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USMNT 3, Panama 2: Field Level Highlights

US Men's National team vs. Panama

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  1. It’s a shame that a scrappy side with a lot of heart like Panama gets the boot while a massively underachieving team like Mexico gets a playoff. But let’s be honest, they got eight points from ten games, it’s not like they deserve a spot in Brazil.

  2. Wow i have never heard 30,000 fans so quite and empty ! Even the travelling AO group was silent.

    I feel bad for Panama and i respect them throughout the hex, but they did not desirve to win that game! Terrible defense, lots of time wasting, alleged asking the US to go easy on them…not good! That US team was good but not unbeatable! Dissapointed by Panama…

    • +1 … I didn’t know 30K people could be so quiet outside of a moment of silence … then again, I guess they sort of were observing a moment of silence. They must really hate the USMNT – knocked out of so many straight Gold Cups and now this.

    • True, but also look at the Panamanians’ expressions after they scored in the 83′ … they acted like it was over then. As Costa Rica, Slovenia, and Algeria learned before them … uh, no.

  3. Some thoughts of mine:

    (1) Some of Jozy’s first touches were fantastic
    (2) Didn’t realize how perfectly placed Torres’ shot was that beat Guzan
    (3) Panama’s players sure did act like they won the game in the 84th minute
    (4) Roberto Chen clearly said “Guys what the f**k?” when Zusi scored. That makes the victory even sweeter.

    • RE (4) that’s pretty good side lip reading on a small video. I agree with you, he was looking right at the US player (Evans?) who crossed to Zus and essentially asking why we are still trying to score (in less elegant prose).

  4. whoa, that was my takeaway too…there was a red card??? then i looked it up online, and Goal dot com it says that Henriquez got a red card, but so did Brad Davis…QUE? Yet FIFA dot com says that it was Tejada that got the red. WEIRD. Anyway, the craziest sound is the sound of silence at 4:58. VACUUM!

    • Same here. Was it actually given after the final whistle? Could it have any possible ramifications for that player? Or does it provide the definition for “meaningless red card”?

      • I don’t think they showed it, but I do remember seeing a player go after Zusi right as the whistle blew. I remember him kicking out and thinking it was just stupid.

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