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MLS Insider: Episode 7 (Clint Dempsey’s return to MLS)

DempseySeattle (Getty)


The latest episode of MLS Insider features Clint Dempsey and his return to Major League Soccer.

Episode 7 shows a behind the scenes look at one of the most stunning transfers in MLS history, as a U.S. Men’s National Team star decided to return to America in his prime. The Episode also takes a look at how the Sounders were able to complete the deal.

Watch Episode 7 of MLS Insider after the jump:


  1. Since everyone is making grand proclamations I will predict this: His career will be longer than most of you say, and that is why it will be worth it for the Sounders. He is not as much of an impact player as other strikers and midfielders and other major leagues. He is, however, consistent and very tough. He will start scoring goals in the next couple of games.

  2. Still not a fan of the move. Watched THFC Sunday and they could have used Deuce. I understand his motives, but in the long run I do not think this was a good move. If he gets picked up for a short gig in Europe during the MLS break, then maybe it looks better, but I don’t think Deuce wants that.

  3. Bummed to see the EPL start without him. Oh well. I hope the Seattle move is a success and he can continue to shine with the USMNT.

  4. He came for the money plain and simple. No other club on earth would pay him what he’s getting in Seattle because he’s not worht it. And the fact that MLS paid the transfer doesn’t even make sense unless they pay the transfer fee for all transfer. Finally, he’s not as great as everyone makes him out to be, IMHO. He doesn’t make the players around him like Donovan or a HiguaĆ­n do for their teams in the MLS or a Bradley abroad.

  5. Dude is 30 NOW. He’s not far off his prime, certainly, but he’s overwhelmingly likely to be going downhill over his contract period. No knock, that’s just age doing its thing. He might have a late renaissance, but it’ll depend on adding even more nuance and trickiness to his game.

  6. He’s no longer in his prime. His prime was during the later Fulham years. He could still have a few good years in him if playing on that turf so many times doesn’t take a toll on his knees and ankles. I’ve watched every minute he’s played for Seattle and to me he looks about the same as he did at Spurs. Kind of drifting around waiting to get the ball in a dangerous spot. No real connectivity or work off the ball to open up space. He is new to the team and the setup, but there are certain principles of attacking football that are universal and unselfish running is one of them.

    Seattle fills the seats without him, so I believe in the long run this will be a better deal for him than it will be for the Sounders. It’s a nice spin piece though. Nothing says “AMERICA” like a soldier coming home. To the point of the piece, I am glad he came back at 30 and not 35 because it does make the league look a little more reputable. I still don’t see us ever having a league that draws a slew of top quality players and coaches in the primes of their careers.

    I’m a USMNT fan first and only, so from that point of view the move is still bittersweet. I think it’s great for him and his family, great for the profile of MLS, but not so for Deuce and the national team. He’s still a major role player this cycle, but after that, I think the early parts of the 2018 cycle might be a bit of a farewell tour for him. We’ll see. I’m hoping that he proves me wrong.

    • He hasn’t helped team at all. He isn’t going to produce thus making it less likely any club pays that much for a ‘star’. Sure he was in preseason form but like you said he’s a drifter and they need a playmaker instead.

    • I think MLS could become a top flight league down the road. If and when some serious TV dollars come in, salaries will increase and people want to come live in America so I think it would be an attractive option for a lot of players. Remember, it wasn’t so long ago MLS was paying tv networks to air games, now they are bringing in $30m a year. Should be interesting to see what the next tv contracts bring in.


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