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Report: Manchester City to play friendly vs. NYCFC



If Manchester City plays against New York City FC, which side does Frank Lampard play for? Fans may be getting the answer to that question soon.

According to a report from the Telegraph, Manchester City will come to the U.S. this May after the Premier League wraps for a friendly against New York City FC. With Lampard’s move to NYCFC from Man City set for July, that means he should be playing for Manchester City during the preseason friendly in spring.

Reportedly, Man City’s May trip to the U.S. will be followed by a three-game tour in Australia, where A-League’s Melbourne City is another club owned by City Football Group.

The match in New York City seems like a logical fit — Man City and NYCFC are both owned by City Football Group and the reigning Premier League champs can give the new Major League Soccer expansion side a boost.

But the relationship between the two clubs also stirred its share of controversy as Lampard delayed his NYCFC debut until the summer so he could finish with Manchester City this season. As it turned out, the English club held all the rights to Lampard while NYCFC held none, something NYCFC later corrected.

The friendly match has not been confirmed by Manchester City or NYCFC.


What do you think of this report? Would you attend this match? Would it be a good cross-marketing opportunity? Which team should Lampard play for?


  1. They will prob try some sappy bs where Lampard plays one half with Manchester and the second half with NY.

    News flash hes not Pelé, hope NYorkers boo him.

    Lol at the comments about them wearing the same uniforms

  2. Wait, this is for May. So they are going to bring Lampard here for a friendly AGAINST the team he allegedly will be playing for, in the city that he is AWAL from ?

    Are you kidding me ? This can NOT be real. Must be a joke by the Telegraph. NO way.

    I am dying for MLS to start and normally I wouldn’t go to this game if it was free. But this is MUST SEE. Who has the TV rights ? I will steal it if I have to.

    They are going to booo him like he is a mass murderer. They are putting him on the hate platter and serving him up cold to the fans. What are they thinking ?

    • what’s even more odd is a player playing against the club he’s about to join. especially when the former is a top world team and the latter is a new expansion team. What happens if City win 10-0, will Lampard refuse to join such a bad team? haha. soap opera….

  3. All i can think of is the owner of City Wok in South Park referring to each of these teams as city in his accent. He needs to call this game

  4. Looks like nycfc keeps doing good moves while red bull is being a cheap team with no future.
    What is even worse, is that nycfc has no soccer stadium and once they do, they wil get more fans and more New York attention which red bull doesn’t have, even though they have a stadium.
    I also don’t want to say this, but if garber knew the whole time red bull New York was going to let go, then bringing nycfc to MLS Was a sign to red bull as in, your days are counted and someone will buy.
    Something just tells me that garber knew and knows that red bull New York is going down and nycfc was just another side plan to his inside plan. Now the question is, how long will he wait to rebrand red bull and the league to buy them.

    • I realize you have your little agenda Expansion, what ever it is cool, go for it.

      But NY set an attendance record last year. Sure it was before they fired a hero, but they set an attendance record.

    • Why not start a national and local petition, then send the results to garber and MLS and to red bull head quarters.
      From what I know, if you don’t like your local club, don’t support and spread the word.
      It you start hurting their wallet then they will come crying.dont ask for jozy or dps, it’s better for them to sell and you stop supporting now.
      The scary part about red bull is that they might not even sell even if their attendance is below 15k year long due to their North America marketing.
      They make money out of nothing with just using their name red bull, from being the official energy drink in a Vegas club to partnering with espn.
      If you really want them to sell, then start now.


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