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World Cup Day 11: Your Running Commentary



After struggling for most of their World Cup opener, Belgium’s “golden generation” hope that they can put together a complete performance when they take the field at the Maracana.

In Group H action, the group favorites look to solidify their dominance when they take on Russia on Sunday afternoon. Belgium coach Marc Wilmots is making three changes to the starting eleven, inserting both goal scorers Dries Mertens and Marouane Fellaini. The Belgians will face a tough test however, as opening up Fabio Capello’s Russian defense is no small task.

South Korea and Algeria will also look to insert themselves back into the Group H discussion. Both sides are one win away from potentially seizing command of a spot in the next round, so Group H’s two less-heralded sides will have plenty to play for. Look for both sides to embrace the need for three points and put forth a more attacking effort than their tournament opener.

Finally, the U.S. Men’s National Team will take on Portugal with a chance to earn a spot in the knockout round. A U.S. victory will be enough to seal advancement while also eliminating Portugal from the tournament. However, a Portugal victory will throw Group G into chaos with everything to be decided in the group’s final day.

If you will be watching today’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (TV listings after the jump):


12 p.m. – Belgium vs. Russia – ABC

3 p.m. – South Korea vs. Algeria – ABC

6 p.m. – United States vs. Portugal – ESPN


    • Looks like JK’s going to pack it in and try for a draw by playing Deuce up top. Who’d going to help him out up there? I think he’s going to do more drop-backs into a defensive posture. We’d damn sure better get the first goal! I think with the disruption of the Portugal lineup, we should have a better than decent shot at controlling possession and creating pressure. I guess that JK is more terrified of any Portugal countering attacks.
      GO USMNT!

  1. Since it’s one of those days as good as any time to hand out some more Saint Ives awards.
    Sulley Muntari, for his civil and humanitarian efforts, and good sportmanship on the field (we’ll overlook that double yellow card next game suspension)
    anytime you clear a Neo Nazi Con, off the field with no violence that is a good thing.
    In any event I think Algeria, just woke us up.

  2. Not a fan of the team but diggin’ the two home and away Russian jerseys. The dark red and the space-view white are pretty slick.

    • BTW good call JayAre,
      I almost hit that snooze bar one last time, I would have missed the fireworks.
      Algerians, could be making a play for second place in group H?.

    • See2,
      Brooks, will likely be a hot commodity, I hope Berlin, keeps him?.
      They never seem to put down the money,
      to be a top quality team congruent and inline with the city they represent.
      I never went to a game at Olympic Stadium, when they were relegated to B2.
      regarding MB, don’t know where Bradley, would go? somebody would have to want him enough to buy out a big contract and he would probably have to agree?.
      As for Becks, he could be useful to teams in Champions, or Europa aspirations.
      But he has surely become an MLS mainstay.
      Wiggy Jiggy, got to get it on tonight.

    • If the US has a good tournament Toronto FC might be the smartest team in the world because they’ll definitely sell MB for over $10M

      • sure hope so. He’s too good for MLS. Despite him helping the league grow and all, wanna see him back in Europe. In Spain

  3. Looks like we all hit the lazy Sunday afternoon snooze.
    Saving it up for the big game.
    I really don’t know if I can handle a rumble two nights in a row?.

    • Wasn’t that bad. Belgium is clearly better but didn’t seem to be awake until the last twenty minutes or so.

  4. Hazard took over the last 10 minutes, started creating all kinds of problems in the Russian area and Belgium scores off of his creation. raised his game. that’s what the great ones do when it just has to get done. pretty cool

  5. Belgium and Russia sounds like a good game because of the big names on the team but if you can over look that for a second and look at the actually game quality on the field today. THESE GUYS ARE TRASH!

      • Not happening so far. And Russia looks lost. They should have buried that header in the first half.

    • Suppose Russia and South Korea win today. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Belgium might crap the bed and no get out of the group. All South Korea would need is a tie against Belgium

  6. Seriously why did ABC picked this and Korea v Algeria to broadcast nationally? Are they actively trying to lure casual fans away from soccer? Instead of the effing USMNT game?

    • I agree but apparently they didn’t pick it. They couldn’t broadcast any late weekend games, and it just so happens that’s when the USA was scheduled. I look forward to the day when local broadcast schedules don’t preempt our national team.

      • Initially, the US/Portugal game was supposed to be the middle game but FIFA decided to only play night games in Manaus, so it got pushed back to the later time slot.

    • Exactly my thoughts. Korea v Algeria is probably the least interesting match they could have broadcast nationally. Missed opportunity to bring in new fans, I believe.

  7. The Klinsy’s are staying at our hotel. Had to talk my wife out of fork-stabbing JonBoy. She’ll let it go one of these days.


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