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Man City vs. Newcastle: Your Running Commentary

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With every other team playing already, Manchester City hosts Newcastle (3pm, NBC Sports Network) in the final game of the first week in the new Barclays Premier League season.

Man City, who spent a reported £87 million ($136.3 million) on four signings this summer will see two of them, Jesus Navas and Fernandinho, make their debuts for the club while Emmanuel Negredo starts on the bench.

The visiting Newcastle side have had a tumultuous summer as the appointment of Joe Kinnear brought nothing but bad press to the club, and Papiss Cisse for a time didn’t want to play with the shirt that had the club’s sponsor on it. And as of Monday, Yohan Cabaye has been left off the team sheet after Arsenal submitted a transfer bid.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Is anyone else trying to watch this on the app via phone or tablet? I am trying to watch at work with my tablet (the internet is very good here) and it is AWFUL. Choppy, slow, freezes…. currently it is a blank black screen.

    • It was terrible on Saturday on my new home laptop on a blazing fast Internet connection. They’re definitely having issues with it so far. I hope it gets better in a hurry.

      • I didn’t have any issues Saturday, though I did switch between games every 5-10 minutes. This is terrible though. I lost 4 min from the half to the 70th minute!

      • And you don’t even have to compete with Time Warner customers for bandwidth as they don’t offer access to the extra time site or overflow channels in SoCal

  2. I expected Newcastle to beat, they always look terrible against Man City, I think it is the worst matchup for them in the premiership.

    The red card didn’t ruin the game but i strongly disagree with it. If you want to send him off for maybe cocking his arm and making contact while looking at the ball, fine. But then you better send off everyone who does it, and there is no chance of that happening. You could send someone off every third match for something like that.

      • Fine, so intentional contact with a players head will be sent off 100% of the time? No, not even close, they will call it once and a blue moon.

      • Wtf are you talking about.


        With or without contact he’s gone 10/10 times.

      • All blown up. Sure it was clumsy and potentially intended contact (most defensive manuevering is intended – but didn’t appear to be a punch). If you think that, then I assume you also feel the calls for handball a minute earlier were justified.

        BTW, it is pretty clear the 2 incidents were tied together. You could see them talking after the ball was cleared. I wonder what was said to piss Taylor off.

      • I really didn’t see much intent. Yes he hits him, and its definitely in an unnatural position but the angles they both take to the ball make it awkward and that makes it hard to really see enough intent to give a straight red. For me it’s clearly a yellow but no more than that.

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