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Sanchez chip leads Rapids past Galaxy



Returning to the friendly confines of Dick’s Sporting Goods Park might be just what the Colorado Rapids needed.

After a 4-1 thumping last Saturday at the Seattle Sounders, the Rapids again jumped themselves into the top five in the Western Conference with a 1-0 victory against the LA Galaxy. Rapids midfielder Vicente Sanchez scored the game’s only goal in the first half, perfectly chipping the ball over Galaxy goalkeeper Jaime Penedo.

The Galaxy will certainly rue their missed chances, having had a Landon Donovan shot hit the post and another fizz just wide, while Robbie Keane failed to convert a penalty kick. The Galaxy also lost Omar Gonzalez to a knee injury at halftime.

In the 20th minute, a long ball found Sanchez on the right side of the post. After a tremendous first touch, Sanchez faced the net and sent a light chip floating through the air, with Penedo’s eyes all over it. But though he saw it, the ball traveled towards the top corner, stunning Penedo and his Galaxy teammates.

From then on, the Rapids put together a strong and organized midfield and defense, which helped them preserve the clean sheet.

The match was played with the Rapids’ first jersey sponsor, Ciao Telecom.

Here are the match highlights:


  1. Just curious: why the change in title (“moment of brilliance” to just “chip”)? Seemed to me like rather a moment of brilliance…

  2. ” the Rapids again jumped themselves into the top five in the Western Conference”

    Umm, we’re at 14 points now, so we were at 11 points before this win. LA and Portland (in 6th and 7th) are at 8 points. So we were in the top 5 going into the game, and we’ve been in the top 5 for pretty much the whole season.

  3. That chip was incredible by Sanchez. Great cross, great trap, but I’m not entirely convinced he was going for goal there. Could’ve been a pass to the back post

  4. Too fat? Where do people get things like that? Donovan is in peak form, fitness-wise. And frankly, he was the best player on the field tonight. Unfortunately the rest of the Galaxy played like a bunch of hobos, especially Keane. Here’s a question – why on earth is Keane still taking the PK’s for the Galaxy? Because Donovan missed one in 2012?

    • There was a picture a few days ago showing Donovan with a gut. A lot of us in the fans were commenting on how it looked like he had put on 15 lbs or so and how a lot of players on the galaxy looked a little portly too. Not sure what’s going on down there in la…

    • I think a lot of Galaxy fans were confounded when Keane stepped up to take that penalty kick. I wonder if that was Arena’s decision or what? On the other hand, the Galaxy played so poorly they probably didn’t deserve the point and it was a soft penalty anyway. So, justice was served.

    • more on the PKs, it might help LD to get the historic goal over with already. just let him take it if there is one next game before the camp opens

      LD opened it up a few times. Saw him do it last game a little bit for the first time this year, then yesterday numerous times, and also late

  5. A day or two ago a number of people were commenting on Landon Donovan’s likelihood of starting to Brazil. Several opined that he is too fat and not fast enough any more. For those who didn’t see this game, in the 83rd minute, playing at altitude, on a long ball, Donovan literally ran away from the defender, gaining two or three steps in about 30 yards. He didn’t play particularly well, but no one on the Galaxy did, especially Keane who looked really bad. But, it looks like Landon hasn’t lost all his speed.

    • LD looks fit as a fiddle, his speed and movement really stood out tonight. Dempsey is also looking as spry as ever. Even if Jozy has been struggling in a bad spot, and can’t get his head/game right in time for the WC, I’m not worried we don’t have enough in-form, capable attackers to fill the void. We might have to adapt how we’ve been playing a little, but I think AJ, Boyd, Agudelo, and Wondo have all been getting really good minutes and contributing regularly to their respective offenses. They all can combine to make some interesting pairs with Demps, Donovan, or whoever.

      I’m worried we won’t play our cards right, but I like our options at the forward positions right now.

    • I agree and commented to those around us at the game hiw fast LD looked. That being said, that particular play was against Drew Moore, who is not exactly the fastest defender in the world…… But LD LOOKED PRETTY GOOD I THOUGHT!

  6. Wouldn’t have expected the Rapids, without Dillon Powers, without Shane O’Neill, without Vicente Sanchez for a half, with Chris Klute trying out RB, and with a couple of rookies in the midfield, to take 3 pts from the Galaxy.

    Even the new sponsor logo looked surprisingly good.


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