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2014 MLS Draft (SBI Live Commentary)



PHILADELPHIA– The 2014 MLS Draft kicks off today with some uncertainty about just how the top of the draft is going to go.

D.C. United holds the top spot in the draft and could go in any number of directions, whether it’s keeping the pick or trading it to one of the several teams interested in UConn goalkeeper Andre Blake.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today’s MLS Draft so please feel free to follow all of the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s Commentary is after the jump):





  1. Lalas makes a good point. Pareja probably knew all about Akindele, playing at a Colorado school. It might be that his invite to the Combine was due to Pareja’s interest.

    • This makes it sound like the guy was a nobody… Rapids were after him before Pareja even joined Colorado:

      “The Canadian-born Colorado native (he made a brief cameo with Canada’s U-17 program) had charted a course of his own. So when the Rapids invited him to join their academy teams (he made some guest appearances with their youth teams), he stayed loyal to his club team Storm North. When top Division I schools in California like UC Santa Barbara chased him, he opted to go to the academically renowned Colorado School of Mines to study electrical engineering.”

  2. This draft is screwy. First Dallas traded with NE to take Neumann. Then they didn’t and NE has him. Philly traded up one spot for a guy they would have taken at #2 to fill a position of strength for them.

    • Goff is reporting that Dallas, Vancouver, and Philly all made offers for the top pick. Evidently Blake was in big demand. So DCU took the top offer–the #2 pick and allocation $. And then got the player they intended to take all along. Me? I’d have taken Dean. But I can understand taking Birnbaum–that’s a fine choice.


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