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Report: Green to stay with Bayern Munich


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With established stars such as Thomas Muller, Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben already populating the team’s attacking lineup, it’s always going to be difficult for young players to find their niche with Bayern Munich. However, Julian Green is unfazed by all the star-power in front of him as he prepares to fight for his place with the team.

Reports out of Germany state that the young U.S. Men’s National Team winger will remain with the Bundesliga champions, opting to push for minutes with Bayern rather than go out on loan.

The Bavarian club reportedly sees Green as being above the Regionalliga, where the 19-year-old scored 15 goals in 19 games last season. Manager Pep Guardiola has long been a fan of Green, who feels that he is truly needed and appreciated by the Spanish manager.

Reports last month had English Premier League teams expressing interest in the youngster, and Guardiola sounded noncommittal when asked after the recent MLS All-Star Game whether Bayern would loan Green out or keep him with the team.

Green has also spoken out against going out on-loan, saying that Bayern are the only club that interest him.

“I think of no other club,” Green said. “I want to prove myself here.”


What do you think of the decision to keep Green at Bayern? Is this the best long-term decision for the young winger?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Greene has exceptionally quick feet. He has good speed. He has some skill to take defenders on.

    What I think he needs are a more mature sense of when to take on players, when to play save and when to help defend. He also could use a bit more strength. All of those things he can get by staying with Bayern (you could argue that if he gets minutes in about every other game and the first team training that entails that would be an excellent setup for maximizing his progress).

    At his age and slight frame, he is unlikely to be the star for any top level team, but in a year or two with a bit more maturity, he could be a difference maker for any team.

  2. Depth for Bayern Munich. Period. When Muller, Ribery, and Robben get injured, suspended, or rested, Green will get minutes. Also, Green may be the first go to substitute when a situation calls for that type of player. Super sub. Depth. Hang in there Green. These aging stars will not last forever or will look for a bigger paycheck some place else.

    • who knows, still think he should go out on loan a player not playing is bad, just look at Jonathan Dos Santos at Barca.

      • JDS is the perfect example of when a player waits too long. he’s 24 and just now left. i don’t think anyone wants to see Green waste away at Bayern like JDS did at Barca. but he’s only 19, another season at Bayern wouldn’t do that. especially when you figure JDS made Barca B by 20 whereas Green was with BM II by 18.

  3. Looks like another year in the fourth division. There’s a pretty enormous gap between playing for Bayern Munich’s first team and the fourth division so maybe he should go out on loan somewhere and play in games that are appropriate for his current level of development.

    • Ha ha ha. There is a reason why Bayern’s 2nd team is in the 4h division and not in the 2nd division. What if Bayern’s 2nd team was in the 2nd division and won promotion to the 1st division? You would then have two Bayern Munich teams in the 1st division? Its not like Bayern’s 2nd team is filled with 4th division scrubs. Bayern’s 2nd team is filled with top world prospects. Go look at the names that have been in Bayern’s 2nd teams in the past: Lahm, Kroos, Schweinsteiger, Hummels, Contento,Alaba, Hargraves, Detie Hamann, Batstuber, Lell, and Muller to name a few. Thats a who’s who of German soccer in last 15-20 years. I think you are greatly undervaluing what is actually happening on Bayern’s 2nd team. Clearly they know how to develop young players probably better than any other team in the world.

      • Ok but the players he playing against will be fourth division quality. And of course the fact that Bayern develops great players doesn’t also mean Green will become great. You know who led Bayern II in scoring in 2011-12 for example? Saer Sene. There’s a link about him today on this site too.

  4. 100% okay with this. the guy was still getting rides with his mom to practices, he needs another year at home. there is no reason for him to go out on loan when he can get first team training with Pep and the rest of the Bayern first team. i think Bayern has a vested interest in making sure he develops the right way while on loan he may not get that same attention. chances are he will make a few appearances this season for Bayern and that’ll be good for his development. then next season a loan can be a serious option if time will still be hard to come by at Bayern…which is likely to be the case.

    • +1 This is about as far as I can get with this, too. I have no reason to say that I don’t trust Bayern on this as they have far more information on the player than anybody else…. Another year in the carpool and eating fruit roll-ups couldn’t be all that bad for the kid. I don’t know that 19-20 is really all that great of an age for a move…. particularly if a top development program still wants you around.

      • Exactly. He has a good thing going and should give it another season. I’d also like to see him build up some strength this year.

  5. I think people are sorely overlooking the MLS All-star game and the way Pep utilized JG. Personally, I think Pep is going to use Green this year, but not on the wing as often as upfront. If you look at Bayern’s roster, they don’t have many forwards. Sure, they have a few players that could play up top next to RL9, such as Goetze and Muller. However, outside of those two and Pizarro, there aren’t many forwards. I think Pep really thinks Julian Green can contribute off the bench as someone to play besides RL9 or on the wing. This is all opinion, but it is based on what i’ve seen and what I’ve read from Pep concerning Green.

  6. I don’t care who you train with or who your coach is, nothing develops a player like actual playing time in real game situation.
    The notion that you get better by training with better players and riding the bench is bollocks.

    • disagree. training regularly with the first team, getting some time off the bench with the first team, and then starting for BMII when he isn’t in the first team is still solid for a 19 year old. you’re acting like he’s just going to sit there doing nothing…

      • The argument was training with first team but just sitting in the bench. You are moving the post by saying him “coming off the bench”, “starting in BM2”. If he is only going to sit and just train, I think that would slow down his progress. He better have an understanding with Guardiola to see the field at some point, otherwise he will just be wasting time.

      • fair enough, but i’m moving the post because there is more to it than just training with the first team and riding the bench. it’s not that simple so it can be made out to be that simple.

    • Yes. But you forget one thing. He is 19.

      I’d rather have him learn from Ribbery and co. than from guys on a BL2.

      Yes getting minutes in games is very important. But if he makes cameo appearances here and there and consistently makes the 18.

      Thats impressive and a sign he is going in the right direction.

    • Not in terms of developing. You need to play in games to do that. Plus, you’re assuming he makes the 18 for games. I’m assuming this means another year in the fourth division.

      • You know, we all really love that you and bryan comment ten times on each thread saying the same thing. You are valued members of this community and no one thinks you are annoying.

      • Hey you’re free to ignore my comments. I just scroll down and reply when I see something I want to respond to. If I’m repetitive, the comments I’m responding to are probably repetitive as well.

      • You are the main one of those I was talking about in another comment. You still can not believe what has been put in front of your face for more than 4 months now.

      • I’m not even sure that’s always true. I mean, you got to figure that it’s hard to be a finished product until you’re seeing the field regularly, but does getting game time in a top league as a younger player necessarily a good thing. You see a lot of players who start playing at a top level as youngsters ending up being more injury prone (John O’Brien, Jack Wilshere), or start to decline at an earlier age (for instance Cesc Fabregas).

        I’m sure that nineteen year olds highly regarded by the manager as future contributors will get the attention they need to round out their game on the practice pitch. If Green sticks around Bayern and doesn’t play all that much it may mean he has less top flight experience next year than if he had gone on loan, but I don’t think it’ll hurt his career overall.

      • If you go to a World Cup but aren’t ready for first team football, what a joke.

        If he has a chance of getting some sub minutes, cup games, picking up some real game time here and there, then I will be ok with him staying. It is his decision, but I think he has to be ready to play meaningful games where the results matter and the opponents know it too.

  7. I really hope he doesn’t just sit on the bench all season and get little to no minutes. If he does a decision will need to be made come christmas. Good luck Julian!

    • well he’ll always start for BMII if he can’t make the first team 18 on game day. so it’s not like he’ll be doing nothing.

  8. So does this start the countdown to discussions about a guy riding the pine getting call ups? We’ve never had that discussion before.

  9. Forget that. He doesn’t need to spend any time around somebody as classless as Guardiola.
    He needs to come to MLS and play for Porter.

  10. Smart for me, he’s still so young that I’d rather see him learning his trade and new skills at one of the top 5 clubs in the world than going to a lower league club to hone the skills he already has.

  11. I just think it’s funny that people think he’s actually so good… He will be a talented player for sure but I really find it hard to believe that he’s ever going to consistently start for Bayern Munich before his 22nd birthday….

    • Eh, I think it’d be considered a success if he starts seeing playing time by the time he’s 20 years, and 5 months old. By the time he’s 21 years and 4 months old, though….he’s gotta get consistent PT. No doubt about it.

    • I’m not sure why people think he’s ever going to play for Bayern’s first team consistently. Not many players reach that level and it’s silly to just assume a 19 year old prospect will do so. Maybe he will but it’s not like it’s a sure thing by any stretch.

    • I’d assume most are something like me- completely in the dark. Have only seen him play a handful of minutes, one of which was a stunner, some of which were bright, others ordinary and others like a young player trying to adjust to a very new environment, team, etc. So… what I am left with is that one of the worlds top organizations at assembling soccer talent apparently thinks pretty highly of this kid. That is about as strong of an endorsement as you will find. Course- anyone who has been around the game any amount of time knows that does not guarantee long-term success, but I’d bet on him before I would most 19 year olds. Lets wait and see.

      As to the loan/no loan- it’s not like this is a permanent decision- it could change next week.

  12. Goal this year: Train hard, make the 18 consistently, play in cup competitions/CL group stage, start 10+ games
    Goal for next year: Crack the starting 11 for >50% of games in all competitions
    Goal for 2 years: Consistent starter/push out one of the veterans at his position

    None of those will be easy at Bayern Munich, hopefully he can achieve them.

    • Laudable goals, but none of them are going to happen. And that’s not an insult to Green. Have you seen Bayern’s squad? He wouldn’t have made the 18 for the U.S. in the World Cup if there was one. And you expect him to beat out Ribery or Robben (or their equally all world replacements) in the next two years?

      • I am familiar with Bayern’s squad.
        Do I expect it… Honestly, no.
        Is it possible? If he stays injury free, continues to improve, takes his chances well, etc., it is possible. There are a lot of ifs there, though.
        I sure as hell will be rooting for him to pull it off though.
        “A goal is a dream with a deadline” Mike Martin, FSU basball coach

  13. Remember gang, he’s 19. The incredible training environment at his impressionable stage vs. increased playing time is an important consideration. Obviously playing time is important.. But forming career long habits and learning how to be a top professional from the likes of Ribery, Lewandoski, Mueller etc.for a season or two could prove to be invaluable to an elite talent. Freddy Adu was thrust into the breach before he was prepared mentally and emotionally, maybe this more cautious approach will benefit Green.

  14. He will be loaned out, most likely during the winter transfer period. He may get a shot if the team encounters some injuries and/or he does extremely well in German Cup or early Champions League games. With a real heavy schedule, the bM stars do need rest and if Greene is good enough in the rotation, he may earn a spot. But I feel he will go out on loan if that doesn’t materialize

      • Agree with slow here. People trot out the “training with the best day in day out etc” line but during the season the fringe guys would run with/against the first team maybe two days a week. Maybe.

      • LOL. I still can not believe how many regular commenters here still can not
        believe what has been put in front of their faces for over 4 months now. I mean,
        the Bundesliga will start very soon. One would think that would give them a slight pause in thought.

  15. I like his desire to play for the best, but the reality is he’s a 19 year old at a super-elite club with massive stars. I hope he gets more playing time and it’s worth it. I would have rather seen him sent out on a loan to mid table Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga, etc.

  16. I’m curious why Bayern wouldn’t loan him out to a 2.Bundesliga side for game/match experience? Are they concerned of the level of training he would receive at those others clubs?


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