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SBI College Soccer Top 25 (Oct. 25th Edition)

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While the very top of the SBI College Soccer Top 25 has looked the same for several weeks, one team has slowly climbed up the charts to place itself in striking distance of the country’s elite. That team is Coastal Carolina.

The Chanticleers boast a 10-match winning streak, the longest in the nation, and have climbed up to the No. 6 spot in the rankings. Led by standout midfielder Pedro Ribeiro, Coastal Carolina has shut out six of its past eight opponents to overcome a 1-2 start and solidify a place in the Top 10.

Another new entrant in the SBI Top 25 is UC-Santa Barbara, which is riding a seven-match winning streak. The Gauchos have overcome the loss of Ema Boateng to Europe and have climbed into the No. 16 spot.

Old Dominion makes its SBI Top 25 debut for the season courtesy of a four-match winn

Here is the SBI College Soccer Top 25 for Oct. 25th:


1- CALIFORNIA (10-0-2)

2- WASHINGTON (10-0-4)

3- NOTRE DAME (8-0-5)

4- AKRON (10-3-1)

5- GEORGETOWN (11-3-1)


7- UAB (10-2-1)

8- WAKE FOREST (8-3-4)

9- UCLA (7-3-3)

10- MARYLAND (7-3-5)

11- NEW MEXICO (8-3-2)

12- LOUISVILLE (9-3-2)

13- UCONN (7-2-5)

14- PENN STATE (9-3-1)

15- NORTHWESTERN (8-3-3)

16- FURMAN (10-2-2)

17- UCSB (11-4)

18- MICHIGAN STATE (8-2-3)

19- WISCONSIN (9-3-2)


21- MARQUETTE (9-3-2)

22- WILLIAM & MARY (7-3-1)

23- MILWAUKEE (10-2-2)

24- SAINT LOUIS (8-3-1)

25- OLD DOMINION (8-3-1)



Illinois-Chicago (11-3), North Carolina (5-3-5), UMBC (12-1-1), Creighton (7-5-2), Providence (9-3-2), VCU (7-4-2), Virginia (6-3-4), Dayton (10-1-2), Clemson (9-4-2), UC-Irvine (8-4-3).


What do you think of this week’s rankings? Who do you see being ranked too highly?  Who do you feel isn’t getting enough respect?

Share your thoughts below.


    • They just havene’t played anybody. George Mason might be the best team they’ve played. Having their game against William and Mary postponed hurt since that game would have earned them some more impressive strength of schedule in my opinion.

  1. How about some hype for the biggest rivalry in the nation. UCSB at Cal Poly tonight. 11k seats already sold out days before the game.

    • Ineed. It’s the best rivalry in college soccer by a wide margin. The two games they play a year generally draw around 25,000 total fans. That’s more than most programs draw in the entire season. Plus the games are always close (only 2 of the last 14 have been decided by more than 1 goal) and the home team usually wins (Poly hasn’t lost to SB at home since 2008 and SB has only lost at home to Poly once in the last 14 years) which is always good in a rivalry, keeps the home fans interested when they see results.

  2. You have stuck with CA and WA as 1-2 when others haven’t rated them that highly.
    And they are both undefeated.

    I need to go to the game in Nov….should be very fun to watch.

  3. With due respect to Coastal Carolina’s record and efforts, I would argue with such a high ranking, given their schedule and conference opponents. An overall won-loss record is some indication, but strength of schedule needs to be factored in. Has it been ? If so, I would say that Pac 12 and Big West are pretty strong, with the result that when in conference play, they’ll end up loosing a couple of games.

    • Indeed. UMBC and Coastal have played roughly the same SoS, and UMBC has a better record and goal differential. Don’t think either is a top 10 team, but splitting them that far isn’t so defensible.

      • UMBC haven’t played the caliber of teams Coastal has played. Not sure what measure of Strength of Schedule you’re using, but just looking at the best teams Coastal has played compared to the best teams UMBC has played and I don’t really see how it’s close.

      • How exactly have they played the same strength of schedule. How about you list the five best teams UMBC has played this year, and the five best Coastal has played. It isn’t even close.

      • So, Navy, George Mason, @Hartford, @Vermont, Delaware.

        Versus @Wake, @UNC, Charlotte, @VCU, ???? (South Carolina?)

        You’re right… not trying to argue that the top end schedule is more difficult for Coastal, but UMBC has played a slew of mid-tier teams, and Coastal’s schedule is straight up embarrassing outside of those four games. You can’t look at a handful of games and say those are the ones that matter; they all do. On average, UMBC’s schedule has been roughly the same. But if you want to cherry pick…

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