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Green scores again for Bayern Munich in friendly win vs. Kuwait SC

JulianGreenBayernMunich6 (dpa)


It may only be in friendly matches, but Julian Green is continuing to show the goal-scoring ability that is quickly endearing him to Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola.

During Bayern’s second friendly match of their winter training camp in the Arab Gulf against Kuwait SC, Green received a pass on the left wing, dribbled into the box with his right foot, cut away from goal and a defender and unleashed a blast past three more players into the side netting. The goal put Bayern up 2-0 at the time on their way to an 8-0 victory.

It’s the second consecutive friendly match for Bayern that Green has scored in. The 18-year-old Tampa, Fla. native was invited to join the first team in their winter training camp after scoring 15 times in 18 appearances with the Bayern reserves this past fall.

Here’s a video of Green’s goal against Kuwait SC:


  1. I believe Green won’t transfer anytime before the WC, he will continue with his U- team. IF we get killed by Germany, he will wait on them, IF we tie or beat Germany then our chances to get him improves exponentially.

  2. It will be interesting to see how his future pans out. If he continues to succeed at Bayern, eventually Germany will come calling, and it will be tough to turn that down over playing for the United States. It will come down to wherever his heart leads him, which we all have no influence on, but we will still debate it like we do. Game on…

  3. Julian is a great young talent, and handled correctly, he will continue to improve and become a mainstay in the Bundesliga, or any league that he wants to play in. There seems to be a lot of haters on this website. I’m not sure if they are dudes who have never played the game, or dudes who played and were better in their minds…who can say. I suppose it’s easy to sit on here and run smack, but then that’s what makes the world go ’round. I suggest that the haters chill out and see what becomes of Julian. I’m guessing that whatever happens it will be better than simply being a spectator with not an ounce of athletic ability. Or, an “ex” player with excuses.

    • James – what is the point of being a fan then? People shouldn’t comment unless they were also former pro players? People shouldn’t comment unless they’re going to say nice things? I just think that we ought to wait until someone really achieves something before we go crazy about how great they are.

    • James, as I read through all the comments and got to yours I was surprised to see the “hater” label. I didn’t really pick up on much hating.

      I don’t know if you are new to the site, but in my experience there is usually a good number of fans on here who get REALLY excited about any new young player eligible for the U.S. (You hear Ives comment about that premature excitement sometimes on the SBI show.)

      So I think what you’re seeing is the other fans push-back, putting it into perspective, saying he’s still a young player, hasn’t had much experience, what has he really accomplished, other guys haven’t panned out for us in the past, etc.

      Essentially they mean the same thing as you, ‘wait & see how he develops, so everyone calm down’.

      It’s just how the two sides talk to each other. Lots of excitement and hyperbole. Take it all with a grain of salt.

    • James,

      Green is promising but the US vs Germany question will clearly take a back seat the “try like hell to make the Bayern first team or as high a level as possible ( i.e loan to Manchester United or some other lower level team) “ question.

      Put yourself in Green’s shoes. Would you rather be in Cup Campcake or impressing Pep with his A team?

      Tough choice but if Green has any brains, and he seems to, then impressing Pep makes much more sense.

      Take care of your full time job first. Eating is more important than pissing off the Preston Zimmermans of the world or stealing a job from Jack Mac.

      Once that is settled, and it requires all of Green’s attention, then he can focus on the national team of his choosing. Stay tuned.

  4. There’s always the one out field player that never sees the field during the world cup or comes on for the last 10 minutes of a game that out of reach or meaningless, Lets just try to bribe him into picking the USMNT by offering him seat number 23 on the plane to brazil….

    We were all thinking it, I’m just the first to admit it,

    • You either deserve to go or you don’t. Lets just say the last spot is between Green and Herc. Are you really going to leave someone who has been apart of the process and fought for the team to bribe some kid who other wise wouldn’t even want to play for you? If that’s what we’re doing then I think personally it’d diminish my passion for the national team. If Green is just a great player its one thing but bribing a prospect is another.

      • Depends. If you think of it like that, it sounds pretty bad. Should we use the 23rd spot for someone unlikely to ever touch the field for veteran leadership, or to bring along a player who isn’t quite there yet but would likely have an impact on the next cycle in order to give him an idea of how world cup soccer is different than club soccer. Do you think it would be valuable to have some of the top u23 players come in and fill out the bench or Gomez and Bocanegra? It’s not that unreasonable to bring him in for that reason.

      • I think you take who ever can help the team right now. If Klinsmann thinks the Green can then great but if we are only taking him because we are scared we’ll loose him to Germany that’s different. W

      • I don’t know. Given our group and the odds against advancing, that could be a pretty strategic move for the future. And let’s face it. We could do worse than taking the kid now. Any guarantee Gomez is going to have any impact? I mean, we have a lot of depth at the position we didn’t before, so that’s a good thing… but all of that new depth is still fairly mediocre by World Cup standards.

      • Then lets take O’neill to make sure he doesn’t play for Ireland too. We could probably fill out a roster of dual nationals if we wanted to. However 4 years from now there will no doubt be some other young prospects everyone will hype. Then we’ll end up taking them.

        We better call in Ben Lederman too he might nationalize to Spain if we don’t lock him down now.

    • Jayare,
      You want to develop him at the expense of the 2014 WC? The kid could break his leg next year and never play again.

      If JK thinks Green can actually make more of a contribution than the 2014 effort than whoever is the #23 guy then I have no problem with inviting Green.

      Otherwise the US needs every single position to contribute particularly this year. There is no room for f***ing around this year.

    • Assuming Green wants to play for Germany (a pretty fair assumption) why would he do that? Your cynical suggestion is insulting to Green and the players you’d throw off the plane for him.

      • Please explain Theo Walcott in 2006. Michael Owen in 1998. I’m not saying he’s as good as them or he’s proven anything close to it but if the scouts and coaches feel the talent is there and can’t be ignored they need to do what’s within their power to secure us the best talent or have you all forgotten about that German kid Muller from 2010??? If this kid gets 15-20 games in all competition for Bayern before the end of the season we need him Brazil.

        We are the USA we do not have the talent that these European and South American teams have …YET

        So in the mean time let’s cherry pick as much talent as we can. The French do it all the time look at France 98. Look at their recent U-20 World Cup ….look at that beast of a player Patrick Viera …

      • Theo Walcott is a great example of why not to take a player. He didn’t see the field during the World Cup and was a waste of spot. Whatever “experience” he got is also wasted as he will miss this and the last World Cup due to injury.
        Michael Owen was much more proven having scored 18 Premier league goals, in the season before the World Cup.

      • JayAre
        “Please explain Theo Walcott in 2006. Michael Owen in 1998”
        Walcott played 0 minutes in 2006, failed to make the team in 2010, and blew out his knee the other day and won’t make 2014. So taking Walcott to the 2006 WC has been a garbage investment with no return. I don’t know who Walcott kept off the England 2006 WC team but that player could not have been a bigger waste of time than Theo has been to England’s WC efforts.
        Green could be JK’s Walcott.
        Michael Owen scored one of the great all time goals in the 1998 World Cup. It was the goal that introduced him to the world. If Green goes to the Brazil with the US and does that then wonderful.
        But if, as you have suggested, you stick him on the roster just to cap tie him and have him make up numbers without contributing then that is a criminal waste of a badly needed spot. Players can contribute even if they don’t play but I don’t know how you expect Green who would most certainly be a last minute addition to do that.

  5. Somebody call Terrence Boyd, get him over to Green’s apartment stat. Give Boyd a few hours with him and Green will commit, no problem.

      • Yeah, that guy doesn’t know talent at all. I mean he has moved to a new league from the team/system he was raised in and has kept them humming or even better than last year.

      • I don’t think he saying Green is not a great player or will be come a great player. But let him earn his chops first.

    • Sorry, but I defer to Pep Guardiola, when it comes to assessing young talent. Do you realize how difficult it is to break into Bayern’s first team? Green is one of the top three plyers in Bayern youth program. Guardiola thought highly enough of him to play him in the UEFA Championship League game and keeps inviting him to play friendlies with the first team.

      • has any youth player ever, in the history of big club soccer, ever been invited to play with the senior team and not panned out? Come on! Ballon D’Or here we come! Clearly we can extrapolate whatever we want to make whatever case we want-for example, Alex Ferguson thought highly enough of Spector to play him in a Cup match, so he is destined to be a RB fixture for the Red Devils for years to come!

      • Blokhin, nobody is suggesting that ALL young players pan out or that Green should be given Ballon d’Orr. If you want to have an intelligent debate, there’s no need to exaggerate and mischaracterize what other people are saying. My point is that Pep and Bayern clearly value Green high and I defer to their judgment. Pep keeps giving Green opportunities with the first team, including the Champion’s League experience (Bayern does not do that for every player in their youth system). Green has scored in almost every game that he played with the first team, including a hat trick in preseson. Watch his tape – his skill level is much higher than Spector ever had.

      • Eurosnob,

        You are deferring to Pep? Over what?

        Did Pep say Green is ready to play for either the US or Germany in the 2014 WC? Do you have a link?

        Did Pep say, in English or German or Spanish or Catalan that Green is ready to play for the Bayern first team? Do you have a link?

        All I see is Pep clearly likes this kid and is giving him a lot of chances to show his stuff with Bayern’s A team. Now this may be unprecedented but it might be worth noting that Pep is just starting at Bayern so if that is “unprecedented” it is hardly surprising. Green did play in a Champions league game but it wasn’t against Real Madrid or Manchester City was it? There are some crap teams in the early stages of the Champion’s league and Kuwait FC isn’t exactly Borussia Dortmund.

        Green may well make Bayern’s A team or he could be loaned out or maybe Pep is showcasing him for sale to TFC.

        When Pep makes his decision and lets everyone know what it is then you can talk about deferring to it.
        ng as if they know what Pep will do and

      • Pep has mentioned that green has a bright future as part of Bayern’s senior side. He has also said he is a supremely gifted young player who has an innate ability to score goals. He actually speaks quite highly of him.

        In regards to some people who believe he is going to be loaned out this spring, I believe it is highly doubtful at best and not going to happen in all likelihood. If Bayern secure the league with 5 matches to go again he’ll be better off staying with Bayern to train with their first team. Bayern’s second 11 could compete in the premier league so he gets invaluable coaching from pep and invaluable experience from the established first team stars.

      • +1. GW, under the Champions league format, teams like Bayern, which won both the domestic league and the champions league in the previous season, do not play in the qualifying stages and the playoff round – they start at the group stage. And Green was fielded on the road against the team that held Real Madrid to a 1-1 draw in the round of 16 in the last season of the champions league.

    • But he scored on Kuwait SC!! Has Ronaldo, Messi or even Rooney ever scored on Kuwait SC?!?!? I think not. Let the hype machine begin.

    • Green may turn out to be great but there have been countless kids in youth teams who looked great and never amounted to anything. Take a look at any u-17 world cup roster and see how many actually pan out.

      I’m just saying before we all go crazy over Green, can he at least play a professional league match first? Plus, I suspect that if he’s as good as many assume, he’ll play for Germany given that he’s lived there almost his entire life.

    • I agree, that defender is a professional player? That was a pretty straight forward cut back and he has a good foot but that is expected for a pro level player.

      • International friendly… as in an inconsequential game that was supposed to be dominated by one side anyway. That kinda fits a pattern. There’s always a possibility the defender was making some money on the side.

  6. If he isn’t going to represent the states then his performances don’t really matter. As of yet, he has not committed his future to the U.S. side. It would be nice to see him with the USMNT but if he chooses Germany it wouldn’t be surprising considering he’s spent the majority of his life and career there.

  7. The kid’s got some serious promise. Like Aaron I hope he picks us, but if decides otherwise and goes the way of Rossi I wish him all the best and every success as another American doing well on a big team.

    Take your time kid to make your choice and keep working hard on your game. Good luck.

    • Rossi was born and raised here, Green lived basically his entire life in Germany. I don’t think it’s really comparable.

      • Ahhh, my old buddy slowleftarm. We’ve been through this before and I know where you are coming from and I am quite certain you know where I am coming from. I look at them as Americans – with no other categorization or calibration or measurement thereof – as I make my statement.

        Green may very well feel that way, as is his right to, but that does not make him any less American to me.

      • Then why do you bother to post this. Having another person who was simply born in the U.S. do well does not show how soccer is improving the U.S. as this is not a genetic thing and an issue of getting the right development and environment to succeed at soccer on the world stage. Huge difference with Rossi

      • ” I look at them as Americans – with no other categorization or calibration or measurement thereof – as I make my statement.”

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