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Howard ‘delighted’ to return to broadcasting

Tim Howard


As it turns out, Tim Howard is nearly as comfortable in the broadcast booth as he is in goal.

After making appearances with the network last season, the U.S. Men’s National Team and Everton goalkeeper has signed a multiyear agreement to provide Premier League coverage for NBC. Howard, who will work up to ten games this season for NBC, expressed his excitement to get back in the booth.

“To say that I am delighted to be a part of the NBC team full-time, that would be an understatement,” Howard said in a conference call with reporters. “I’m thrilled to continue the journey that I started last year.

“I’m looking forward to this season because, as you know, you never know what to expect when the Barclays Premier League opens. I’m excited on a couple of fronts, not only to play, but also to continue to learn, improve and try and master this thing we call television.”

Part of Howard’s education in broadcasting will come through veteran Premier League commentator Arlo White, who worked with Howard throughout his run last season.

“This is the biggest signing of the offseason, of the transfer window,” White said. “It’s terrific. Tim was fantastic to work with last season and just being there alongside him on the journey from the first game we did at Chelsea in October to the end of the season, the progress he made was absolutely excellent. And then, of course, what he achieved at the World Cup, particularly against Belgium was remarkable, so we’re very, very lucky to have Tim on board.”

“I’ve gotten so much constructive criticism from Arlo and (NBC Producer Pierre Moosa). I think that’s part of the learning process,” Howard said of the NBC team. “With Pierre, it was balanced because we would review games and we would talk about what needed to be better and how I could make it better.

“With Arlo, it was more on the job training: getting up in the gantry and seeing how things work and him showing me little pointers of how he does things before the game and within the game. Different phrases to use and not use is certainly key information when you talk about television. The list goes on and on, but the balance I was able to get with both Pierre and Arlo is still very important to me.”

Howard’s commitment to the television side of the game is something that could be a major part of the goalkeeper’s plan for life after the game, as the 35-year-old goalkeeper has found a true challenge in broadcasting.

“I really enjoyed it, and that’s an understatement as well. I got nervous when I was in the games,” Howard said. “I was wanting to learn all the time and I was trying to absorb as much information as I could. That spoke volumes to me because there weren’t a lot of things that I have felt that passionate about.

“It’s still in its infancy but, yes, certainly where I am in the moment. If I could do this after I’m done playing, certainly that would be something I’d enjoy.”

What do you think of Howard’s commitment to broadcasting? Have you enjoyed his work with NBC thus far?

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  1. Look, I love Timmay. Thing is he’s not good in a broadcast booth. He might get there someday and I hope he does. And Arlo can help in that process. But he’s a long way off.

  2. I think Lalas is fine in the studio. He actually understands the game and is not afraid to make remarks that are critical of US Soccer (back in the day on ESPN they would NEVER criticize the coach or US Soccer in general).

    For me Twellman is also a step up from some of the past in game commentators they had who either didn’t understand the game or were complete idiots. Perhaps I am in the minority but I think Twellman has some insightful things to say each game.

  3. Twellman is unbearable. ESPN pushes guys with big mouths and polarizing opinions. Lalas doesn’t bug me as a studio guy. Our US announcers and color guys haven’t caught up with our soccer level yet.


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