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USMNT wins 2014 ESPY for “Best Moment”

John Anthony Brooks


  1. How on earth did ESPN not include the brooks goal in their preview of the ‘moment’. They show the first two goals then not that? If anything, just show that one!

  2. PLEASE get rid of these automatic ad videos! They slow the site down and constantly searching for where these sounds are coming from is very aggravating. There’s got to be a better way to get that ad money!

  3. We need more than just “Best Moment” awards. Stay hungry.

    Also, Ives, your website is slow to load and hard to type in. FYI.

  4. Glad to see that. Clint isn’t a great acceptance speech maker but whatever. It doesn’t matter. Proud of these dudes and glad that so many people in the nation viewed a soccer moment as the best moment of the year. Let’s keep this up. Buy every kid you see a ball and a FIFA video game.

      • I’d be really curious if there is an accurate metric to verify a correlation between the rise in popularity/retention of enjoying soccer and the relation to people discovering the video game FIFA on consoles.

        Admittedly, for me, FIFA (the video game) was a fantastic bridge or gateway to soccer. I’ve heard this echoed by co-workers, friends and various people too. It’s pretty fascinating. Even our MLS All-Star voting included Obefemi Martins because of FIFA the video game.

      • Me and my cousin grew into huge soccer fans (late bloomer I was 16 when I became a convert) because of the old Winning Eleven (PES) games.

        Glad I picked it up when I did. I managed to catch the end of “The Invincible’s” era and TH14 in his prime still, also a scrawny Fabragas and C.Ronaldo.

        My love for the big 3 sports grew into the big 4 that random day at Circuit City on a game kiosk.

      • I would say it plays a huge role. I have a buddy who watched and enjoyed all the traditional American sports, but wasn’t a fan of soccer until he played PES and FIFA.

        Soccer is a 90 minute game filled with thousands of subtle moments. FIFA teaches you how to appreciate those moments, how to read the game, how to understand the flow and strategies, the formations and players.

      • I do also have a friend who is a die hard soccer fan and follows every league really just bc we were obsessed with the game. I don’t even know how much I would love soccer without the fifa franchise, although I know I would still love the usmnt

      • My point of why, isn’t about the video game more as to putting the game into every kids hands like its home work. Interests has to grow naturally if it’s forced then it has a lesser effect.

      • Lol no. I play fifa religiously. But you can’t force soccer to be cool it just has to become it on its own. And slowly it is.

      • i fell in love with soccer during the 2006 world cup… and yes… the FIFA Game did help me to better learn the teams, players, leagues, cups, tournaments, transfer market, etc…

        its a great learning tool for sure…not only for teams, players etc… but also for the traditional American sports fan to better understand the nuisances of the game, style, formations, corners vs throw ins, offsides, etc…

        so once the soccer bug bites you, FIFA can help you catch up on a lot of the general knowlege about the game…

      • I’m too old and blind for video games.. but supported the kids playing AYSO in the late 70-early 80’sl. Luckily their coaches actually knew something about soccer instead of just being typical dads doing the kids sports things… So that started my personal interest.. AND THEN… 3July1994 happened! We were guests (vip boxes and all) to Romania 3-2 Argentina in the Rose Bowl, round of 16. Hagi, Dumitrescu, Balbo, Batistuta …… What a freaking barnburner it was.. and here the hell I am.. hook line and sinker.. I love this F’n game! even if I’m old, almost blind and ugly! LOL

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