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Report: Diskerud finalizing move to NYC FC

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New York City FC may win some much-needed goodwill from their fans with a big signing expected in the coming days.

U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder Mix Diskerud is close to signing with NYC FC, according to a report in Goal USA. Diskerud, who is currently a free agent after his contract with Rosenborg expired, considered contract offers in Europe and reportedly one with Club Tijuana before settling on MLS.

It remains unclear whether Diskerud would sign as a Designated Player. Neither MLS nor NYC FC have commented yet on the report.

The deal would be a major coup for both the league and NYC FC, who hold the top spot in the MLS allocation order. MLS tried on two previous occasions to sign the Norwegian-born Diskerud, first for the Portland Timbers in 2013 and then the Columbus Crew in August 2014, with negotiations coming close but never quite materializing in time.

If Diskerud does sign as a Designated Player, he’ll be the team’s third such signing, joining David Villa and Frank Lampard. Lampard won’t be playing with the side until the English Premier League concludes. MLS Commissioner Don Garber hinted that he could arrive in July.

Signing Diskerud to help man the NYC FC midfield in head coach Jason Kreis’ 4-4-2 diamond could give the club a boost in its expansion season.

Over the past 12 months, Diskerud has transitioned into a player receiving regular call-ups to the USMNT. The 24-year-old was a member of the USA’s World Cup squad but didn’t see a minute in the USMNT’s four games. Diskerud has 25 caps for the national team.


What do you think of this report? Shocked to see Diskerud linked with NYC FC? Do you see him fitting into Kreis’ plans?

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  1. In general terms there are two kinds of fans that NYCFC lost with the Lampard mistake.
    A. Hardcore SBI reader types
    B. local NY general sports fans who watch WC’s and are interested in cheering on and following a new NY team that wins.

    City pissed off the first kind (you and me) with Lampard and may have potentially alienated some of the second.

    Now will Mixx Diskerud repair the damage? Based off the comments here it appears the core soccer fan is a little impressed but the bad taste lingers. The second type of fan? Not sure they know much about Mixx or know his name at all. The only way the Lampard saga can be overcome is if they get Mixx + one more high profile DP. No ideas who but it can’t be just be Mixx and then pray Mancini never utters Frank Lampard and NYCFC in the same sentence.

  2. For everyone complaining about the US players moving back to the MLS- I am personally loving it.
    Its making the MLS so much more enjoyable to watch
    It will improve the quality of the league as a whole
    It will improve the bankability of the MLS league to have known US star suiting up and will bring in more fans.
    Most nations that are succesful internationally have strong national based clubs where most of their players play.
    It improves the cruicable of development for the up and coming US soccer players.
    Thought it may be best to have championship quality playing at the top international level – it is still better having players get regular starting minutes for meaningful games than getting spot or bench minutes for regular season higher tier games. The moves of these players may mean one or two are not playing at the highest level but it will ensure that most of our best players are playing regular meaningful minutes at a very high level. ITs not ideal but its not as bad as many want to pretend.

    Overall the only way the US national team gets to be elite is to have an elite level league and that takes bringing in and keeping the best players it can.

    • +1 In Mix’s case, I couldn’t agree more. This is a sensible move for all parties and offers plenty of shared upside.

      Like you, I really don’t mind hearing about our senior internationals who have been on long tours abroad coming home. When it comes to European moves, I’d much rather hear about a 17 year-old joining a top academy than an established player needlessly clinging on in the lesser Euro leagues, or a mid-to-late20s guy joining a mid-table team in a big-5 league to compete for limited minutes. These guys are largely done developing their technical skills… what they need are major minutes and significant leadership responsibilities.

      NYCFC will provide an opportunity for Mix to step in and start every game as a primary creator and playmaker. A real opportunity to be *the man* in the center of the park, which is what we’d all like to see him become if he is going to be a meaningful piece for the USMNT in 2016 or 2018.

  3. This would be a very good move for all involved.
    It would move Mix up a tier.
    Give Mix added US exposure and big US city expereince.
    Give Mix experience playing with Lampard and Villa.
    Put Mix in the 4 4 2 diamond on a possession based squad that I think suits the US development.
    Gives NY a USMT player
    Adds another creative and good possession player for NY.

    Love that move.

  4. Good player, but its still Man City USA. Signing a fringe national team player isn’t going to make them more credible or make up for the man city usa actions.

    • Yeah, I am not so sure about that. In the end, it could end up looking like Lampard was a mistake. Coming in half way through the MLS season and stinking could really help that notion.

      Getting crushed while playing in a very competive league at 38 might seal the deal.

  5. “The deal would be a major coup for both the league and NYC FC”
    I guess they don’t make coups like they used to anymore.
    If your only competition was the Norwegian league I wouldn’t call the signing of a middle of the pack player a “major coup”

  6. This is pretty much fantastic all around. Mixx is a highly marketable, popular player in a high-profile position on the field who can pull some strings for Villa and could be the face of the club for years. NYCFC is smart to add a USMNT player, and a relatively young one at that, especially in the wake of the Lampard fiasco. Would it be better for the Nats if Mixx pushed himself in Europe? Perhaps, although that would require a better team in a better league willing to pull him in and play him. Its also highly unlikely that he would get to learn by linking up with a Villa (or eventually a Lampard we presume) at some mid-tier European club.

  7. As long as any USMNT players come back to MLS I hope we see the kind of performance expected of them. For example look at what Jermaine Jones did for New England last season. On the other hand look at what Michael Bradley did not do. Mix Diskerud, you got high expectations. I think everyone wants to see Mix become one of the best in the league…if not top 5 at his position.

    • +1 Generally speaking, I pretty much agree with you (though I perhaps have a bit more sympathy for Bradley, whom I suspect has been carrying a rather more serious injury than had been thought)

      Regardless, certainly agree that Mix, in particular, really needs to distinguish himself in MLS if he hopes to genuinely crack into the first-choice reckoning in the US central MF. He has been sitting on the cusp for long enough, and the time to make his case is now. At this point in his career, it’s not enough for him to have a “respectable first season”. There is too much existing and emerging talent in the USMNT CM for him to turn in a B+, and hope to displace anybody

      There is nothing wrong with setting high standards, and I think Mix should really target an MLS Best XI type of season. Will this be easy? Absolutely not (nor should it be). For example, can he show he is better than Lee Nguyen, who had an absolutely outstanding year in MLS despite being behind Mix in the USMNT CM pool? Can he have a bigger impact than an aging but still talented Steven Gerrard? And can he do all of this as part of a group who has never played together? I hope he shows us that he can — he’s definitely not hidden up on Norway anymore.

    • Good points, MikeG. I disagree about Bradley though. It’s not his fault that he had nobody to pass to once Defoe got injured/lost interest. He almost willed TFC into the playoffs single-handedly in the game at home against Portland down the stretch.

      Bradley is still an excellent player who would thrive in his natural position with decent forwards and other mids to pass to.

  8. The fact that Mix is coming to MLS makes me wonder how dedicated he is to the sport. JK is not gonna be happy about this move and seeing as his performance dipped after the Gold Cup he is gonna have to play lights out to get regular minutes on the national team. He does not have the Dempsey or Bradley seniority to get call ups if he sucks in NY

    • It’s obvious that he can make more money in the MLS as a DP than he can anywhere else, because of his USMNT notoriety.

      MLS is a better league than Tippeligaen, so he’ll face stiffer competition week in and week out. If he’s good enough to be called up regularly then he should be good enough to cut it in MLS. If he can’t, the truth will come out.

  9. No surprise. Diskerud is in absolute love with American culture, and wants to live the big city lifestyle. It’s clear to see through social media.

    The guy has serious skill and I would have liked to see him land in France or Germany, but I think he is making this move for quality of life.

  10. Would be fairly surprised if he doesn’t get DP money. Good signing for MLS if it comes true but continues the trend of players in their prime returning home which has to be a bit of a concern.

    • +1 I’d be borderline shocked if he wasn’t a DP…. particularly as NYCFC seem to have signed him very quickly as something of an emergency “band aid” for their little PR problem. Not to suggest Mix isn’t a very good player and deserving of DP money, simply to point out that he likely had a lot of leverage in the negotiations (he already had a number offers anyway, from what I understand)


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