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Must-See Goal: Gareth Bale

GarethBaleRealMadrid2-Galatasaray (Getty)


  1. Meh….It’s most like “must see bad goalkeeping”. I mean, it has some weird movement on it late, but that’s what happens with balls that don’t spin much. Could just as easily have gone over or wide or right to the keeper.

    And if the keeper can’t see the ball from the kick, that’s his fault for setting the wall up poorly.

  2. I’m not the first to knock a humdrum free kick being described as a “must-see goal” but this one really lowers the bar, doesn’t it? As the announcer said, this was “unconvincing goalkeeping” more than anything else.

      • Check the second to last replay. ‘Keeper couldn’t see the ball, or where it was going , until it rose above the wall. Too late then.

      • That’s where I’ll cut him some slack. The comments below are talking about the movement on the ball, but…meh, there isn’t all that much, honestly. His view was definitely obstructed, but still a savable shot.

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