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Chivas USA extend Torres loan for remainder of season

Erick Torres

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In-form Mexican striker Erick “Cubo” Torres will remain with Chivas USA on loan from Chivas de Guadalajara for the remainder of the season with the option to purchase, the club announced Tuesday afternoon.

Torres ranks third among all scorers in Major League Soccer this season with nine goals for the Goats. The rest of the club has combined for five goals.

In 29 appearances for Chivas since his arrival in 2013, Torres has tallied 16 goals, tying him with former Chicago Fire forward Cuauhtémoc Blanco for the most goals by a Mexican player in MLS history.

The 21-year-old earned Chivas’ Golden Boot Award in 2013, leading the club with seven goals in 15 appearances.


How does the extension help Chivas? What other roster moves should the club consider to get out of the basement in the Western Conference?

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  1. I always enjoyed watching Blanco. Some players have a unique style all to themselves. For me he was one of those players that added extra interest in watching a MLS match in which he was playing.

  2. The question is, who is going to buy chivas USA and have the team ready by 2015. MLS is basically 8 months way from next season and MLS doesn’t say anything chivas USA potential buyers or name or future.
    If the clippers were bought for 2 billion and they were terrible years ago and their owner is racist, I’m pretty sure chivas USA will be a bargain for any billionaire.
    MLS needs to recruit non nfl owners and if they do, they better have soccer knowledge and soccer love.
    Look at Minnesota,two ownership groups are battling for MLS but why not unite their money and plans?
    Look at red bull, if they unite with cosmos and mets, that would be amazing. We all know red bull cares about their brand and nycfc is going to give them harsh reality check.

    • +1 a LA based soccer team, already with existing roster and academy, is a huge investment opportunity. Better than MN or Miami… Im surprised we haven’t heard anything on that front in a while. And yes a non NFL owner would be great

      Hold off on this Miami, MN, NYC, Atlanta expansion (at least until stadiums are resolved) and figure this one out.

    • This again? Why would RBNY “unite” with Cosmos? Cosmos fans want to do their own thing and pretend they aren’t a minor league team playing in a college stadium. Also, nycfc will not be doling out any “harsh reality checks.” They may sign some excellent DPs (they already have one great DP signing) but those DPs are going to playing in a mostly empty baseball stadium.

      The problem that no one ever acknowledges is that NYC is not a big time soccer town and there is absolutely no reason to have more than one MLS team here. It is a very crowded sports landscape, baseball is king but football, basketball and even hockey have strong followings. I guess MLS fans hopes that by plopping down another club in the Bronx, they can break through but I’m pretty skeptical.

      • The reason I suggest a partnership in red bull with cosmos is simply because red bull can be their jersey sponsor, plus red bull arena is will be red bull arena.
        We also can not forget it’s about the money, and if cosmos and red bull can negotiate the financial side, then it’s a different story.
        But, let’s not forget, red bull belongs to New Jersey and south Manhattan and nycfc will be north manhattan with Bronx, and cosmos will have queens-Long Island and even Brooklyn all to themselves.
        Soccer is growing in America and we just gotta wait 🙂
        Will it be Minnesota, Vegas, cosmos, Detroit, San Antonio, Sacramento.
        Will it be a 26 or 28 team league, will MLS make an MLS 2. Will NASL survive against uslpro and MLS.

      • NYCFC “playing in a mostly empty baseball stadium”? Maybe but it remains to be seen. I have more confidence in more people getting to Yankee stadium then Red Bull stadium. If NYCFC comes out of the gate with stars and winning football then I think they take the casual fans away from the Red Bulls.

        Make no mistake, I believe Reyna, Kries and Manchester FC business management will field a very deep team. Kries has already stated that you can’t win in MLS without good quality depth after the DPs and to this point he said they will be looking to Latin America for quality players to slot in after the DPs. Just think Real Salt Lake plus big time DPs. That should lead to a lot of wins.

        I’m not a NYC homer. These are just my observations.

      • I doubt it. I don’t really see any demand for a second team in a different inconvenient location in the NYC area. Yankee Stadium isn’t any more convenient than RBA for most of NYC. Plus, if casual fans decide who to support based on how close the stadium is (which I don’t think its true), then RBNY is guaranteed to retain the support of all of NJ. And casual fans don’t know David Villa from a hole in the wall.

        Anyway, the NYCFC plan seems to be to build a SSS in Westchester. So the debate about the half empty baseball stadium is only relevant for a few seasons.

      • Your points are valid. NY may not support a second soccer team. My point is that, for now, I have more faith in NYCFC turning RBNY into the second team based on a few things:
        1. ManCity appears to be far more committed to ‘wining’ and ‘excitement’ than the Austrian outfit.

        2. Reyna and Kries will be very engaged with the media and fans in order to build the brand and ManCity did the right thing in showing that they are all about ‘American soccer’ in making those hires. NYRB finally figured it out a little bit in hiring Petke for the same reasons but even he came out recently and said that Austria could care less about the US Open cup and he will not be judged for that. That is a really big deal for him to make a statement like that and refer to ‘Austria’.

        There is no reason for Americans to support a foreign sports drink company as a local club team. Whereas NYCFCs messaging has been nothing but NY! NY! NY! with giant Claudio Reyna exclamation marks.

        I have no idea how it will turn out but it will be intriguing to watch.

      • NYCFC is owned by the Yankees, who are hated by at least a third of New Yorkers, and Sheikh Mansour though.

        And I do think RB is committed to winning, I just think they’re not totally competent in carrying out their plans. They spent a lot of money on Henry and Cahill (and Marquez), they built a beautiful new stadium.

        I don’t think referring to Austria is indicative of anything. Surely, Kreis will be beholden to Man City. The owners are the bosses, so of course coaches are cognizant of their wishes.

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