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SBI MLS Best XI of the Month (April)

ChadMarshallSeattleSounders1-PhiladelphiaUnion (AP)


It was a banner month of April for the Seattle Sounders, and while Clint Dempsey grabbed most of the headlines, he was hardly alone in helping the Sounders turn in a 3-0-1 month.

A total of four Sounders lead the way in the SBI MLS Best XI of the Month of April, with Dempsey being joined by attack partners Obafemi Martins and Lamar Neagle. Centerback Chad Marshall rounds out the rave green quartet.

The only other team to come close to having as good an April as Seattle is D.C. United, and Fabian Espindola was the driving force behind the team’s 3-0-1 month, earning himself a place in the month’s Best XI as well.

Here is a rundown of the SBI MLS Best XI of the Month for April:


Fabian Espindola———–Obafemi Martins————-Robbie Keane

Lamar Neagle—————–Javier Morales————-Clint Dempsey

Roy Miller——-Matt Hedges——–Chad Marshall——Andrew Farrell

———————————-Luis Robles————————————


Nick Rimando, , Clint Irwin, Matt Besler, Bobby Boswell, Seth Sinovic, Ray Gaddis, Sean Frankin, Lloyd Sam, Stefan Ishizaki, Dillon Powers, Lee Nguyen, Perry Kitchen, Darren Mattocks, Quincy Amarikwa, Thierry Henry, Bradley Wright-Phillips.


What do think of this month’s selections? Who didn’t make the list that you feel was deserving? Who are you happy to see earn a spot in the SBI MLS Best XI of the Month for April?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Lee Nyugen had a way better month than Lamar Neagle. Nyugen has dominated in the midfield on both sides of the ball for most of NE’s games.

  2. Not sure that Neagle should be in this 11. Got a couple of tap-in goals, but he turns the ball over nonstop and easily could have been dropped from the starting lineup if not for Sigi’s over-estimation of him.

    • 3 goals and 3 assists was good offensively and he is ranked 4th in the league in duels won. He has limitations but his spot was not a terrible choice. The funny part is that most Sounders want him dropped to the bench with Evans at RM and Pappa at LM. With that said I think Ozzie Alonso should have been there instead. The other 3 are unquestionable. Chad Marshall is the reason why Seattle is 5 points clear as we speak. That guy is in top form and I wish it was a little further from WC play so he could get a shot at a spot. Too late for that though

      • Until this last run of 3 or 4, many in Seattle wanted Pappa dropped from the team. He got his mind finally set on playing for a winning team, and it’s showing. His time at Chicago and, indeed, Guatemala wasn’t filled with much expectation(s), like winning!

      • I think it’s just taking Pappa some time to figure out the team. Last night looked like things finally started to click—which is unfortunate, given that now the Sounders will lose a few players to WC camp.

      • Also, with Gonzo not exactly exuding confidence in the central defence for club or country and Goodson (or anyone else in the pool, save for Woods with club but not necessarily country) no better, I think it wouldn’t/couldn’t hurt if Klinsmann had a look at a healthy, in-form, beast in the air Chad Marshall to shore up the middle along with Beisler. It’s NEVER too late!….But you’re right, it likely won’t happen.

      • Not sure where you’re getting the information that most Sounders fans want Neagle dropped to the bench. If anything, he’s been playing out of position this whole time (he’s a forward), and he’s still scoring. You can’t drop a guy when he keeps giving the coach a reason to keep him on the field.

        As for Evans, he’s been mostly awful lately (own goal, conceded a penalty, losing possession), but not nearly as awful as his beard.

      • When I’m at the games, I hear a lot of groans from the crowd directed at Neagle. Nobody is talking about lynching, but he does lose the ball or not see a good pass too often.

        He faces real competition to stay on the field. Pappa is finally meshing with the team, Pineda has been outstanding—Dempsey, Martins, Alonso, and Evans (captain!) aren’t getting benched. Cooper is obviously an strong impact sub and so is Barrett—and with Barrett now looking like Alonso’s twin….

        Point is: Neagle will stay on the field because Leo is hurt, Sigi is reluctant to play Remick (I cannot fathom why), so Evans moved to LB.

        Plus, Dempsey and probably Evans will be gone for then next 1-2 months, so Neagle will start at least until mid-July. After that….?

      • I didn’t say most Sounders fans, just mine and some friends’ opinions at the least. Maybe we’re not watching the same games, but Neagle doesn’t play at the same speed with the ball at his feet as this new and improved quick passing Sounders squad. I haven’t seen turnover stats, but Neagle and Yedlin both frequently lose the ball in tough spots due to not making the quick and easy pass. We are throwing so many people forward that we have been vulnerable to counters on these turnovers as well. Without Yedlin’s speed and Chad Marshall we would have given up quite a few more goals this year.

        Brad has been unlucky yes, but nowhere near mostly awful. It is not easy to get moved all over the field, fill in solidly, and continue to provide excellent link up play throughout.

        Unsung linchpin of this years Sounders is Pineda. Such a gigantic improvement over Rose/Caskey/etc from last year. He is allowing Deuce to stay higher and Alonso to not have to press so high to provide the service through the midfield. He’d honestly be a better choice than Neagle for me. Doesn’t show in the score line though.

      • Fahq: Troy in his apartment said, “most Sounders want [Neagle] dropped to the bench.” That’s who Hopper responded to.

      • Ah, thanks. I’ll blame it on the not ideal comment nesting here. 🙂

        But it is good to know other people are seeing Neagle’s weaknesses, too! He just needs to learn to play faster. More 5v2 drills in small spaces!

      • Most Sounders fans think Neagle and Yedlin are their favorite Sounders for obvious reasons. A lot of fanatics/Sigi/Evans homers don’t like Neagle. Can’t figure that one out. Maybe they want to see the Sounders lose?

      • “Chad Marshall is the reason why Seattle is 5 points clear as we speak.”


  3. I would have to make a strong argument for Wright-Phillips to be in the attack but I don’t know who I would drop. Couldn’t we just have 4 strikers? It would be fun to watch.


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