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Hanauer describes Yedlin transfer as “good decision” for Sounders

DeAndre Yedlin (17)

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After all of the rumors, discussions and negotiations that have paved the way, DeAndre Yedlin is finally a Tottenham Hotspur player, even if just in name only for the moment.

The U.S. Men’s National Team fullback is set to stay with Seattle Sounders for at least the duration of the 2014 MLS season. Technically, according to Sounders owner and general manager Adrian Hanauer, Yedlin will be officially recognized as a Sounders player until he makes his way over to London to join his new team.

“It is no earlierĀ than the transfer window at the beginning of our season in January,” Hanauer said on a teleconference to describe the club’s plans for Yedlin. “I don’t want to put words in Spurs’ mouth, but they would like to assess where things are at with their club at that time and potential work permit issues at that time with DeAndre and assess how he’s been doing with us and whether it’s the right time to fit him into their squad or whether they make the decision, at that time, to let him stay with us for another period of time, until the summer window a year from now.”

Until then, Yedlin remains a member of the MLS club. However, there will come a point in time where Yedlin will join Spurs, with the two teams having agreed to a $3.5 million fee, according to, that Hanauer said will be paid in increments.

Hanauer insisted that Yedlin’s path to Spurs was made much simpler due to a July 19 friendly between the two clubs, after which negotiations progressed “slowly but consistently”. Both sides used the friendly to discuss the potential deal and, despite interest from numerous other teams, Hanauer felt at that point that a move to Spurs was what was best for all involved.

“We thought it was a good decision for our club, although a difficult one, but a good decision,” Hanauer said. “We’re in a sport where this happens. Every club in the world sells players.

“It’s just a question of the benefits and the drawbacks and we ultimately decided that this was a good decision for us and DeAndre clearly wanted this transaction to occur as well, because he certainly has a say in it and we want to do right by our players in addition to doing right by our club.”

The club will now look to move forward with what was generated by Yedlin’s sale, as Hanauer went on to say that the club will be reinvesting the money throughout different avenues of upgrading the team.

“It provides us with some cash to reinvest in many aspects of our soccer business that we want,” Hanauer said. “Whether that is the youth side, that hopefully allows us to develop two or three or four more DeAndre Yedlins, or Designated Players or other soccer facilities or infrastructure that will hopefully positionĀ us with strength going forward.”

Despite the club’s impact on Yedlin, who rose from college athlete to Premier League signing in roughly two years, the Sounders general manager gave all credit to the player, who he is excited to retain in the quest for an MLS Cup.

“Ultimately, all the credit has to go to DeAndre,” Hanauer said, “who has been humble and modest and hard-working and a great teammate and dedicated to improving day-in and day-out on the field.

“There’s been a lot of people that have touched his soccer development and his development as a human being and it’s all been a masterful job, but ultimately, the kid, DeAndre, is responsible for most of it.”


  1. Anyone else realize that Friedel is easily old enough to be Yedlin’s dad?

    Hopefully he doesn’t pick his accent. Or his hair style.

  2. With all respect, will sounders ever get their stadium with all the money they have. Get some sponsors or additional owner to make it happen.There’s the arena land and reign stadium, I think it’s possible. If huskies stadium got remodel, basically it’s new, why not do something for sounders.
    Given the fact, the artificial turf will always be in bad condition and grass is impossible for sounders owners.
    I think 50, 0000 seats would be perfect, with expansion seats avalaible.

    • They just need a fancy stadium with two field s they can slide in and out of the stadium as needed. I think Schalke does something like that with their stadium.

    • I’d much rather the Sounders keep sharing with the Seahawks in a great downtown location rather than have to go to a bad location in the suburbs in order to find cheap enough land to build on. Like most major cities there isn’t great locations available in Seattle at this point for a reasonable price

    • There really isn’t a strong case to make for the sounders getting their own stadium. It would have to be nearly as big as Century Link, which would cost hundreds of millions, and would have to be somewhere far from downtown, since there is no room for another stadium in the core city area. There is also little likelihood that a soccer specific stadium would actually have grass since maintaining a grass field in Seattle requires an insane amount of effort, such as what has to be done with Safeco Field and its retractable field.

      And from a pure fan perspective, sitting in a sold out Century Link for Seattle vs. Portland can’t be beat.

  3. “Paid in increments”… “Still a Sounders player”…. This sounds like a travesty waiting to happen should Yedlin happen to have an injury.

    But good for Yedlin. I think.


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