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Austria 1, USMNT 0: Match Reaction

Geoff Cameron, Martin Harnik

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  1. If Wondolowski had played more, there would have been goals. The almost goal doesn’t count. It’s still the decision of the referee. And if I had anything to say there would be goal-technology. All in all over the two game span there should have been goals. The best US players didn’t prove a thing about there prowess. The whole thing boils down to whom Klinsmann puts in. I find it sad that players that look enhanced should be more capable than those that don’t. Looks have nothing to do with how well someone eventually plays in the world cup. Results are all important. Look at the lack of buff in Messi (too bad he is not our guy). He probably plays better without extra muscle. He said that he couldn’t have scored as much as he did if it hadn’t been for the help of the team behind him. Also, muscle would get in his way of scoring goals. And look at often touted Freddy Adu. Look where he isn’t today. It isn’t great presentation. It’s results that count.

  2. Whats the point of these match reaction post that occur a few days after said match? Seems redundant and a way to rehash all the arguments and comments posted during the running commentary, post game reaction, player grades, man of match etc…

  3. 1) Shea is good coming off the bench but he shouldn’t start.
    2) Lichaj is better than Beasley or Evans at either outide back position.
    3) Altidore shouldn’t be an automatic starter
    4) Corona, Torres and Casitllo(at mid) played very well in Gold Cup and we should see more of them. (that is if Klinnsmann cares about winning possession)
    5) Dempsey may be our only player that can score without midfield support.
    6) Donovan is our best assist/set up man by far.

    • 1). Agree. IF he makes the squad, he is a offensive spark sub at best.
      2). Tough to say about Lichaj based on limited PT, I’m for giving him a chance. Cameron was an upgrade at RB, however.
      3). Jozy needs to earn his place like everyone else, but the starting spot is his to lose.
      4). Not sure how those guys fit into the midfield. Bradley needs to be on the field. Battle for his central partner looks like Jones/Cameron/Mixx/Kljestan/maybe Beckerman. Wide players when healthy are some combo of F. Johnson, Donovan, Bedoya, Zusi and Dempsey. I would put both groups ahead of Corona, Torres, Castillo, or for that matter E. Johnson and Shea right now.
      5). Agree about Dempsey, when healthy and in form. Johansson has that potential as well.
      6). Stats don’t lie, Landon is a vital part of the offense, has been for 12 years.

      • Well Castillo was hurt at the end of the Liga Mx season, which is probably why Lichaj got a call up as it is lol. Corona was not playing as much as he did in the middle part of the season or the seasons before that. But I would rather have seen him than say Sacha….even with his improved play, goal scoring and better form, every time he plays for the Nats he just doesn’t impress & hardly ever plays consistently well. Although I think he needs to play next to or slightly behind Bradley the way probably Jones should play…but still. Torres I like but is not quite there, in the bubble but not top 28 of the pool I think. The main player missing from these friendlies was Fabian Johnson!

    • 4. And why should play at Gold Cup be taken seriously? Playing at home against the likes of Cuba, Belize, El Salvador — how can you judge players’ worth based on that?

      • When I saw the Gold Cup roster I wrote on these boards that although I think our A team was slightly better, I thought this B team would play more attractive soccer. True in the Gold Cup the Nats didn’t play the best competition. However, in previous Gold Cups some of our opponents sent B team. Look at the result, this year’s B team dominated and had a better goal differential than ANY previous A team in history.

    • 9/10 of us can see the same thing and that means there has to be some sort of truth in those numbers, but for some reason, Klinnsman chooses to ba naive over common sense.

    • 1) 100% correct.
      2) Totally agreed. Haters will hate and doubters will doubt but my assessment is the same as yours.
      3) I agree and disagree. The problem is we don’t have any other striker who is at his level. He is a very good player when he is on, perhaps even approaching world-class. The issue is he is gets to into his head. A lot of the time he needs to just PLAY and forget about the rest. That being said I would love to see the Iceman start over Jozy just to set a fire under hsi butt. It worked quite well the last time.
      4) I am not sold on any of those players despite the Gold Cup. Bringing them in for friendlies isn’t a bad idea though.
      5) This is very true of the “old” Dempsey. The new version is highly disappointing. I think we are seeing the beginning of the great decline for him and his career. At least he cashed out for his family’s sake.
      6) Agreed. I would like to see more of him.

    • 1)Shea in his current form absolutely is not a started. Does seem to offer something when we are chasing a goal late though.
      2) Lichaj has some proving to do. I can’t say that he is or isn’t. I think our best bets at right back are cherundolo, chandler, and cameron. The 3 C’s.
      3)Altidore is still our best striker. The solution is help Altidore get his swagger back. When he is on, we don’t possess a better finisher.
      4)Corona, Torres and Castillo are hardly worth our time. Fringe squad players. None have ever done anything to prove they belong in the full nation team squad. They are best left in mexico.
      5)Dempsey is a creative individual player. On ball skill has him score his own goals at time. No question he should be a starter and a key member of this team. I think with some freedom to roam Bradley would put a few home.
      6) Donovan is still the best player in US soccer history and a vital cog to our chances at performing in Brazil. His last run for sure. Let’s hope he still has enough left in his tank.


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