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Wednesday Evening Ticker: Touré subjected to racist chanting; Neymar transfer figures revealed; and more

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While Manchester City defeated CSKA Moscow, 2-1, on a dilapidated field in Moscow on Wednesday evening, much of the focus from the following the match centers on reported racist chanting from the CSKA ultras.

At one point in the second half, Man City midfielder Yaya Toure was reportedly the subject of racist chanting and following the game, Toure called on UEFA to punish the club and the fans for their actions.

“I’m not just disappointed, I’m furious,” Touré told The Guardian in England. “I’m very, very disappointed about what those fans have done today and I think Uefa have to take action because players with the same colour of skin will always be in the same position.

“For me, as captain, I was wearing an armband which said ‘No to racism’ and I was totally disappointed.”

According to reports, Man City lodged an informal complaint about the chanting with a UEFA representative at the match and they will also file a complaint in writing.

Here are some more stories to catch you up around the world of soccer:


If there’s one aspect aside from racism that FIFA should tackle, it’s third party ownership.

On Wednesday morning, the president of Brazilian club Santos FC, Odilo Rodrigues, said in an interview with Brazilian newspaper Estadao that Santos has received only €25 million ($34.5 million) from Barcelona over the transfer of Neymar, despite Barcelona saying following the transfer that they had paid €57 million. There have been reports during the summer that a large portion of the transfer fee went to the 21-year-old’s father.

Along that point, Rodrigues says that nearly half of the money that Santos received is going to to DIS Esporte, a Sao Paulo supermarket chain that had bought a 40 percent stake in Neymar as well as Teisa, an investment group who bought a five percent stake. Rodrigues also mentioned that Santos could receive more money if a number of clauses are met.

“After much negotiation, we made four agreements with Barcelona,” Rodrigues told Estadao. “The was the first transfer of Neymar, worth €17.1 million. Of this amount, 40% were transferred to the DIS and 5% for Teisa. Then there is a clause for €2 million if Neymar is a finalist for the Ballon D’or while he is at Barcelona. Of this amount, 40% are also to DIS and 5% for Teisa.

“We have also made an agreement with Barcelona for the exchange of information and technology. We can send our coaches there and vice versa. Under this agreement, they have a preference, on equal terms, on three of our players and was assigned a value of €7.9 million, a sum which Santos received. And Santos also scheduled two friendlies. The first was there and the second here (in Sao Paulo). If Barcelona are unable to play the second game, Santos will receive €4.5 million.

As such, Santos have only held on to €17.3 million from the Neymar transfer due to third-party ownership.


After playing 20 minutes in Real Madrid’s 2-1 Champions League victory over Juventus on Wednesday, Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti believes that Gareth Bale could be ready to start on Saturday.

Saturday is of course the first El Clasico of the season, with Madrid traveling to the Camp Nou to face Barcelona in what will likely be the most-watched match of the weekend.

“He came on when the match has lost its intensity,” Ancelotti told Reuters. “That didn’t help him play better but it was important for him to get some time on the pitch. I think now he is ready to start a match.”

Since joining Madrid from Tottenham at the end of August for a reported $134 million, Bale has started just once for the club as he’s battled a couple of hamstring injuries.


The Santiago Bernabeu crowd gave two Juventus players, Andrea Pirlo and Fernando Llorente, standing ovations when they were substituted. (REPORT)

Crystal Palace have suffered the second managerial change of the Premier League season, as Ian Holloway stepped down on Wednesday. (REPORT)

Atletico Madrid forward Diego Costa says that he has made his international decision but won’t reveal it just yet. (REPORT)

Ahead of the Champions League match between Anderlecht and Paris Saint-Germain, Brussels police announced that they had arrested 87 suspected hooligans, some of whom were carrying knives and brass knuckles. (REPORT)


What do you think of these reports? Do you see UEFA taking strong action against CSKA? Do you see Santos ever receiving a full share of the reported transfer? Do you see Bale starting against Barcelona?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Santos only held onto a portion of the transfer (25 million euros) AND the amount of money they agree to many years ago to sell Neymar’s rights.

    IF it was a case of Neymar going to Santos for the GIVING of those rights. Who at Santos has a complaint ?

    IF Santos wants the whole transfer fee then don’t agree to someone else owning the rights before the transfer happens…pretty simple.

  2. also, of all the issues that fifa should ‘tackle’, i would hope third party ownership is pretty far down on the list.

    yes, it’s confusing, and (if it’s not already the case) each potential partnership should require the player’s consent, but was santos forced to accept third party ownership? i’m assuming they got some money from the part-owners, or, if everybody bought in at the same time, santos didn’t have to pay as much as they would have if they were the sole owner of the contract.

    i would think that the extensive (and admitted) use of bribes and political power to award world cups would be at the top of the list, not racism or third-party ownership.

  3. “I was wearing an armband which said ‘No to racism’ and I was totally disappointed.”

    i know! it’s almost as if armbands with slogans on them don’t actually persuade people to behave better!

  4. Not as embarrassing as the decision to award Qatar a World Cup. Has FIFA even attempted to argue that decision wasn’t dripping with corruption?

  5. “The reported racism is another stain on UEFA’s fight against racism as well as an embarrassment to FIFA, who awarded a World Cup to Russia that will feature a number of African players or those of African descent with other nationalities.”
    What in the hell does this mean?

  6. So very sad and infuriating that this behavior continues. It’s so unbelievable that such ignorant and hateful people exist.

    I sincerely hope UEFA lays down the hammer, not that it will curb these a$$clowns from continuing their disgusting behavior in the future.

    • I’m sure that a lot of Russians aren’t bigots…but, a lot of them are. One must wonder what has to happen to change that country…to shift attitudes into the 21st Century. Of course, Russia is hardly the only country with such a prevalence of xenophobia, but it might be the most prominent one.

    • Though sad and inappropriate, that kind of chanting is in no way unbelievable or even extraordinary. People forget how much the world sucks when they don’t experience hatred on a daily basis. From churches getting blown up in Nigeria and Pakistan (last month), to systemic extermination of dissenters in N. Korea, to attempted genocide in Congo and Sudan hate is alive and well, and racist chanting is the least of its manifestations. If players responded with pity for the pathetic smallness of the racists rather than outrage, it would probably discourage chants more effectively than getting all worked up. Hecklers grow weary of provocation if they don’t get their desired response. Punishment from UEFA wouldn’t hurt either, though.


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