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Bradley discusses what makes Stabæk special

BobBradleyEgypt3 (Reuters)


  1. That’s a great picture of Bob. He looks he’s visiting from the 23rd century, when everyone is bald and wears one piece jump suits.

    • Hey Smith, Why the hatred? The guy is a great coach and even better human being.
      And you are probably going to a One Direction concert tonight wishing you were important like BB.

  2. I know they lit flares and are rushing the field after being promoted.

    However, the end of this video makes it look like the stands are on fire and supporters are running in terror.

    La oss opprør!

  3. This has to work. Maybe not a championship in the first year but something respectable. Bob is in my opinion the hope of American futbol coaches, who find it hard to be respected well because they’re American. Good Luck to Bob. Hoping a move to a bigger club in the future.

  4. Hmmm. After that video I’m not sure it’s a good move. Crazed fans with flares climbing over each other to storm the pitch? Didn’t Bobbo get enough of that in Egypt? Good luck, though!

  5. I loved that. So proud of you Bob. Dude even have Jose Mourinho doubling as a goal keeper coach (51 sec. in…I keed, I keed the boring Chelsea).

    Seriously though, as small as this move may seem to some, this is huge for American soccer (or as BB so well put it in the video – football 🙂 ). Good luck Bob and I’ll try my very best to catch as many of your team’s games as I can from back home, sir. We’re rootin’ for you.


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