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Redknapp claims Defoe transfer is “too expensive” for QPR

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Money may have been a big reason why Jermain Defoe joined Toronto FC in early 2014, but it could also be the reasons that he remains in MLS heading into the 2015 season.

Queens Park Rangers Harry Redknapp has made no secret about his desire to reunite with Defoe, but a lack of transfer funds and overall cash on hand has made a transfer move to QPR unlikely. According to reports, Defoe’s transfer to TFC and contract is worth a whopping $50 million, and the club have made it clear recently that they have Defoe in their plans for next season.

“Jermain, again its the whole package, to pay a transfer fee and then pay the wages would be too expensive for us at the moment,” Redknapp said last Wednesday. “That is the problem, the package wouldn’t be within our budget.

“I like Jermain, he’s an excellent player and a great lad but it will be a difficult one.”

Adding to Redknapp’s difficulty is the recent Air Asia tragedy, as both QPR and Air Asia are owned by Malaysian billionaire Tony Fernandes.

Defoe, who has been in London since the end of the MLS season, was reportedly pushing for a transfer move to QPR late last month. But the latest comments though point to a dead-end at the club, and Defoe will either have to find another home in England or stay with TFC.

Hull City boss Steve Bruce admitted on Thursday that he’d be interested in signing Defoe if the financial impact wasn’t too steep for the club.

“If he becomes available, which I believe he is, then we’d love to do something,” Bruce told BBC Sport. “I think it might be too expensive, but it’s not a bad bit of speculation.”

Defoe scored 11 goals and two assists in 19 games, though he missed a chunk of the second half of the season with a groin injury.


What do you think of this development? Where do you see Defoe ending up? Do you believe he’ll be starting for TFC on opening day?

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  1. The 30 mil is not the transfer fee alone it would be a modest fee plus the remaining value of his contract. Redknapp has been one of the most wasteful spenders in the history of the BPL so I suppose it’s good he backing off now.

    I think Defoe hates being in Toronto so he will agree to a more modest contract probably end up at Leicester.

  2. Personally, I think there are WAY too many transfers that go on in soccer. I understand sometimes circumstances at a club can change with coaches, or player dynamics, but whatever happened to signing a contract and honoring it?? If a player is not sure about his long-term plans, then why not sign a shorter contract, or make sure there is an opt out clause that doesn’t involve an egregious fee?

  3. This the same QPR that paid 12.5 Million Pounds for Christopher Samba to play in ten games with them to try and avoid relegation. If Charlie Austin gets injured during the transfer window they will spend the money on Defoe if they can’t bring in another proven scorer.

    • I think you can see hints at the key problem in the linked piece, where the agent is like, he’s not interested in moving, but they keep pressing for a money figure. The money figures eventually win out. If we egg players into money moves we shouldn’t be surprised by mercenary behavior.

      Not excusing Defoe, it’s just before we siged Henry, he was already over here playing in random events. He wanted to come here.

  4. Redknapp, in another piece after a summer move failed, had a fairly apt analysis of TFC’s plight. They paid so much to get him signed they are not likely to let him away cheap. Except Defoe is in his 30s and it would be a tad silly for the next team to pay much.

    So TFC has a player neither side wants to stay but he’s possibly too expensive for the market at the price TFC may ask.

    Why we need to remain guarded about transfer fees and mercenary players. People want better quality but when you start chasing it you may encounter more of these high dollar mistakes. We’re better off looking for people who want to be in the USA.

    • FWIW Redknapp said he was too expensive over the summer, too. I think this is being driven by Defoe more than QPR but QPR is prepared to take advantage if TFC cracks and offers more reasonable terms.

  5. why did they pick DEFOE in the 1st place?

    this dude was never worth 6 million a year. he is no high profile player,

    GERRARD is a high profile player

  6. Dereliction of duty by his agent if you ask me. Don’t try to force a move to a specific club unless you already know you can go there. Have fun chillin in The 6 all next MLS season Jermain


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