be that 4th guy on the plane for Brazil.

    • Lol and two goals against Wiener Neudstadt evidences this. Cognitive dissonance bro. So many fans care more about being right and their favorites than reality. Shoot, I probably do it too.

      • The Austrian league is not of the quality of the Dutch league. However, this is irrelevant as JA is now in whatever they’re calling the EPL this year.

      • The Austrian league is NOWHERE near the quality of the Dutch League/Eredivisie. Not even close! I appreciate your enthusiasm for Boyd, but he is not better than Altidore right now. Maybe there’s a big shift in the next 4 or 5 years…but definitely not now.

    • Doesnt matter how long you’ve been saying it doesnt mean its right. Ill take Jozy’s 38 goals in a much better league and his constant contribution to the national team over Boyd any given day. The Austrian league is nothing. Its not even close between Jozy and Boyd. Jozy is miles better

    • Um, no. Altidore is the only real striker we have. Our second choice comes off the bench in Mexico. Boyd may turn into something but everyone else is is serviceable against minnows only. Johansenn is not going to play for the US. Apparently playing in a World Cup is not important to him

      • I think he is referring to a Dempsey yelling at him at the end of the Germany game for going for a spectacular shot instead of p@ssing it around to run down the clock. That being said, I doubt that one incident “rubbed the team the wrong way.” He is young and I think Klinsmann and Dempsey both understand his desire to impress, especially against Germany.

    • How many striker spots do you think are available and what formation do you see JK playing? With the “B” squad JK plays a 4-4-2 system. With the “A” squad he plays a 4-3-3 system. He has stated that he wants a backup for each position. My estimation has JK sticking to the 4-3-3 for the WC squad. If that is the case then Boyd is in competition with Gomez and Wondo as the backup CF to Jozy. Possibly in competition with E. Johnson also if JK decides to take someone else as the backup LW.

      • If I’m not mistaken, Klinsy has deployed a 4-2-3-1 in the recent qualifying campaign, not a 4-3-3. In that case, I don’t see Boyd overtaking EJ and GOMEZ for the #2 spot in the striker position.

      • Boyd isn’t directly competing with EJ or Gomez, who both play outside forwards for the full team. Boyd is directly competing with Jozy and Wondo.

        If Boyd maintains his form this season and if he manages to find the back of the net for the US between now and June, he’s on the plane. We simply don’t have another target forward like Jozy which would mess with Klinsi’ formation.

      • I don’t know what games you have been watching, but Gomez has definitely gotten more than enough run at the CF spot when Jozy wasn’t playing well or available. I agree he is competing with Wondo and Gomez for the CF spot. I actually think EJ is better than both Wondo and Gomez at the CF spot, but Jurgen sees him as a winger. Jozy is hands down the starter at this point though.

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