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Is this the USMNT’s new World Cup home jersey?

USMNT 2014 World Cup home jersey


A World Cup year means new jerseys for most if not all nations set to participate in the tournament.

This might be the U.S. Men’s National Team’s., which has a history of correctly leaking U.S. jerseys, released images on Saturday of what is believed to be the new U.S. World Cup home jersey. The biggest talking point will surely be the collar, which the U.S. has not sported since a friendly in 2006 and not used at a World Cup since its successful 2002 campaign. It also has thin horizontal gray lines that are only noticeable with a hard look.

The jersey also marks the return of the regular U.S. Soccer crest. The U.S. used a special centennial crest for much of 2013 to commemorate its 100 year anniversary.

Here are a few more images of the jersey:

USMNT World Cup jersey 2USMNT World Cup jersey 3

What do you think of the jersey? Like the collar and thin stripes? Wish the centennial crest was used instead? Planning on buying one?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. USA>>Les achats en ligne pour maillots de foot USA tiptop et polyvalent pour la nouvelle saison de football. Vous devriez être à l’aise avec une excellente qualité. Quand attend pour Football Coupe du Monde 2014,vous devez maillot USA.

  2. 1. Way too “wanna be” England
    2. Looks like what the coaches would wear on the side line, not the players on the field.
    3. Cool polo shirt, poor choice for our National Team jersey
    4. With all the smart, creative people at Nike, this is all they could come up with!? Seriously? Get creative already! Adidas is killing Mike in their National Team Jersey designs. It pains me to say so, but the new Mexico jersey looks awesome. Nike, do you want to be outdone by Adidas and Mexico.
    5. I will not buy if this is the jersey.

  3. Oh, and the US crest is frankly awful. Gulati must have had a hand in making this because I cannot for the life of me understand why this is not being permanently replaced by the centennial crest.

  4. Yuck. Really? The most inspired part of this jersey is the blue Nike swoosh, which is pretty friggin sad. I’m honestly really sad they seem to have abandoned the sash, as I thought that would be a ag great US brand identifier. I know other national teams have this too, but the US looked really sharp in those. I’ll never understand why they dropped the red jersey with the blue sash so quickly. Anyone know why those went away so fast?

  5. This has to be a strategic ploy by Nike to frighten US soccer fans into believing that this is the next jersey so they rush, in a panic, and buy up all the remaining inventory of centennial jerseys and then nike surprises us all with a completely different design in February.

    But judging on the past 20 years of uniforms prob not. That crest will haunt us forever

  6. I think the jersey is pretty nice, though like others here, I would have preferred that they had stuck with the centennial crest. I’m not sure why so many people hate this shirt so much. There are a lot worse jerseys out there.

  7. Hate hate the collar. Besides the look which is, I guess, debatable. The discomfort of wearing it in the fricking rainforest is NOT. Please tell me US Soccer is not so stupid as to send our boys down there with another self-imposed disadvantage.

  8. Oh I hope that’s just a polo and not the actual home jersey. You might as well just stitch a Three Lions crest on it. It doesn’t look classy or cool in any way. Maybe they’ll release a pair of Dry-Fit khaki shorts to go with this one.

  9. Most jerseys look good, my decision to buy it will depend on how the replica jersey fits. The last several jerseys by NIKE have fit like burlap sacks, not fitted at all…

  10. This would be fine as a polo to show support for the team but jerseys with collars look stupid. The only sports to allow collars on uniforms are golf and bowling. I will not buy one. Also, the centennial crest should have been adopted as the new crest since 90% of the fans don’t like the 90’s clip art style of this crest. Seriously, why don’t they revise it?

  11. To US Soccer: “Oh, vintage. So adorable.”
    To everyone else: “That is the ugliest effing shirt I have ever seen.”

    Slap any corporate logo on that hideous POS, wear some khakis, and it has “middle management” written all over it. Actually no.. slap any corporate logo on it because it’s the most embarrassing crest in the world and I would rather our team be the Microsoft National Team.

    USSF has no in house graphic designers ( or they need to fire them because all their merch is fugly as all heck….) but I want to know where the crest came from. Was it made in the early 90s back when people used the default Windows paint program for everything? Did an 8th grade class do a contest?

    They should have a design contest and offer a big reward, like tickets to the World Cup or something. I bet they’d get hundreds of awesome designs from professional graphic designers to choose from.. and far better than anything USSF can do. And it could get people excited about US Soccer and get a lot of attention. Fans would get to vote, blah blah blah

  12. This design is so plain. Ives, how about an in depth story on the making on the US kit. Let’s be honest, Nike does not seem to have a very creative design department. With so many minds out there, they don’t seem to have a clue. It seems that all their money should be able to get them a clue. Someone please do a proper story on the construction and design of the USA kit.

  13. Boring baby, this looks like an abomination from the old NASL days. Throw in the crap AYSO crest, and it’s a joke. I heard this jersey was a hoax.

    Every single fan of the Nats wants the Centennial crest to be the permanent crest going forward… what’s so freaking hard for USSF to understand?

  14. Dear USSF,

    By the way… Try to find a football/soccer ball in any of the following crest from national teams: Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Portugal, France,England, Germany, Italy, etc, etc.

    Let’s keep the ball in the back of the net of our opponents… Not in our crest!!

    Thank you


  15. Dear USSF,
    Every national team reflects (should reflect) the colors in its flag. With that said, USA is the RED, WHITE and NAVYBLUE… The centennial crest is exactly that! The centennial has the colors right (stars over navy blue field, red and white stripes – the number of the thirteen colonies, by the way). This “modified” crest should disappear from our kits. Keep this crest (if youy want) as the logo for the letterhead in official communications or as the logo for the official website. But, please… BRING THE CENTENNIAL (with the golden trim) BACK!!



    P.S. Remember to use All White for the home kit and Waldo (with NAVY shorts and socks) for the away kit

  16. Le looks like Nike put its A-1 design team on that one. I wonder how many brain storming sessions and focus groups it took to come up with the masterpiece that is this uniform.

  17. Very conservative. At least it doesn’t have the centennial crest. I just don’t like that badge at all. Keep the one we already have. Aside from that, the horizontal lines should be much more visible…


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