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SBI MLS Save of the Week: Clint Irwin



    • Not from what I saw (the one nominated along with Irwin’s, Rickett’s and others’ on the MLS site). Did he have others in that match better than that one?

  1. Nice to see Irwin picked here.

    For save of the year, Penedo’s leap across the open net to miraculously keep the road shutout against Vancouver has got to be right up there.

  2. BTW, whatever happened to Steve Zakuwani (sp)? To this day, I bet he privately hates Mullins. His career is pretty much over.

    • There was a serious complication from the break where blood was pooling and putting pressure on a nerve in his leg. So it took him about 18 months to come back to full physical form from the break, then he had a bad groin injury that the training staff said was a result of his gait changing after the break. He’s just gotten back from that and he was in the 18 for the colorado match.

      • I doubt he will ever return to normal. I just feel bad for him though and I wouldn’t be surprised if he still hates that guy.

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