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The SBI Show: Episode 69 (Talking MLS Expansion, Week 29, and more)

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MLS expansion is the hot topic in American soccer circles heading into the weekend, after reports revealed that Atlanta has emerged as a front-runner to secure an MLS team in the next round of expansion.

Episode 69 of The SBI Show takes a closer look at the MLS Expansion race, and the league’s game plan to populate the Southeast with multiple teams.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also look at MLS Week 29, including some important match-ups with playoff implications in both conferences.

We also answer listener questions in the latest SBI Show Q&A.

Give Episode 69 a listen after the jump:

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What did you think of the show? Agree with our take on the MLS expansion contenders? What city do you hope takes up one of the four expansion slots in MLS


  1. I believe Orlando and Miami can be successful. I also think St. Louis could do great if the right ownership steps forward…I’m not sold on Atlanta yet.

  2. I live in South Florida
    I love South Florida

    MLS would fail miserably in South Florida
    With the exception of the Dolphins, fans here are too fickle and lazy.
    When the Heat have had great success, they draw a crowd, but that’s it.
    Even the once mighty and invincible Canes can’t even draw a crowd
    Even with the Latin American fanbase the Marlins can’t get a crowd

    Dade, Broward, Palm Beach.. doesn’t matter..

    Hate to say it but MLS would crash and burn here

  3. Expansion into Fla is folly, and two teams in Fla just dumb.
    St louis would seem better. They should just slow down thou the league is already watered down. Expect more hack a man and less and less technical ability as the league continues to expand. The talent just isnt here.

  4. Expansion???? Really?? How about better players in the league so the level is higher? How about expanding 3 DP’s to 5 DP’s? This is ridiculous as a fan we are being ripped off with this 3 rd level European soccer with a couple of decent players in the mix.

    • Ripped off? What level of soccer do you honestly expect in a country where soccer is at best the 4th most popular team sport and the national team is ranked #13? Given the context I’m pretty happy with where MLS is. I want it to be better, sure, but it would be quite unrealistic to expect more at this point.

  5. Always enjoy the show, but over the past few shows it’s been a bit odd how little discussion has focused on Montreal. I’m not a Montreal fan, and I realize there isnt time to talk in depth about each team, but given their consistently high place in the table this year, and given that few picked them as a play-off team, it seems to me their success is one of the stories of the season and worth more discussion.

  6. Miami is a great soccer market, but not a great MLS market. Fort Lauderdale isn’t Miami! There’s differene between Dade County and Broward County!

      • Impact would be huge in South Florida, fanbase wise. Soccer fanbase is here but not for MLS, people in South Florida, mainly follow Euro league, great number of them think MLS as inferior.

  7. Had the same feeling of “why?” during that play last night, but then I thought about it. Seattle’s up 2-0, rather dominating RSL (minus poessesion) and if he connects with Martins for a goal, it’s Sportscenter all night, GOTW, possibly goal of the year. CD is just being exactly who he is and while he wouldn’t have pulled it in the EPL (for fear of being benched) he has the talent to try and make something special happen. I’m all for it in that situation. If Seattle’s at 0-0 in the same moment, left foot cross please.

    On another note, great show guys. Keep ’em rolling! See you in Seattle for the 100th show! 🙂

  8. I keep hearing all of this talk about bringing back the New York Cosmos, but nothing ever materializes, then MLS wants to bring in a New York FC team. Is MLS going to give up on a well known brand such as the Cosmos or is MLS really planning on having three New York teams?

    • Ah,

      Deuce just has not looked very clever in this game IMO. He’s being too cute and tricksy and taking way too much time to do anything meaningful. Not sure what’s going thru his mind right now but I just wish he would keep it simpler until he starts contributing meaningfully: goals and assists. Just to gain a rhythm and justify his “swagger” persona.

      • Agreed with everything you said. I just don’t know where his head is right now. Of course, part of what makes him a special American player is that he’s willing to try sh&$. But trying ()$& to beat a player and get an advantage for your team is one thing. Another thing is to make a (brilliant) move to beat the defender to free yourself up for a cross and then FOR NO REASON OR ADVANTAGE to play the cross behind your plant foot. He’s treating MLS games like exhibitions and its completely disrespectful. He never would have tried that same move in the EPL and for good reason… Because it gives the play less of a chance of ending up in a goal. Seattle was up 2-0 at the time but there was enough time left that the game was far from sewn up.

    • I thought it summed up his return to mls thus far in a single play. A whole lot of flair and it looked really nice but the result on the field was useless.

      • I don’t know if CD feels the need to entertain or what, and maybe this his way of working into form or whatever, but I hope he realizes fans want to see more than just stepovers and rabonas: we want real soccer quality too, like passing and moving and stuff like that.

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