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You Write the Caption: Jurgen Klinsmann / Julian Green Edition

Jurgen Klinsmann Julian Green

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Sunday marked the first day that Bayern Munich youngster Julian Green trained with the U.S. Men’s National Team, and while Green is spending just two days with the team, there is already plenty of buzz surrounding his arrival.

In honor of Green’s arrival to USMNT camp, we have dusted off the old SBI You Write the Caption Contest. After the jump, you will see a picture of a very happy Jurgen Klinsmann and smiling Green enjoying training in Frankfurt, Germany.

Check out the photo and offer up your own caption after the jump:

Clint Dempsey Jurgen KlinsmannJulian Green

“Yes Julian, even Clint knows German now. Right Clint?”

Now it’s your turn. Share your own caption for the above photo in the comments section below.



  1. Caption: Sure, playing for Bayern is good, but you haven’t accomplished anything yet. You need to push for more and more. And let’s face it. Helping Germany to World Cup glory is getting to be kind of ho hum. After me, who is going to remember anyone who accomplished that? The real challenge is here on the USMNT… Did I ever tell you my theory on baking cakes?

  2. Photo 1 – Klinsmann ” Look kid, stick with me you’re going places.”

    Photo 2 – Klinsman ” Quick speak German Julian, so he doesn’t know we’re talking about him.”

  3. Coach: Julian, think of all the endorsements you could have if you choose The US&A.


    Clint: Yeah, Julian perhaps one day you can take over my role as American spokesman of Modelo Beer.

    *Coach and Julian erupt in laughter*

    Julian: Is this dude for real? The biggest American star and his most visible commercial is for Mexican beer…

    Coach: I think he was joking, It must be that dry Texas humor. [Takes Julian aside] Don’t worry I can get you most of the lucrative Freddy Adu sponsorships.

    Clint: Yells to Coach and Julian, “Hey, at least its better than GanaGol!”

  4. Clint: “Oh, hands on hips? We are doing hands on hips now? Is that what you are telling Green to do? I can do hands on hips too. Been doing hands on hips for years now.”

  5. Julian: “Clint made fun of me in front of the guys, and I didn’t know what to say”

    Jurgen: “If you really want to yank Clint’s chain, you have to really smile hard at him”

  6. Deuce singing: “It’s my c*ck in a box!… One – you cut a hole in the box… Two – you put ya junk in dat box…. It’s my c*ck in a box!….”

    Klinsi: ” No Julian he’s dead serious…”

  7. 2nd photo:

    Klinsi: … wird nicht in der weltmeisterschaft spielen.

    Clint: Yo guys, no hablo Deutsch…Whatcha laughing about?

    Klinsi: Oh, it vas nothing, just talking about the veather, I swear.

    Julian: Ja.

  8. Photo with Klinsmann and Julian Green laughing – “Julian Green is going to be replacing you Dempsey, very soon. Ha Ha Ha!”

  9. First photo: Juju, I need this. C’mon bud. I need you to play with us. You’ll have a great time.

    Second photo: He said yes! He said yes! Clint heard you. No take backs.

  10. “Clint, if we pull this off I will go down in history as ‘The Great American Kaiser’; this will be even bigger than The Lufthansa Heist.”

  11. 1st Photo: There is a small bag of money under the bed of your hotel room…If FIFA asks we never had this conversation. If Sepp Blatter ask just use said money to pay him as needed.

    2nd Photo: Meet your future replacement. Be really nice to him.

  12. Top Photo: “Okay kid listen. Don’t look now and whatever you do don’t laugh, but it’s important that you know that the captain sometimes thinks he is a rapper. Watch, I’ll show you.”

    Bottom Photo: “Ha yes that was very good MC Deuce. Do you know Jim McMahon?”

  13. 1. “I know everyone on the SBI comment boards are saying that you are going to play against Ukraine, Julian, but, you can’t. I’m sorry.”

    2. “And Clint, It’s the opposite for you. I HAVE to let you play because if I don’t, the fans will have my nuts, even thought you seem to be only a shadow of the player you were a year ago.”

  14. 1. “Come to LA, let me take you for a spin in my helicopter.”

    2. “Dempsey ist vorkommen, ja? Ha ha, Clint, we were just talking about your work rate”

  15. Caption 1 Hey Julian..Clint saids you look like Pharrell where is your Smokey the Bear lid?

    caption 2. Clint…I told him what you commented about and Julian does not know this Pharrell person.

  16. ‘So I just showed her this, and then I made the Jamaica game face… and that’s how you close the deal in Texas.’

  17. Photo 1: JK: “GET one? Heck yeah, I MARRIED one!”

    Photo 2: CD: “Yeah, why do you think I had to move back to the U.S.?”

  18. 1st picture

    Green: “You know what you gotta do”

    Klinsmann: “Really”

    Green: “Yup”

    Klinsmann: *Gets on his knees*

  19. 1st Picture: Jurgen: We are looking for an 18 year old German striker to start for us in the World Cup. Are you interested?

  20. First one: “Please? Pretty please? Pretty, pretty … with a cherry on ze… please?”

    Second one: “Yaahh Clint. Show us your steppoffer…”

    • Its Dempsey not Pay Me Johnson. Dempsey can actually do more than that. Eddie is Captain Stepover Aka Captain Turnover AKA Pay Me AKA actually captain of nothing

      • Come on man. I like Deuce and all, but while EJ is worse, Deuce was still woeful with his stepovers at Spurs. Looked stupid. It’s just not his game, as much as he would like it to be.

  21. 1st picture: “We need some speed on the wings and at least somewhat skilled players. I mean Brek may make my squad Julian. PLEASE HELP!”

    2nd picture: Clint says “Hey Jurgen, thanks for talking me into going to ride the bench for a League 2 side masquerading as a BPL team.” Jurgen responds “Julian, meet our captain, he raps and used to score goals”

  22. Klinsmann: Wenn du für uns spielt, bist du automatisch unser bester Spieler. Bis jetzt ist das Clint und erspielt bei den Seattle Sounders – den Seattle Sounders, hahahaha….

    Clint: Are you guys talking about me?

  23. “Sure, with Germany you could win the World Cup but with us you could win the Gold Cup. Think about it. It’s GOLD!!!”

    • Everybody is all smiles while Dempsey rips off one of his extended rhymes. Hopefully Green is a big fan of hip hop.

      If he likes art then Brek Shea better be working on a painting off to the side. Whatever it takes to get Green to call up FIFA for his one time switch.

  24. Clint, “can I play at Bayern too?”

    Juergen and Julian, “Hahahaha silly American, you don’t have enough BELIEF.”

  25. 1st photo – Klinsmann “Your going to have to work hard young grasshopper if you want to make this team”.

    2nd photo – Dempsey “Yeah because your not taking my spot no matter how bad I’ve been sucking on the field these past few month”. Klinsmann “Yeah Deuce let’s hope you have that fire, that believe still, because I know us German’s got it.


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