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Dempsey stars in funny new FIFA14 commercial

Clint Dempsey

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  1. What is with those lame a$$ celebrations??? That dive looks more like Greg Louganis than anything. And the arm wave?!?!?! Is this the 80’s???

  2. In other news, is that an angel with a beard on his shoulder or a gladiator with wings? Looks like one my buddy has that started in Cambodia and completed in Turkey.

    • You know what would be cool?? If you actually made sense. Dempsey’s international career speaks for itself. He is Mr. Clutch for the US. Period. Was he sub par against Costa Rica? yes, and so were 10 others.

      • It wasn’t that long ago that people were always complaining that Dempsey only performed for Club, not country.

        His play for the US has been much better since 2010 though, but he could certainly use a great game right about now… of course no bigger pre-World Cup stage than US versus Mexico, so maybe tonight’s the night.

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