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Must-See Goal: Raul Jimenez


    • Most likely they have to lose to New Zealand, unless Honduras fails to get a point in the last game and Mexico managed to win and overturn the goal differencial.

    • Panama is 3 points back, two back on goal diff (the first tiebreaker), and two ahead on total goals (the second tiebreaker).

      So if Panama beats the US and Mexico loses to CR, then it will come down to tiebreakers. Panama winning and mexico losing would at least even the goal differential tiebreaker. Panama winning by more than one or Mexico losing by more than one would put the goal diff in panamas favor. Panama still edges mexico if goal diff is tied and mexico doesn’t outscore panama by 2 in the final game. For example, if Panama wins 1-0 and Mexico loses 5-4, Mexico takes the fourth spot.

      At least I think that’s right. :p

      • You’re right, and it’s really not that complicated-Costa Rica winning at home and Panama winning at home (neither particularly unlikely) will 99% send Mexico home. Since by definition Panama would have scored at least a goal to win and they already have a plus 2 goals for advantage, Mexico would need to score three goals in a losing effort away from home (only 1 team in 1 game has score more than 2 goals in ANY Hex game so far btw) to be tied on GD and GF and win on the third tiebreaker (head to head). So as long as both Costa Rica and Panama win, Mexico would need both to be narrow 1 goal games AND make up some insane GF in a losing effort. I like Panama’s chances.

      • It depends largely on how we play against Panama. It wouldn’t break my heart to throw out a team of less experienced players who lose but put up a good fight and make strong cases for Brazil… though, after that Jimenez goal, I kind of feel like it would be a shame for Mexico not to make it.

  1. Incredible goal. I still laugh when I see the “Kaiser Azteca” Marquez out there. He may just make me eat my words or he’ll get torched by or lay a head butt into Joel Campbell of CR.

    Chicha is chupa (piss poor penalty) and Jimenez deserves a closer look.

  2. Might be the most amazing moment I’ve ever seen in a soccer match. Now, Imagine if they lose their next game and don’t qualify. That would be quite the depressing turn. Even I would feel bad for them.

    • I felt bad they got that goal. Panama played well enough to steal a point while Mexico played poorly given their talent. In the end a lucky play bailed them out and stole a well earned point from Panama.

      And before anyone says that was skill not luck, I’m not saying Jimenez didn’t show incredible skill. However 9 times out of 10 that shot still fails despite the skill. Its just a low percentage shot that requires some luck to go right.

      • Actually, I don’t think much luck was really at play here. After the first touch, he executed absolutely perfectly a play with a very high degree of difficulty. You have to give him credit for the placement. He knew where the goal was, and there wasn’t any reason for there to be other defenders in the way, or for the keeper to not be in the middle of the goal, so there weren’t really any factors out of his control. Everything that was in his control, he nailed. You can’t possibly do any better than that.

      • For sure…that a no brainer. Still gives me goose bumps watching it. (I also like Iniesta’s goal against Chelsea but it is a distant 2nd)

  3. That goal might have saved their playoff hopes, but there is still one game left. If Costa starts a strong squad, they will give Mexico a lot of problems and probably win. And Panama in Panama- against a US. side that has not only already qualified but has also won the group- will probably face not the strongest U.S. line-up.

    • This.

      Think it’s not that unlikely that Mexico still doesn’t qualify. Costa Rica and Panama both winning at home seems relatively probable, and even if both those results happen by the narrowest margins (each by a goal) Panama would advance on Goals For (unless Mexico makes up 2 Goals For while losing and Costa Rica winning).

      Really comes down to how hard Costa Rica tries, based on past Costa Rica/Mexico events and the fact that Costa Rica lost to Honduras I bet they’ll try.

      Go Panama/Costa Rica!

      • Costa Rica will bring it. Years of arrogance on the part of Mexico
        Has brought them disdain by almost all of concacaf. It’s say something that we are the superpower but most those countries dislike Mexico more

      • Mexicans are to Central Americans what the US is to Mexicans. The bully up north that feels superior. The cause of their problems. Soccer is just a small part of the equation.

    • I think Klinsmann probably starts enough players who are fighting for a spot with something to prove that we beat Panama anyway. I guess I hope Mexico beats New Zealand so theres 4 Concacaf teams in the World Cup. However I wouldn’t mind getting drawn into a group with New Zealand either. I guess I don’t care.


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