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Report: Valencia interested in signing Onyewu

Oguchi Onyewu Malaga (UEFA)


Oguchi Onyewu’s time in Spain may not be done with, after all.

According to a report from Spanish outlet Marca, Valencia have taken an interest in signing Onyewu on a free transfer after he mutually agreed to part ways with Portuguese side Sporting CP in August. Valencia are looking for a replacement for Adil Rami, who just agreed to join AC Milan in January, and have deemed the 31-year-old Onyewu a suitable candidate.

Onyewu is no stranger to La Liga. He spent last season on loan with Malaga but was seldom used by the club. Onyewu made just two league appearances during the 2012-13 campaign, but he did find some success in the Copa Del Rey with four starts and two goals. He also started in two of the three games he appeared in for Malaga in the UEFA Champions League last season.

The veteran centerback has been out of action since playing for the U.S. Men’s National Team in the Gold Cup back in July. To maintain fitness, he has been training with his former team, Ligue 2 club FC Metz.

What do you think of Valencia’s interest in Onyewu? Hoping he signs a deal with the Spanish club? Would you prefer to see him join MLS?

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  1. Good job joining a Champions League quality team. I’m sure this won’t be disastrous like the last five years of doing just that have been.

  2. May the flags of the Gooch be unfurled and bells ring across the countryside welcoming the Phoenix like reawakening of the defender of innocence. The Gooch has returned and our lives will never be the same again.

  3. Good for Gooch, hope it happens. Worst case scenario is he warms the bench at a big club while collecting a paycheck. Best case scenario, he finds his feet again, is able to be a contributor, maybe even works his way back into the NT picture. Either way, not much downside.

  4. I’d have taken him at DCU. I imagine he takes a year at Valencia, hoping he can slip onto the plane to Brazil. Then he heads back to MLS. DCU have allocation right, Gooch has said he wants to play for DC – makes too much sense.

  5. Another last chance for him in Europe…Hope it isn’t same story…Goes to a team, plays a game or 2 and then disappears down the pecking order…..

  6. I see Gooch as bottom tier MLS material. Sadly, La Liga just isn’t what it used to be. Below the top 2-3 teams, it tapers off wildly, and beyond 7-8, it’s not much better than the mid-tier leagues others have mentioned. The success of the national team and the resultant exodus of players coupled with the tanked economy has taken its toll on the league. The unemployment rate of the targeted demographic hovers around 50%! Even still, I don’t see him getting too much playing time week in, week out.

    • Bottom tier material. That’s the stupidest comment yet.

      And La Liga is still the strongest league in the world. They don’t always attract the best imports, but their academies are stronger then anyone else’s on the planet and La Liga teams will still cream English teams on any given day

    • What are you smoking? All 7 La Liga teams are still playing in the Europen competitions, the only other league that went 7 for 7 is BPL. Rayo Valecano, which is in the next to last spot in the table, had more possession than Barca, when they played each other. I am not saying that Rayo are world beaters, but you have to have pretty decent technical quality and tactical acmen to win the possession battle against Barcelona. La Liga ships out player every year, although last year we saw a greater number, but they come back strong and young talented players step in – just look at Real Madrid’s or Barcelona’s young crop playing important roles this season. Gooch is considered for depth purposes and as a big strong body to win areal battles in certain games.

  7. awesome, good for Gooch. i hope it works out. was kind of hoping DC United could get him, but i would love to see him playing at Valencia.

  8. I’m glad to know that he still has some suitors for his services. I will be HAPPIER when he is seeing 90 week in and week out. Maybe it’s his wages but I don’t get why Liege, Anderlect, Olympiacos, Lille, Braga or Galatasaray had not come in for him before this. They are clearly dark horse faves for the 2013 UCL. Picking up a guy with Continental experience, who when on his game is a BEAST in the air, is pretty important for making a deep run in the competition.

    Anyway, what do I know?

  9. What does he want to do? Just fill out a good club’s bench, or play? Because he won’t for Valencia.

    Does he like teams that might not be able to pay him?

    • He has high ambition. Plus he’s seen as cheap/replacement for an even better player. He has years of top level experience and he has the Belgian passport

    • Seriously – what’s with these high level teams being the only ones interested? I don’t understand why some mid table La Liga or Ligue 1 or EPL or Serie A or any other gosh darn league he’s played in team won’t sign him.

      • he’s probably a cheap but good practice levels player or emergency sub for them….who isnt going to cry when he doesnt play.

        Gooch is becoming the backup QB for hire….just get the guy a clipboard.

      • This season Valencia really is a mid-level team. That said, I don’t think he will see the pitch much either with Valencia or MLS because he is too fragile, and will eventually get hurt.

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