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Torres scores game-winner for Tigres in Copa MX

JoseTorresCelebratesTigresUANLGoal1-AtleticoSanLuis2014 (Imago7)


Jose Torres isn’t known for his goal-scoring abilities with Tigres UANL but he found himself in the right place at the right time on Tuesday evening.

In the sixth minute with his team pressing high up the field, Torres intercepted a terrible cross-field pass from Atletico San Luis defender Alexis Loera and scored easily in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper. Perhaps more impressive was Torres’ celebration, which involved a successful backflip that would make Olympic judges proud.

The 26-year-old U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder’s goal was enough for Tigres to hold on to a 1-0 victory in their first Copa MX match of the Clausura campaign. The game was marred late in the match by fighting in the stands between fans of Tigres and Atletico San Luis.

Here’s a video of the goal and highlights of the game (goal starts at :45 after the jump):


  1. JFT or “El Gringo” Would be a huge HUGE signing for Houston Dynamo or FC Dallas 96! I would love to see Francis and Rico Clark together in Houston. He would also be a major upgrade over Jacobsen and offer some needed possession now that David Ferreira is gone.

  2. He’s good at distributing but he gets caught in possession too often and isn’t great at breaking up the attacking flow as a recovery player. It didn’t help him that he got hurt, but he’s probably at the level he will be at for his career. Are we really gonna say a spot starter in the Mexican league is one of our better internationals? Even with Bradley rejoining the mediocre MLS game, I don’t think so.

  3. Maybe he can follow the recent trends of Americans coming back to the MLS for playing time.
    He would be a big improvement at Chivas USA, affordable, and… a marketing gimmick that they are so desperate for. How many other players have they had who fit all three?

  4. He’s a great middie and needs to be called in again. His sort of composure under pressure is what this team lacks at the moment.

  5. Maybe the train has left the station.

    Pity Klinsi almost never played him where he’s best. He was outside left. He was left back. Once he was an advanced central midfielder. But never a deep lying central midfielder.

    Got it. Jurgen wants a different sort of player there. More athletic, more “vertical”. But from where I sit it’s a real shame. This kid has vision and an ability to pass that’s just wonderful.

    • +1

      Klinsy never played him in that deep lying midfielders role, shame too because has skills that not too many wearing the Red, White, and Blue have. I’d like to see him get another shot in a friendly or another camp soon.

  6. Can’t help but wonder

    if he makes the transition back into the team next cycle. JK has played with formations before, and when Dempsey, Donovan, and Jones leave, there’s going to be some tinkering to get the best formation for the next group. If it becomes more fluid, say a 4-3-3, he could find himself back in the conversation.

    • ya, Klinnsman has tried him out wide at LM where he was okay at times but he is certainly a CM; in the mix with Jones, Bradley, Kjestan, Edu, Williams, Beckerman, Mix, McCarty, etc…

      if we evolve into a 4-3-3 (which i think we certainly could) more CM’s will be needed but its not like there is any shortage of prospects there either Corona, Gil, Powers, Okugo.. Outside of Bradley and Jones I don’t feel like any of the CM’s are incredibly better tho.. just those who perform well when Jurgen is watching..

      Congrats on the goal

  7. He needs to move to another club where he can start. Tigres’ starters/subs are set in stone and he will only get play time if something happens to Pizarro or Salcido…and that will be only for the remainder of the season until they buy another CM.

    Should move to MLS!

    • i don’t think it’s his fault. I think our non latin players almost all lack the technical ability to play the way he wants to especially our european based players as none of them are that great with the short passing. Bradley is a cleanup guy around the back at roma, when when at roma, same for Jones. We aren’t set up to play with this type of player. I think that’s why all these latin guys like Villarreal all of a sudden are going to mexico. more technial play. And they will be surrounded by guys that love the ball at their feet rather than being forced to play counter attack football like so many american teams want to.

  8. I don’t think he makes the roster for the World Cup this summer. He may or may not but he hasn’t been exactly making waves in Liga MX recently. At this point the U.S. midfield is pretty much set, barring players losing form or injuries.


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