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Parkhurst called in as replacement for injured Evans on USMNT roster


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Help is on the way for the U.S. Men’s National Team’s problematic right back spot.

U.S. Soccer announced Sunday that Michael Parkhurst has been called in by U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann as a replacement for Brad Evans, who will miss the Americans’ upcoming round of World Cup qualifiers against Costa Rica and Mexico due to a calf injury he sustained in the Seattle Sounders’ 1-0 victory over the Columbus Crew on Saturday.

Parkhurst is expected to arrive in Miami on Monday and he will immediately become a prime candidate to start at right back against the Ticos on Friday, joining the likes of Geoff Cameron and Michael Orozco.

The 29-year-old Parkhurst started at right back in five of the United States’ six matches in the Gold Cup in July, but questions remain about his form given that he has yet to appear for German club FC Augsburg this season.

What do you think of Klinsmann calling in Parkhurst as Evans’ replacement? Wishing he would have called in someone like Lichaj or Chandler instead? Who do you see starting at right back vs. Costa Rica?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. All arguments made in favor of Eric Lichaj can also be made in favor of Zak Whitbread, but no one ever seems to …. He is quite good when not injured (like now).

    • according to wikipedia, freddy adu was signed by benfica at one point in his career, after some success in MLS.

      if parkhurst was signed by augsburg and is getting interest from lazio, he is clearly awesome.

      please stop trying to form independent thoughts and let me and SoundersOff tell you whats up.

      discussing player selection on Soccer By Ives website really needs to stop immediately. you all are making fools of yourselves

      Me and SoundersOff will tell you what to think, so just sit tight

  2. Why all the fuss and second guessing. JK is not sitting on his couch with a bag of chips trying to evaluate players based on highlight snippits. He knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s all about the trust he has in certain players to make the right decision 99.9% of the time on the field. To get exactly what he wants, he might have to live with a little less athleticism. It is that simple…

    That’s why we have Evans and Parkhurst right now, he values their discipline and judgement.

    • I love the job Jurgen has done as well. And he obviously has the squad rolling. But for all the right he has done, he is not infallible. Nor impervious to criticism. For a guy who preaches playing at the highest level and consistently seeing playing when it comes to a player’s club career, Jurgen has no leg to stand on when it comes to Parkhurst. I thought Parkhurst improved during the Gold Cup and played well in the final games(though the beginning of the Gold Cup run, he looked like the Parkhurst of old that disappointed and frustrated me beyond all belief). But we have a guy that is possibly the MVP of his club thus far in a league that is better than most other European leagues even if it isn’t the second-level English league. If Jurgen insists, then fine, don’t start him. Start Cameron. But if you’re complaint about Lichaj is you don’t want to experiment during crucial qualifying, then don’t play him, like you didn’t play Jack McInerney but gave him valuable international experience. But at least invite him so he can see time with the USMNT. And if the worst-case scenario occurs and Cameron is injured, then you still have Fiscal before Lichaj. The absolute worst thing about not having Lichaj or any other consistent options means Cameron is more likely to stay a part of the backline, despite the fact that in May and June he showed how good of a holding midfielder he may be. I would love one day to see Cameron and Bradley together once again. But that would mean Jurgen would have to expand his options when it comes to the backline.

      • +1

        Some say this argument is getting old, but in reality the refusal to bring Eric Lichaj into camp is getting ludicrous.

      • Serie B is no where near the same level of the Championship. In terms of play, quality, and money, the Championship is a top-ten European league. No other second-level European league even comes close in comparison.

        Lichaj is a top star on one of the top Championship teams. Parkhurst isn’t even dressing on the bench for his squad. And for all of Parkhurst’s MLS success, other than the final run of Gold Cup games, his international career has been painful to watch. It’s time we start trying to find some natural rightbacks to expand our pool of players. Guys like Lichaj or young MLS rightbacks like Yedlin and Sarkodie need to gain experience so they can gain experience and see the pitch for our future. Definitely before someone that can’t even break into his club’s rotation as a sub.

      • This is WC qualifying. Serious business that calls for real professionals, not posers who may run fast and defend well one on one but otherwise don’t appear to grasp the finer points of the game.

      • So you’re saying that the poser in this situation is the guy starting for his squad? Not the one who can’t even dress for his team? Care to explain the logic of that? What finer points does Parkhurst possess? Being able to wear a nice suit on the sidelines? And the guy on the pitch week in, week out must be devoid of any feel or knowledge of the game…

        This may be WC qualifying. So it’s comforting to know our two answers at rightback have both mostly played poorly when playing the position in an USMNT uniform, with one of those guys more used to wearing loafers than cleats for his club during matches. Meanwhile, guys who could have built depth in case of situations like this, guys who are the future of our team, guys who play more often than Parkhust, are left at home, to watch Cameron and Parkhurst struggle against Costa Rica and Mexico.

      • Hello, it’s world cup qualifying. Everyone struggles. That you reference Cameron as someone standing in the way of the future of our team is just about the most clueless thing ever posted on this site.

      • Tim, H.

        “But for all the right he has done, he is not infallible. Nor impervious to criticism.”

        Don’t be offended but neither are you. If you are going to post a criticism of any given topic, that too is subject to criticism. For example:

        “But we have a guy that is possibly the MVP of his club thus far in a league that is better than most other European leagues even if it isn’t the second-level English league. “

        “Lichaj is a top star on one of the top Championship teams.”

        Says who? Terms like “top star “ , “MVP” are hyperbole in extremis. Do you really believe that Eric is Forest’s MVP or a top star in the Championship? Five games into a 46 game season? Even with your “possibly” qualifier that is more than a little premature. By the way the Championship is the second level of the English league.

        If you want a credible fullback from the Championship who has much better credentials than Eric and is not getting called up, look no farther than Jonny Spector, a better, far more proven player at 27 years old than Eric ever was.

        “If Jurgen insists, then fine, don’t start him. Start Cameron. But if you’re complaint about Lichaj is you don’t want to experiment during crucial qualifying, then don’t play him, like you didn’t play Jack McInerney but gave him valuable international experience. But at least invite him so he can see time with the USMNT.”

        Lichaj , a turnover machine, has already been blooded with the USMNT and found wanting.

        JMac is pretty much a brand new face and the US wanted to see him up close and personal in the much lower pressure environment of the Gold Cup. These are WC qualifiers and the camps are much different. JK is saying and past experience would indicate, that they don’t call people into WC camps unless they are willing to play them, no matter how far down the bench so to speak. You will note the US has a tendency to not call up guys when players get hurt. It is probably because that will be the situation in the World Cup when you are limited to your original 23 and JK wants this group to learn how to make do.

        Obviously. JK does not trust Lichaj. Neither do I given his awful 2011 Gold Cup final game. His crap time at Villa does not help.

        A lot of you have said why doesn’t he just explain himself on Lichaj and the answer is obvious.

        Very few coaches are going to come out and say player X sucks when there is still a chance, say by January, that Lichaj will prove that he is better than what he showed in his disastrous five seasons at Villa. Just look at JK’s comments on Bedoya, who was also on the Gold Cup team with Lichaj and spent a period of time out in the cold like Lichaj. Those comments were similarly neutral and non committal.

      • “Very few coaches are going to come out and say player X sucks …”

        Exactly. There are a lot of coaches with less class than Klinsmann who would stick to this rule.

  3. It is clear to me that Jurgen Klinnsmann has his favorites and doesn’t call up the right players. Let’s be real Timothy Chandler and Eric Lichaj are 100x better than Parkhurst and Evans. Whis is Beckerman always getting called up and seriously over Danny Williams? This is not right I hope JK gets his act right before are true main options at Right Back won’t even be in the World Cup and we are going to get up deal with Evans and Parkhurst.

    You guys do the MATH

    1. Chandler or Evans
    2. Lichaj or Parkhurst
    3. Williams or Beckerman

    • Not sure about Chandler better than Evans….
      I can’t think of any major failures Evans has had in that position….

      Lichaj whatever, he might be better than Parkhurst but its impossible to know.

      Beckerman is more reliable than Williams. Beckerman is never exciting and rarely influential but is pretty much the same everygame.

      I can’t tell how serious you are to be honest…

      • Evans is not better than Chandler he’s just in a better position to start at RB at the moment. Let’s be real Chandler is the best player overall at the RB position however he’s not seeing eye to eye with Jurgen. I won’t surprise me to see Chandler starting at RB next summer in Brazil. I’m starting to like Evans improving his role with the USMNT but he has a year left to try to stay in the team is not Chandler and Lichaj will be at RB with the likes of Beasley and Castillo at left.

      • Chandler is a more natural rightback than Evans. This is true. But he is currently not better than Chandler. Chandler’s recent play at the club level has been atrocious. That coupled with is commitment issues at the international level, he has earned a spot on the bench. I don’t criticize Jurgen for that one bit. And Evans has won me over with his play.

        The Lichaj situation however needs to be addressed. How Parkhurst, a guy who often doesn’t even dress for his club, is receiving call ups over Lichaj is maddening.

      • maybe if Klinsmann plays Danny William at his natural position he’ll be more reliable than Beckermann. If Beckermann is so good why isn’t he playing abroad?

      • how has Beckerman been unreliable? much more the opposite seems to me whatever his limitations. he’s represented well

      • If Cameron ends up starting, either at RB, CB or CM (because Jones is injured), or is injured, then Williams or Edu will be in the 23 if available for selection. In my opinion, those guys bring more range to the CM than Beckerman and both have played in the back line also.

      • Well, neither Mo Edu nor Danny Williams are in camp, so that’s pretty unlikely.

        The hierarchy of midfielders from this roster goes:

        Bradley > Diskerud
        Jones > Cameron > Beckerman

      • Williams just switched clubs; Edu had hernia surgery and has an unsettled club situation. I’m speaking with a view to Brazil.

    • FIFA doesn’t allow extra time for boat rides and long car rides. Chandler is a flake that is afraid to fly and doesn’t appear to be able to gel with the team. He repeatedly turns down call-ups. Perfect guy to have on the team! Can’t build chemistry. Not looking great with his club team. Turns downs offers to play…must be the missing link to our success. Oh, forgot! 12-0 recently, without Chandler. Might just be possible to do it without him. When has he looked good since his earliest appearances? BTW, JK has been doing the math and getting it right.

  4. There is a difference between general advice on making a team and picking the 23 for your team. Get regular playing time in the highest possible league is good advice. However, that doesn’t mean picking a team must be limited to the 23 players getting regular plain time at the highest clubs. He’s going to pick the 23 that best need the needs of the team at the time. Get good grades and go to college is good advice. However, there are many unemployed/underemployed graduates right now who understand it doesn’t guarantee you the job.

  5. Lichaj should get called after Qualified, maybe vs Jamaica. I hate seeing Eddie Johnson with USNT but Eddie Johnson is experience in Qualifiers.

      • I think Cameron should start at RB. He plays there foran EPL TEAM. Orozco would be my second pick. I actually wod not mind having Orozco the middle w Beasler.

      • Cameron has looked awful at rightback (or as a defender in general) for the USMNT. It might be a different story at his club. But for us, no thank you. And while I think Orozco has improved under Jurgen, he is a natural centerback and if I’m not mistaken, plays the position exclusively at Puebla. This is why we need a natural rightback like say, Lichaj.

  6. Parkhurst is the right call. He knows the system, has played with team and is consistent if unspectacular. Lichaj may be playing at a Championship team but he could not get on the field Villa once others were healthy. Does Lichaj deserve a chance, maybe but not in this situation.

    • I have know idea whether Lichaj or Parkhurst is better and I believe that JK needs to be given the benefit of the doubt. I am just really annoyed at JK’s double talk. JK says you need to do A, B and C to get on the team and then he snubs people who do A, B and C in favor of those who do not. If he isn’t going to tell the truth he shut up about what he wants in a player and just say that as head coach he is going to pick who he thinks can help the team the most and some of those picks will be controversial.

      • AlexH says:”JK says you need to do A, B and C to get on the team and then he snubs people who do A, B and C in favor of those who do not. ”


        I challenge you to show me where JK says for example, “if Preston Zimmerman does A, B C then we will call him in”.

        In everything I’ve ever read A, B, C and and so on are cited as being important factors but JK, like most every half way sane coach, always leaves room for the intangibles that , my guess is, only he and the staff are privy to.

        This is why you hire a coach and his staff because, otherwise, if there was an objective formula to follow when picking a team, you would not need the coaching staff to pick them.

        There is a way around your concern about personal bias against certain people of which JK is accused in his selection practices.

        Until 1962 the England manager did not pick the team, a selection committee did. The USSF could update that and sell subscriptions to an online site where the likes of you and many SBI posters could pay to select the 23, the starting 11 and even the formation and tactics. At half time, there could be a similar site for suggested substitutions. That would be a way to boost revenue and take advantage of all the knowledge evident on SBI and similar sites.

        And it would prevent Lichaj, Adu, George John and others from suffering the indignity of being denied their rightful place..

        I suspect though that JK and most every manager I can think of would resign were that the case.

      • no, but i’m not sure what your point is. it looked like you were contradicting colin’s comment by saying that he had been called up before, and i was trying to add context.

        and i think lichaj’s decision-making and positional play has a better chance of improving than parkhurst’s, who also leaves something to be desired.

      • Put Parhursts head on Lichaj’s body and you have Frankenrundolo. Parkhurst knows how to play. Lichaj has the physical tools. They are different options. Klinsmann clearly likes players who tend to make good decisions.

  7. listen people, if you saw parkhurst play you would know he was awesome. its just that he doesnt actually play, so you CANT see him play. get it? case closed

    quit suggesting players who actually play are better options and realize that JK NEVER makes a bad decision. period.

    • Yeah everyone makes bad calls but when it comes to Lichaj I don’t see how JK has/is making a bad call. So far he has not called him up and things seem to be going quite well, thank you very much.

      JK even went out of his way to bring in an MLS midfielder (gasp I know that low, low terrible league) in Brad Evans and play him out of position at RB and he’s getting the results. There is something there that JK is looking for, something he wants that in his opinion (and seeing as how his opinion matters most and pretty much is the only one that counts) places Lichaj lower in the pecking order.

      So your caps and periods notwithstanding, thems is the the coach’s calls and while this is great for blog traffic and stuff I’m gonna have to side with the guy who was hired to do the job (and is doing the job) on this one. Just like Lichaj…most of us will have to wait for his chance to come into the team and when he does and proves himself then he would have made a case (a real case beyond playing time) that he is either good enough to take the spot or warrants higher consideration on the depth chart.

    • I have watched Parkhurst play. He improved during the tail end of the Gold Cup. But up til that point, have you watched him play for the USMNT before those string of final Gold Cup games? He was horrendous at rightback for us. And his playing time at his club is pitiful. Meanwhile, the last time I saw Lichaj on the pitch for the USMNT, he played quite well and has stepped up his game and is a team MVP-caliber candidate for a leading Championship squad. A league that, despite being the second-level English league, is better than most European leagues. If Johannsson and Brooks are a part of this squad, Jurgen has no reason to exclude Lichaj due to “experience.”

  8. At what point do you people stop thinking that you are smarter than JK? I am feeling pretty good about the way he is running the team. I have also seen Lichaj play numerous times. He looks great…wait he just overcommitted (again) and got burned…wait, he just made a great run up the right side…and lost the ball and was nowhere to be seen on the ensuing counter. The guy is inconsistent, not just game to game, but during the game. Over and over again. I would like to see him called up, but until he gets more consistent, he still shouldn’t be seeing the field for the USMNT. I also don’t understand the “he played really well for us under Bradley” comments. He wasn’t a lock then either. Parkhurst has been solid, RECENTLY, and yet many of you discount that as if several years ago is more valid than several weeks ago. I would also offer that, if Parkhurst was on that same (lower tier) team, Lichaj would be riding pine.

    • It’ll be interesting to see where Lichaj is playing in 5 years. Despite all the physical tools, he just made a move down and could be on a trajectory headed for League 1. Parkhurst on the other hand was voted the best defender in MLS by the time he was Lichaj’s age and has gone on to win trophies in Europe and make a step up to a better league. Facts.

      • fact: parkhurst played CB in MLS
        fact: parkhurst is not currently dressing for his club (and could be on a “downward trajectory”
        opinion: parkhurst, who turns 30 this season, is a downward trajectory
        opinion: lichaj, who is 24 y/o – has his best soccer in front of him
        fact: lichaj made 32 appearances in EPL before moving leagues
        fact: parkhurst has made 2 bundesliga apps
        fact: danish league is currently ranked 19 in uefa coefficient
        fact: danish league currently ranked below likes of cyprus and israel
        opinion: teams below czech republic (16th) are pretty weak, say relative to MLS
        opinion: league championship is better league than danish 1st diision
        fact: you could make a long list of players – with really outstanding resumes – who do not play RB

        mostly facts. some opinions

      • Some context for your facts.

        Lichaj had 32 EPL appearances–from 2008 to 2013 and half came as a substitute for injured players.

        For your opinions–Lichaj IS on a downward trajectory. He was cut from his EPL team. He now plays in the Championship.

        Parkhurst went from the 19th rated league to the Bundesliga. Opposite of downward. Unfortunately for Parkhurst the GOld Cup forced him to miss his preaseason and he was competing with the club captain for the RB spot.

        A bottom of the table EPL team let Lichaj go for free. A mid to bottom table Bundesliga team signed parkhurst. That’s what happened in the offseason.

      • Note: SoundersOff, my apologies to you for my earlier post(s) about Stu Holden. You were right. He did make 4 appearances for Sheffield Wednesday out of there last 9. Still not what I would call consistent club play, but you were, indeed right…;^)

      • Damn… if the Danish league and FC Nordsjælland is that bad, then Aston Villa must have made a huge mistake signing Parkhursts former team-mate Jores Okore for more than £4 million… they need to ship him back straight away… to be more seriously… In my opinion, having watch how Parkhurst became among the two best right backs in the Superliga Superliga and how he played in Champions League, then he is of mid-table Spanish La Liga quality… I have not doubts about that.

      • Here’s another thing to consider. Parkhurst was bought by Augsburg because he had such an outstanding Champions League. One week he was voted on the best 11 and he had a good game against Chelsea. That’s better competition than he will see in CONCACAF.

    • Because it’s the Internet and people need something to complain about. Something to feel better about. Something to validate themselves with.

      It is the epitome of arrogance to assume one knows more than a professional in the field, but it’s a mainstay of sports culture.

      It’s the reason Tim Tebow wrecks teams because his fanatical supporters leap forward and claim conspiracy and that he isn’t being given a “real” chance. Or the reason Matt Flynn signed an enormous contract only to be cut because he played one good game.

      Or Jim Harbaugh being tossed under the bus by everyone and their mother when he decided that Kaepernick was a better option going forward than Alex Smith. Who needs to see these guys in practice or know anything about them to critique? Not us.

      Or the reason Arsene Wenger–who is undoubtedly one of the greatest footballing minds in history–is ripped apart every year by fans and punditry alike for not splashing in the transfer window. He still manages to put beautiful, cohesive, successful football on the pitch, earn champions league spots, advance from his group and finish in the top 4 against the likes of Manchester United and City. Yet, a new year and the process repeats until a supposed depleted, awful, poorly managed Arsenal side takes down Tottenham who just spent 100M pounds–then Arsense Wenger is a genius again who the fans love.

      Jurgen Klinsmann has forgotten more about soccer than the collective fans on SBI will probably ever know.

      Klinsmann sees something in Brad Evans and believes he would make an international quality right back. Fan reaction? He’s a joke of a coach and hasn’t a clue what he’d doing. Brad Evans succeeds beyond expectations. Fan reaction? Klinsmann is a magician and what a coach. Wait a week or two. Fan reaction? Evans is just a stopgap until player X who we know about becomes amazing to fully take over the spot.

      It’s illogical. It’s irrational. It’s ridiculous.

      It’s the Internet, mate, and everyone is Prince Harry, a rocket scientist and as wealthy as a Saudi prince.

      • you said it brother, and with that thoughtful opinion, in my mind, you are the richest man i know

        way to stay above it all and tell everyone how it REALLY is

        we are lucky to have you

      • Get off your high horse. What is the point of blogs, forums, articles, etc, if not to spark debate. Just because we are not experts in the field and don’t know every single fact does not mean we should not be discussing players and teams.

        Lets apply your argument to politics. As we are all not experts most fields, we should never give our opinion regarding anything other than what we could be consider an “expert” in. So unless your a five star general, you should not have an opinion on whether your country goes to war. Unless your a economist you should never have an opinion about taxes… What is the point of becoming informed if you can’t then debate with others using your newly acquired information?

      • You rather answered your own question. I’ll break down my response to your different points.

        I value thought out opinions based on facts. I’m all about talking players and tactics.

        But that’s not what happens here. People don’t have the facts and talk anyways. Nobody save maybe one or two people on this site have even seen Eric Lichaj play this year. They see an appearance added to Wikipedia and use that as valid basis for attacking the coach.

        As for the General comment, yes. Frankly, the American people should never have a say in matters of warfare. You can have an opinion on whatever you want, that doesn’t mean it’s right or informed. In fact, it isn’t informed. You know nothing of the geopolitical situations behind the scenes and the diplomatic areas or even why the action is being considered. You just see it in terms of money spent and lives lost instead of as a key tool of persuasion in global geopolitical politics between nations–in this case proxy nations using warfare as a tool to destabilize national business and political interests in the Middle East. He used Sarin Gas, woopdeedoo. Sad for the people who lost their lives. We used depleted uranium bombs and white phosphorous on people just a few years ago.

        It’s about power and control and nation positioning. We don’t run the world on accident. And the people running things aren’t foolish, despite whatever silly political person you listen to tells you.

        Being informed is great. Most people aren’t and talk anyways. People think being informed means looking at a Wikipedia page real quick for some tidbits to use as ammo for their preconceived notions.

        You can never be informed on matters of player selection. You don’t see them train. You don’t know why the coach is bringing them in. You don’t know what the coach is telling them to do on the field. Please know I’m using a general “you” and not directing this specifically at you.

        Taxes and economics are not the same thing. And that entirely depends on what debate or opinion you might have. Again, many people have no rational basis for their opinions.

        There is generally not more than one or two right answers. Not all opinions are correct. Not all assessments are accurate.

        To play this out… I’ll use Lichaj as an example.

        Jurgen Klinsmann thinks that Brad Evans is a more capable right back than Eric Lichaj. You can reasonably assume that this decision was based on his years of coaching and playing experience that was used to assess the skills, abilities, and game IQ of the players. They assess these skills by utilizing teams of hundreds of scouts that analyze every piece of game and practice footage available.

        These are professionals with decades of experience in assessing player talent. There are teams of them that work together to build a picture of the player pool that the coaching staff works with. They see the physical examinations, practice examinations and even speak with the players and club coaches.

        They know everything about these players. And then they decide if the player has the talent, fitness, form and many other tangibles and circumstances to warrant inclusion in the squad.

        They then go under intensive scrutiny in person against the other players where they learn the system, build chemistry and grow familiar with the way things operate.

        Then the bench and starting lineups are decided from that in person camp.

        So by the time you even READ that Parkhurst was called up over Lichaj, hundreds of professional opinions and circumstances went into making that choice based on countless pieces of data.

        So honestly, the average person on here that’s not even seen simply a single complete game of footage of these players during an official match saying that entire process is wrong doesn’t warrant an opinion to be acknowledged.

      • Haha. Dude just write a book.

        But pretty spot on about everything.

        Reminds me of my favorite Churchill quote–the best argument against Democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.

      • If you think that the only reason a coach picks or starts somebody is because they are more capable than someone else then you are fooling yourself. Don’t forget there is politics, injuries, petty grudges and other stuff going on.

      • agreed. but coaches want to win so they’ll pick what they believe helps them do that best. but they are only human so make mistakes all the time. they also do all kinds of great stuff and get it right a lot, at least the good ones do

        they don’t walk on water, none of them. that view of them is wacky to me. how is it some affront to anyone for a board like this to question some things…AND praise the super job at the same time?

        and Klinnsman is doing a super job 🙂

      • +1

        for every commenter that’s hyper-critical of klinsmann, there’s another that tries to attribute every good thing that happens to his brilliant coaching mind.

      • Great reality check. I don’t mind people saying they think so and so is a better choice, the problem is when they make sweeping generalizations based on nothing and then go from their to broad conclusions. Just the other day someone on this site proclaimed Geoff Cameron as garbage. So, naturally any coach who would select him is a clueless idiot. This is a good example of what you are talking about. BTW, a good rule of thumb is that, for now anyway, anyone good enough to regularly start in one of the top European leagues is good enough to play for the US national team, or any team in CONCACAF for that matter.

  9. While JK hasn’t exactly kept with his “playing with club team” policy, I can understand this particular scenario. Parkhurst has been with the national team recently and can play into the system. You want someone who knows the system especially with these 2 important games. Granted, Lichaj is earning more playing time with his club team, but hasn’t been in a national team camp for a few years. Granted, he should’ve been called in to past ones, for reasons unknown. Like Klinsmann said, though, now is definitely not the time to experiment. These games are too important. Cherundulo, we need you man!

    • If it’s not the time to experiment, then why did he call in to rookies each with only one cap in a friendly and both with absolutely no Concacaf experience with the names Aron Jóhannsson and John Anthony Brooks? Just askin’.

      • Because he clearly doesn’t see that as experimenting. He thinks they are good enough to play right now and compete for a spot in the system he currently plays.

        It’s quite simple. Klinsmann doesn’t think Lichaj is very good. Nothing else really matters.

      • Well, Brooks had a bad game Saturday and the week before was yanked from the field after only 20 or so minutes for “tactical reasons.” Not really the types of performances that inspire confidence for important WCQ games. And it seems Bacon has cooled down, did not start yesterday.

      • So Michael Bradley should not be called in either, right? After all, he was actually benched.

        Brooks was pulled because his leg injury was tightening and they didn’t want to risk. Johanson was rotated out because they have big non league games happening.

      • Are you seriously comparing MB, who has a million caps for the USMNT and has proved himself time and time again in international play, with Brooks and Bacon, both of whom are rookies with absolutely no experience in Concacaf? Gimme a break!

      • Because Aron is lighting his league on fire with goals almost every game and Brooks is a 20 year old starting as a CB in arguably the world’s second best league who we need to cap. While Lichaj has been inconsistent, but I’m sure we’ll see him in October after we qualify.

      • That is a good point. At the same time, I really doubt Brooks will get any playing time with Besler and Gonzalez in front of him. Jóhannsson is also a talent with great attacking skills, but again, doubt he will start or play much, unless the team has a lead, or in dire need of desperate offense. I agree, Lichaj should have been called in to many camps before this one, and even should have been called in to this one (even if he didn’t start). But, I also mentioned I can understand the rationale of not wanting to experiment right now. So far, the national team has been doing quite well under Klinsmann. Obviously, he does make some strange decisions at times, but as long as they’re winning, I’m okay with it.

      • Depending on the situation, I feel pretty confident that Brooks will be called in to be a late substitute in the Costa Rica game. How late will be determined by the nature of the game. Why else would he be called in and then sent home before Mexico? I think it’s obvious that JK wants to cap tie him.

      • Brooks is there for coverage for Besler IF he picks up a yellow. In other words, Brooks will play vs. Mexico if Besler gets carded, if not, he is going back to Germany. As to him getting token minutes at the end of the game, it really depends if we are ahead, if we are chasing the game, Brooks is not going to see the field.

      • I think its debatable whether Brooks, Goodson or Gonzo is the better option alongside Besler at this point. Goodson was fantastic in the Gold Cup, Gonzo has been inconsistent lateley, and Brooks was lighting it up until he fell apart in his most recent match.

  10. The problem isnt with Mike but with the team he’s on. For what ever reason, he can’t seem to make any progress there. It doesn’t appear to be a good fit at all. While some have had success in Germany, many legitimate players have not been able to get a break there. Some that come to mind immediately are Donovan and Twellman.

    If I was a player, looking to move to a higher team situation, I would NOT consider playing in Germany. I would advise going to England, where players have a better chance.

    • For the life of me I don’t understand why more of our players don’t try to use France’s Ligue 1 as a stepping stone. It’s a terrific league with a very high level of competition. Many international superstars spend a few seasons there before making the jump to the big three…

    • I’d have to agree. The Bundesliga(and 2) loves the German Americans but I’m not so sure about full blood Americans. Even Michael Bradley fell out of favor at bottom feeders ‘Gladbach in addition to the 2 you mentioned. You’d think with Klinsi as coach, it wouldn’t be like this.

    • @ERic: I agree that there is a bit of German snobbishness that might make it more difficult for American players to establish themselves in Germany, and probably a bit of that was involved with Mike Bradley at Borussia M’Gladbach and with Joe Gyau last season at St. Pauli, whose coach not coincidentally was the same one MB had at Gladbach. We saw that snobbishness in reverse during the first year and a half of Klinsmann’s tenure, when he was enamored with some certain members of the US pool who grew up in Germany. (Thankfully, after “THE” news article in March, Klinsmann no longer seems to be giving preference in that direction.)

      That said, I disagree with you that US players should avoid the Bundesliga, which is a top league and would great stage for US players. I think within the next 12 to 18 months at least one Yank break into the Bundesliga and do well and open the door for others to follow.

      And, who knows, Parkhurst might be the one to do it. If he ends up stuck at Augsburg after the window closes today he has two options: Take it easy and wait for the January transfer window to open or fight for a spot on the roster of Augsburg. And I have no doubt he will choose the latter option and Augsburg is not a bad team and has the potential to surprise this season with much better showing than last season.

  11. YES, should have been in the first wave anyway

    I am so glad that JK sees and knows what Parkhurst brings (as opposed to the experts here that have made him their personal target)

  12. Would be interesting to know whether or not Klinsmann first invited Timothy Chandler and got yet another snub from Chandler and only then invited Parkhurst. My hunch is that Klinsmann was not happy when Chandler declined to play in the Gold Cup, which would have been a perfect stage to rehabilitate his tarnished image and try to develop some chemistry with other players. If Klinsmann picked Parkhurst over Chandler after Evans had to bow out, then that tells me that Chandler is done for WC 2014 and will have to start back over in the WC 2018 cycle, assuming he still has dreams of playing in a World Cup and is willing next time to actually work for the honor rather than let others do the dirty work of qualifying.

    • Naws, man. I think it’s clear that Parkhurst’s call up over Chandler (or Lichaj) had everything to do with that meeting you said happened just after the BIH friendly where the players demanded that JK make his roster announcements a few days earlier.

      I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that Michael Parkhurst, who as far as I know is not on twitter and thus not interested in announcing his impending arrival before the weekend, had JK’s back in that meeting.

      I don’t think I’m the only one who’s always pegged Parkhurst as a guy who enjoys last minute surprises, and I assume he did his best to convince the rest of the squad that they should “revel in the glory of that weekend-long shroud of secrecy, and bask in the light of the public roster announcement when it is finally lifted.” I am pretty sure Fabian Johnson was onboard too, but alas, Jozy’s impassioned plea (“Give me the squad list on Thursday or give me death!”) swung the vote and won the day. I think.

      So Parkhurst gets the call for these two, as a show of appreciation from JK.

  13. The German Fussball League has issued the final list of players in Germany eligible to be transferred by the deadline later today and Parkhurst is not on the list, which apparently means he is stuck at Augsburg until January. Not sure if he could move to MLS, but I don’t think he can go anyplace else in Europe.

    As for Parkhurt’s call-up from Klinsmann, does not seem like the right call to me, but, of course, Klinsmann is the chief and has made the decision and now has to live with it. Maybe Klinsmann feels guilty about Parkhurt’s move to Augsburg, which has been total disaster, and is calling him up for USMNT duty to help keep up his spirits.

  14. I know practice form & game form are not the same, but man, NO ONE works harder at general fitness than the Germans.

    If I had to call in anyone who wasn’t getting game time, prefer he not be getting time for a Bundesliga club

  15. “Wishing he would have called in someone like Lichaj or Chandler instead?”

    No, I wish he would have called in someone like Lahm or Maicon. Unfortunately, we only have Parkhurst, Orozco, Lichaj, etc.

    • I get why people are constantly arguing for/against Lichaj, but I really don’t understand the frequent mention of Timmy Chandler. I would sooner expect Dani Alves at RB for the USMNT than Chandler.

      • Agreed. Guy is mentally ill. Bizzare how some accepted his refusal to fly like a legitimate obstacal rather than a mental defect. Phobias are not accepted.

      • Then we disagree. It is a legitimate obstacle. It just doesn’t appear likely to be surmounted. I wish him the best.

      • Woah, did Chandler really not accept a call up due to fear of flying?!

        That’d be neat. It’s totally surmountable though. I, for instance, used to have a crippling fear of flying (heights, in general). Then I took a job overseas a few years ago partly as a way of saying “this fear is dumb, and it’s not allowed to tell me where I can go.” About 15 transatlantic flights later, I literally got bored of being petrified somewhere along the way, and am pretty ok with it now. In my experience, it’s just not possible to sustain irrational terror regularly for 12 hour stretches of time.

      • And you don’t think he travels by air when he goes with his family to let’s say Indonesia for holidays? Look, up to now TC is just a wishy-washy type of a player as far as National team call ups is concerned, specially declining the CR-MX qualifiers and 3 days later he played a BL1 game. I don’t think JK is going to forget that easy. Bottom line, I don’t think he feels American enough to make the sacrifice.

      • I did not know that. Still, since most Europeans have no fear of flying, the comment seems irrelevant to Chandler. You imply that he flies around no problem except when it comes to playing for the national team, but there really is no evidence for that, is there?

  16. also, franco, i like your ‘help is on the way’ line. all it needed was a *rolls eyes*, and it would’ve been perfect. 🙂

    • Makes sense, but I would still bet on JK keeping Cameron as his utili-sub—not a utili-backup. Parkhurst starts, Beasley sighs a bit of relief, Besler has a pit in his stomach for the next month.

    • I doubt it will happen…but I’d love to see fj and db as our outside backs. In previous comments klinsman has said fabian can play left mid or both fullback spots. This would give 2 attacking fullbacks and allow donavon dempsey abd zusi to all be on the field

  17. Not surprising, but would have liked to have seen Lichaj called in (especially bc Parkhurst hasn’t see the field for Augsburg lately).

    Let’s face it, Parkhurst won’t plan unless Cameron/Orozco get hurt or suspended. So, why not call in Lichaj to get acclimated with the JK and the guys?

      • Cuz if you actually saw him play last year you would know he’s young player that struggles with consistency. Thats why Villa didn’t resign him. Hes starting for a decent Championship side now. Let him improve his game first. He’s done nothing to warrant a call up to the A team. That’s why.

      • “Cuz if you actually saw him play last year…”

        Let me stop you there, MLS fan. This here is where the problem lies. This is also why people want him called up. He actually plays. Parkhurst who should be in the peak of his career isn’t even good enough to make the bench for a lower quality German side. Klinsmann is getting results right now but the long term outlook at fullback looks bleak. Forgive fans who want to see a guy who plays that position at the club level given a shot.

      • Good enough to sign and pay week in and week out but not good enough to make the bench? How do people come up with his stuff?

        There are several reasons why certain guys don’t get playing time – not being the coach’s choice (which funnily happens to be the case of Lichaj and JK) happens to be top of the list – is a factor of many circumstances. But to automatically say a guy that a team is paying and has not gotten rid of is “not good enough” without any proof to back it other than he is not playing is ridiculous. Especially when the “not good enough” player keeps getting NT call-ups.

        When you add they “low quality German side” part to disparage Parkhust even further you forget that these sides don’t have the money to just keep bad players on the books. I don’t know why Parkhurst is not getting regular PT but I am sure you don’t either.

        I get it your are ticked that JK is not calling up your guys Lichaj but I am sure you can say your piece with facts and without disparaging another player. Like Evans who people love to belittle and find ways to get out of the line up, Parkhurst may not be the sexiest name out there but he is good enough to warrant a call up.

      • Ed,

        “This is also why people want him called up. He actually plays.”

        Yes he did play for Villa. Badly.

        Lichaj had 17 appearances for Villa last season, most of which were the late sub type.

        They chose to drop him.

        Parkhurst on the other hand has played well for the US as recently as the Gold Cup

        Do you want a guy who plays well for you recently or a guy who is so bad his team drops him?

        Lichaj had his shot . He had all last season to make an impression on a pretty crappy Villa defense and he failed.

        That is his shot.

      • “Do you want a guy who plays well for you recently or a guy who is so bad his team drops him?”

        Parkhurst was decent in the Gold Cup. He provides much to be desired going forward but is solid in defense. He’s 29, reached his athletic peak and still can’t crack the bench in a top 4 league. Hey since Gold Cup performance is the end all for you Lichaj was a revelation prior to Klinsmann’s appointment only 2 years ago for a young player.

        “Lichaj had his shot.”
        Ok coach, I guess I’m wrong. Also keep bashing Lichaj for falling off at Villa, Michael Bradley couldn’t break into Villa, is he a bum too? Of course not. Donovan failed at Bayer L., Jozy at Hull… Not sure what your point is. There are hundreds of player who failed at a club and not because they didn’t have the talent.

        The fact is most are wondering why Klinsmann refuses to call in a player that now plays regularly at Forest. His reason for leaving him out is a cop out as JAB, AJ, Wood were guys who came into camp and played without featuring for Klinsmann previously. If Klinsmann sees Parkhurst as a top option for RB instead of EL he should urge him to move somewhere he can play. If Klinsmann still calls up Lichaj for a look see next friendly we have then this is all moot.

      • Rewind to the Gold Cup of 2011 where Lichaj played in the final against a top quality team in Mexico. He played well. So the argument of the Gold Cup for Parkhurst is a poor one because Lichaj has played in a more competitive competition and looked good while Parkhurst played a bunch of minnows.

        Lichaj was at least able to see the field in the best league in the world (arguably, def top 3). Parkhurst, however, cannot even dress.

        Lichaj did not get resigned? What is your argument gonna be when Parkhurst is let go bc his team doesnt even rate him?

        For all those who say Lichaj couldnt prove himself last year. Let’s stop living in the past. Let’s talk about the present. Who is proving themselves? The guy who looks to be helping his team reach the premier league next year or the guy watching from the stands as his team looks to fight relegation?

        It is clear that this is not a competition of talent and worth but a competition of preference. Lichaj is the attacking fullback that can play on either side of the pitch (something Klinsy appreciates). parkhurst does not play offensively and is not advertised as a multi position fullback. So please stop belittling Lichaj. He is proving himself to be so much better then what you all are giving credit for. Its just Klinsy doesn’t want him. Its that simples.

      • ED,

        Long term?

        I doubt JK is thinking much past the qualifiers nor should he.

        Long term ain’t Lichaj. It’s kids like Yedlin, Pelosi and others whose names I don’t know yet.

        Also why are you so wedded to seeing “a guy who plays that position at the club level given a shot.”?

        JK’s team is set up differently. Dolo and Chandler are the only “natural “ fullbacks who were given significant roles under JK and they probably won’t be available anytime soon..

        Every other player has been a converted midfielder because those guys have the skills to play fullback the way JK wants them to. It is makeshift, but guess what some of the best national teams are basically makeshift in many aspects.

        That is the nature of the beast. Spain won Euro 2012 using Fabregas as a makeshift striker. JK himself won the World Cup as a player on a team with converted midfielders manning the fullback slots. There are many other examples. Brazil’s famed 1970 World Cup Champions played with numerous players” out of position”

        International football is about only one thing, winning and it seems to me JK is doing a good job of getting his guys acclimated to doing what it takes to win.

      • Well, if you actually saw Parkhurst play this year….oh yeah, right, he hasn’t even been making the bench at his club team.

        Your argument against Lichaj=he didn’t do well last year. That doesn’t hold much weight when the guy getting overlooked is actually playing, at a high level.

        Bring in Lichaj

      • Um did you not see Parkhurst play in the CL and do well!?! Did you not see him do well in the Gold Cup? Ok so basically we have two players who didnt play much last year.. one has experience and was acclimating to a new team. One was playing bad and on the bench for his team. The latter also has less experience in WCQ’s. Which one do you call in?

      • Wow Parkhurst played one game well? It happens. Lichaj was praised by everyone for his ability to shut down Bale one game. Google it, it is probably the thing Lichaj is most famous for. Because he had one great game and got recognized for it, are you gonna change your mind?

      • ThatGuy,

        In the 2007 Copa America game against Argentina, the US left back shut down Leo Messi so bad he moved over to the other side in the second half.

        That was Jonny Bornstein. Anyone can have one good game.

      • yeah, klinsmann’s really going to call in someone who’s playing well, and has played well for the national team before, over someone who isn’t playing at all right now, and hasn’t for some time?

        i agree, it’s nonsense.

      • If playing regularly for club is one of the criteria Klinsmann is looking for, why did Stuart Holden get called in and subsequently get injured again? He had barely played at all for over a year and still got called in….I’m guessing Parkhurst is the same? (save for injury, of course)

      • Holden had played a run of 4 or 5 games while on loan at Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship before getting called in.

      • Pre season for 2nd tier relegation threatened Sheffield Wednesday is this “run of 4 or 5 games” you’re talking about? Got ya….

      • Trolololololololo again.

        Holden played with Sheffield Wednesday at the end of the season as they were fighting against relagation.

        Preseason? You people just make sh*t up.

      • Wednesdays final 9 games Stu Holden:
        1 Apr vs Bristol City…..DNP
        6 Apr vs Blackburn……59 min
        9 Apr vs Millwall………..DNP
        13 Apr vs Leeds……….73 min
        16 Apr vs Blackpool….60 min
        20 Apr vs Ipswich……..DNP
        27 Apr vs Pet’rough…..DNP
        4 May vs Middlesbrough..DNP
        Not exactly regular play for club, no?

      • Oops! I only mentioned 8 matches. Stu Holdens 1st match was March 30 vs Barnsley with 62 minutes…..My apologies SoundersOff. You were mostly right, but still 4 appearances in 9 wouldn’t really consider consistent playing time for club.

      • How on earth is it nonsense to suggest Lichaj–who is more versatile (can play left and right back), younger, more talented, gets more playing time for his club team, has consistently played at a higher level (premier league vs Denmark), and has performed better for the national team (was really a stalwart under Bradley and many thought he would be the future)–should be called in over Parkhurst? I have to think Klinsman has something against him or there are some extenuating circumstances that we are all unaware of for Lichaj to have never been called in under Klinsman. Either way, I think Klinsman should provide us all with some sort of explanation.

      • Pretty sure it’s just that Parkhurst was playing regularly and very well (and in the CL) with Nordsjaelland a while back while Lichaj was struggling, so he got called in a bunch. He fit in well with the team, has played well recently in the Gold Cup and Bosnia and other chances, knows the system and is someone JK trusts to perform. So for these huge matches and short camp, JK wants him, rather than a guy he hasn’t seen.

        I’d really be happy seeing Lichaj get called in some day. I just don’t buy that there’s some sort of anti-Lichaj conspiracy going on. He’s just been in poor form / injured / trying to break into a first team / not acclimated to the team when a huge game is coming up, at various times when the team has met over the last while.

      • I agree. While I’m not exactly happy about it, I understand that if he keeps playing well and climbing the ladder his time will come. But it’s clear JK has established his depth chart for these qualifiers and EL is not on it. But so are a number of young promising players. It’s a good problem to have.

      • +1

        Thank you PD.

        Like Omar’s Gonzalez, people complained and whined about him not being called up and mentioned the great hat we were going to lose him. He eventually gets the call and now he’s one of the guys whose name is always in the picture now.

        Lichaj’s time will come and when it does I hope he seizes it BIG TIME like OG did. JK has shown time and again that he has a method of brining people in and maintaining team chemistry. That method takes precedence over his list of call-up criteria – like “regular playing time”. We all know this. But when a call up doesn’t not go the way we want we clinically cheery pick that parts and disregard the whole to make some argument for unfairness. JK has been here for a while and we have enough data to recognize how he views certain players. It’s more than just PT and it often conflicts with the criteria of playing time but that’s natural.

        Lichaj’s time will come but it will be when it is right. This isn’t a matter of unfairness or injustice. It’s management of a depth chart and a team.

      • Even better–after Gonzalez finally got his call, people realized how woefully unready he was for international duty, yet his upside was too positive to ignore so Klinsmann tossed him in the fire.

        It’s backup QB syndrome. There’s a reason he’s a back up.

      • @ Brett

        Yes, but when people make that claim – whether it be to flag an inconsistency or to make JK out to be a liar – it is one of the many “list items” that are considered in a larger selection process. I keep hearing people bring that point up when it comes to Lichaj when they tout his “potential” impact while disregarding Parkhurst’s “actual” contributions to the NT.

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