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MLS Insider: Episode 6 (Featuring Atticus’ Army and MLS Academies)



The latest episode of the NBC Sports program MLS Insider features two top-notch pieces on the wonderful display how Major League Soccer is more than just what we see on the field.

Episode 6 of MLS Insider features a look at Atticus’ Army and the game the Timbers put on in support of Atticus in his fight against cancer. Also, the show takes a look at his MLS academies are shaping the future of MLS.

Watch Episode 6 of MLS Insider after the jump:


  1. If you’re not watching the MLS Insider every Saturday afternoon, then you’re missing out. Get’s me really pumped for the MLS action.

  2. Two things to take away from the video:

    1) Way to go Portland! That was awesome what they did for that kid.

    2) Can we get Fagundez citizenship fasttracked and pushed through, already.

  3. I can say enough times how awesome the MLS Insider show is. Really emotional stories every week – made me more interested in players I never noticed before. Definitely a good vehicle for both hard core fans and someone who knows nothing about the league.


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