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Must-See Goal: Mario Götze

MarioGotzeBayernMunich1-CSKAMoscowUCL (AP)


  1. I love how people are saying this is nothing special yet if Neymar scored the exact same goal, people would be posting all over about how sick it was. German players get no respect.

  2. Why was my comment deleted? All I said was i wasnt sure why this is must see, it wasnt anything all that special. Nice bit of skill but nothing that isnt done multiple times every week

    • If Neymar or Bale scored the same way, everyone would be posting novels on how amazing it was. Double standard. Gotze is only 21 and this goall looked very reminiscent of a certain Argentine when he was that age. Imagine Gotze in 4 years

      • No I would say the same thing about anyone scoring it, and Gotze is a fantastic player. Do not assume that just cause I think the goal is average that I would fanboy over others scoring it.

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