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All of Landon Donovan’s 136 MLS regular-season goals

Landon Donovan


  1. JK ‘s been making horrible decisions since he started w/ the USMNT..

    Weird ,, cuz since that time he’s won -ran away with- the Qualifying group // beat Italy.. in Italy — Mexico at Azteca .. Reorg’d the youth system into a promising well of talent..

    USA to the Seimi’s

  2. That was a real treat. He is unstoppable. JK let his ego get in the way of this decision. But at leaf there’s Jozy. Oh wait, he’s scored 2 goals in a year…

  3. awesome goal montage… quite the little back post poacher… and his speed was factor in most of these goals….

    Jurgen should watch this… how can you leave this guy home on the couch?

    Someone is bound to pick up a knock in training or the friendlies and make room for LD on the plane…

    this story is far from over…

  4. 1) Donovan is definitely on the decline his prime was from 2008-2012

    2) I’m just noticing this but David Beckham brought the best out of LD. He was a best while Beckham was on the team.

    3) MLS has come very far!!! i won’t complain about the turf we have right now anymore. I almost forgot our humble beginnings. Any turf we have now is way way better than what they had to play on in the first 10 years of the league

    • Everybody who is weighed down for whatever reasons
      in some contrary position to Donovan,
      yet find no answer and offer no solution?.
      I am usually of the opinion that if one is
      pro, no, or neutral?, you should at the very least be able to offer up
      any kind of constructive insight or alternative solution.
      sadly my friend every day that goes by we’re all on the decline.
      but today, today my friend is an international friendly date.
      People may not like or agree with my comments sometimes
      however I am certain that I am fair, subjectively objective, truthful to a fault, and sharply honest in my observations.
      no bias, prejudice, agenda driven, homer style rose colored glasses.
      I was constructively critical of Greens, play among others,
      as I am in total support and belief in their exploits and true potential as a players.
      (simple and basic measure of constructiveness, in the end was it right or wrong?).
      You can distinguish and separate the two.
      liking someone plays little to no part?, understanding and realizing their inherent potential and developed value, to a specific task, team, or cause is what separates free and noble thinkers from sheep. (practical philosophy: meditate, or see the nature of affinity and attraction, aversion and repulsion ).
      Now back to the real point off all of this.
      Nice to see all of the goals together, thank you ives.
      What we can witness.
      A list of points, insights, and observations in no particular order.

      First congratulations!.
      thank you for all your contributions to soccer in the US and world at large,
      and to the team.

      There was many great goals however a few that stuck out for me.

      First ever MLS goal against NY/NJ Metrostars, was that Hulk Howard?.
      Goal #13 Ramshack Rimando,
      # 14, # 23, #27, #31, #42, #49, # 53 Golazo!, #66, 69 – 71 great hat trick,
      #49 # 105 & #128 all out. #91, #92, # 138.

      1. out of all of Landon Donovan’s goals scored, only half a dozen or so came from outside the box.( a misguided reason to currently rate him solely as a striker).
      further surprised to see that only about five percent of his sum total of goals was scored via PK.(meaning he’s worked for a lot more goals than I imagined).
      Side note: looks like a 1st or 2nd choice PK taker, and a 2nd or 3rd choice free kick taker(depending on the spot).

      2. very adept at passing and finishing with both feet. That’s super nice.

      3. highly skilled and technically savvy, with good vision and field sense.
      Furthermore his passion, heart, and drive does not appear to be diminished.

      4. A multiple threat, endowed with good team combination play and individual play making ability. (All time goals and assist’s, so nothing to dispute).

      5 still very agile with quick feet, fine touch, multiple threat attacking mid/false 9/pseudo poacher type. with very slightly diminished speed but added more physical strength.

      6. poised on the ball control, endowed with a killer instinct, a lot of heart, winning attitude, and a competitive drive that enables him to make up for whatever physical deficiencies and defensive liabilities he may posses.
      LD, through hard work and good fortune has produced and sustained quite an exceptionally high level of production, as one can see going through the goals and years.

      7. Talent and experience both matter, and to those that will point out a bad world cup or two good world cup performances…
      this is exactly what I mean, he has the skill and complete experience.

      You can just feel that he’s ready to go all BMB, “Beast Mode Brazil”…

      I wholeheartedly and unconditionally support the team.

      enjoy the game everybody and stay classy.

      Peace, love, and have a nice day.

      P.S. The divine ones speak and The Garrincha listens,
      just isn’t Good Mojo, to not have your Talisman with you.
      deep in Amazon rainforest.

      • in short: Donovan has been an amazing player throughout his career and is still the tidiest player the US has.

        Bummer he’s not on the team as he would definitely make it better, but oh well, Let’s go team!

  5. LD never challenged himself at the club level. Has been great for the national side but a huge disappointment at the club level.

    • If everyone left MLS to go to Europe then who would set the record in MLS? Jeff Cunningham? If that was the case our league would be an absolute joke. I’m glad he stayed and represented the USMNT team in MLS very well.

  6. Leaving LD off the national team must be a ploy by JK to throw the competition off guard. Donovan will be in Brazil.

    • Davis could get “injured” and this turned out to be one of the greatest marketing/advertising ploys in the history of US Soccer. The news certainly spread to areas that would not have otherwise cared or heard about much on US team.


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